3 Recent Poshmark Scores

I’ve talked about Poshmark before, mostly from the focus of selling items from my closet. However, I also score some wonderful deals too! Here are three of my recent Poshmark scores.

Cable & Gauge Gray beaded cardigan, $8

Poshmark sales post:

I bought a pretty black beaded Cable & Gauge cardigan 7 years ago when I was pregnant with Jack because I wanted a fun way to make my boring maternity tops look a little snazzier. Well, that sweater has been in heavy rotation, so I decided to do a little Poshmark search for something similar. I came across this grey version for just $8 and it looked to be in perfect condition, so I went ahead and snapped it up.

Here it is in action:

It is exactly what I was hoping for and I plan on wearing this lots and lots with dresses and tops throughout the year.

Good HYOUman Sweatshirt, $30

Poshmark sales post:

I was walking through Nordstrom a few weeks ago and a display of Good HYOUman sweatshirts and t-shirts caught my eye. I went over to fondle them (of course) and they were so freaking soft that I wanted to throw one on and immediately snuggle up with my dog. I saw this one and this one. Instead of dropping $74 on a comfy-at-home shirt, I added the brand to my Poshmark stalking list. Within a couple days, I saw this one listed for $36 and I made a $30 offer which was accepted.

Here it is in action:

As I’d hoped, it’s PERFECT for lounging!

Rebecca Minkoff Maddox Booties, $76

Poshmark sales post:

This one is my score of the season! I’ve been in love with these badass booties since last year, but could not justify the $195 price tag. They would occasionally pop up on Poshmark and sell for $90 – $120, so when I see a pair in my size I’ll “like” it and wait to see if the seller sends me a better offer. I got lucky this time and the seller offered me a private discount of $76 and I hit BUY so fast I’m sure their head was spinning.

Here they are in action:

I’ve already worn them once and they certainly add a little skip to my step.

Have you had any recent Poshmark scores? Feel free to share in the comments!

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