Today is my birthday.
I’m 37.

As with every year, one part of me can’t quite believe that I’ve gotten quite so old. The other part of me has been practicing saying “I’m 37” for weeks so that I don’t do that weird thing where you stumble around and try to figure out your age.

Last year at this time, I realized that I was closer to 40 than 30. Um… now I’m even closer. In fact, I’ve started a mental list of things I’d like to do by time I’m 40. As if 40 is some magical number.

I’ve only just started to understand that 40 will probably feel just like 30 did – a bit of pomp and circumstance to be just another day older. Maybe a bigger celebration than normal since it’s one of those big round numbers that necessitate a special section at the party store for hats and favors with “40” on them.

Maybe when I turn 40 I’ll feel like a real grown up?
Or maybe that shiny, new grown up feeling will hit later on today?
Wait, does an actual grown up use words like “grown up” or do they just say adult?

I feel like over the past year I’ve really sort of found my style… rather than my old messy college student style of a sloppy (or boring) t-shirt and jeans. I finally acknowledged that it’s okay to care about how you look and take some time for yourself. Not on work-from-home days though… those days are for pajamas all day.


I finally had the guts to make a change to my hair by cutting bangs (talk about a NON event). I worked my butt off and finally lost a tangible amount of weight and kept it off. I started sharing some fashion stuff on my blog without worrying that people will think I’m vapid or shallow.

They may think that… I just don’t give a damn.
{Ooooh, maybe I’m getting crotchety already!}

On my birthday every year, I’m reminded that we don’t know how long we get. Not in a morbid way – although I do remember my sister asking me over a decade ago how it felt to be one year closer to death (thanks Katie!) – but in a ‘what am I waiting for’ kind of way.

That was the fuel behind the hair change and the weight change. That is also the fuel behind me finally getting the tattoo that I’ve been wanting for a decade. I finally called to make a consultation appointment.

Because if not now? When?
I’m NOT okay with never.

So today I celebrate my birthday. And as I did last year, here is my birthday picture.

37 bday pic

After my initial picture, I got a little silly.
Here’s my “OH CRAP, I’m 37?!”

holy crap Im 37

Here is my “Please Card Me” face:

please card me

I call this one “It’s my BIRTHDAY so I get to wear an awesome hat”

happy birthday to me

This one is called “Birthday Facinator”

the facinator

And last, but CERTAINLY not least, here is “Birthday Duckface Unicorn”

duckface birthday unicorn

This is what 37 looks like. I like it.

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19 thoughts on “37”

  1. Happy Birthday, gorgeous! Your package is going in the mail today after work. No lie. It’s in my car RIGHT NOW. I intentionally planned it this way so that you could draw out the celebration. What? You don’t believe me? Well. I wouldn’t either, because it’s a lie. Still. I hope you have the HAPPIEST birthday! 37 ain’t got nothing on you in a fascinator.

  2. 37 looks fantastic on you! And i think you’re the only person i know who can so gorgeously rock a birthday hat fascinator! Love you!

  3. Dude….you’re rocking the 37. No joke, I would have guessed you were younger. You look awesome.

    Someone asked me the other day how old I was and I was like….twenty ni….sorry thirty. My brain still wants to be 29 though.

    1. Thanks so much… I’ve been barely keeping the wrinkles away (thank you Origins!). And I am forever confused when asked my age and think I should still be 20’something. haha

  4. Happy Birthday! I share a birthday with you but I am 53 so 37 is young!
    Enjoy your blog so much. I’m learning to blog and you are a great example of a blogger!
    Hope you continue blogging for a long time and I will enjoy your journey.!
    Celebrate and stand strong because the 40’s are even better!

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