2022 Thrifting & Secondhand Shopping Wrap Up

As we say goodbye to 2022, I’d like to take a look back at this year’s thrifting and secondhand shopping scores. Some years, I share my most “exciting” scores and last year I shared my most worn favorite items bought secondhand in 2021, as well as my most exciting scores based on value. Well, for 2022 I tried to be much more selective in what I purchased.

Of course, I still make mistakes which get released back into the thrifting wild. But for 2022, let’s consider these my thrifting “wins”:

My Favorite Thrifted Home Items for 2022:

I feel like I had an exceptional year of thrifting for home items this year. Some years, I find all the fabulous clothing deals… well this year, my home got a new outfit!

  • Blue crochet blanket, $6 – April 2022
  • Metal and Wood Sculpture, $6 – June 2022
  • Flower picture, $6 – June 2022
  • Colorful squares crochet blanket, $6 – September 2022

My Favorite Thrifted Clothing Items for 2022:

I did find few winners this year when it comes to clothing:

  • Pilcro and the Letterpress denim jacket, $25 – January 2022
  • Plaid flannel shirt, $2.50 – November 2022
  • Talbots skirt, $13 – November 2022

Jack’s Favorite Thrifted Items for 2022:

My little mini-me loves to come thrifting with me and he found some pretty fantastic STEM toys in 2022. He loves them, I love them… it’s an all-around win!

  • Snap Circuits Skill Builder, $3.50 – January 2022
  • K’Nex Ferris Wheel with Motor, K’Nex Roller Coaster + K’Nex Super Set, $5 – 10 each

I can’t wait to see what kind of treasures we find in 2023!

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