My September Stitch Fix Review: Happy Birthday to ME!

Oh my goodness, I feel like I’ve been waiting for this Stitch Fix delivery FOREVER! My schedule got all discombobulated in July when I got a ‘do over’ Fix. Since I ended up buying every darn thing in the box, I figured I should skip my August fix and just have one come for me in September… on what happens to be my birthday week.

Before we get into what I received in my September Fix, if you are wondering “What the Heck is Stitch Fix” you should probably check out this post. If you’re feeling super stalkery and want to see ALL my Stitch Fix posts, you can find them here.

In the notes section for this month’s Fix, here is what I put: “Stylist: Sara J again! I love the moto jacket you sent me, but it’s more of a comfy yoga-type moto jacket. I’d really like to try more of a ROCKSTAR kind of moto jacket in my next fix. I’d also like some fall transition pieces, like maybe a colored pencil skirt and a pair of fall colored jeans (like green or teal). Check out my pinterest page!”

Ok, on to the FASHION SHOW!

Market and Spruce Colibri Abstract Print Top - Stitch Fix Review

Item #1: Market & Spruce Colibri Abstract Print Sleeveless Top – $44
I love a good sleeveless top. I mean, I KNOW it’s September and the weather will soon be quite frightful, but it’s a great layering item. I love to throw one on with a cardigan, or top it with a blazer for a work event. That way, if I get overheated while I’m running around like a nut getting things set up, I can strip down for a bit.

Market and Spruce Colibri Abstract Print Top - Stitch Fix Review

My initial thoughts on this top were that it would have been perfect for spring. The pattern is a really pretty mix of an orangish-red and gray and for some reason initially said ‘spring’ to me. The back of the top is a bit longer than the front (but not in full mullet territory), which makes it nice for skinny jeans.

Once I actually tried this top on, I really liked it! The fit is perfect and there is no pulling around chest buttons or gaping at the armholes. It looks super cute on its own with my gray skinny jeans (Kate Spade by way of Nordstrom Rack) yellow necklace (etsy) and brown gladiator wedges (DSW). Since it will soon be a bit chilly for a sleeveless top, I also tried mixing some patterns by throwing on a brown & taupe polka dotted cardigan (Nordstrom Rack).

Keep or Return? I’m leaning towards buying this one. At $44, I feel like it’s quite reasonable for a top I can wear to work all year long. What do you think?

Renee C Alondra Ruched Pencil Skirt - Stitch Fix Review

Item #2: Renee C Alondra Ruched Pencil Skirt – $58
When I asked for a colored pencil skirt, I was hoping for something like this from my Pinterest board. Instead, I got this navy blue jersey skirt. It’s okay, I know what you’re thinking and I’ll say it for you: Not Flattering. But I just wouldn’t be me if I didn’t show you the good along with the ‘oh HELL no.’

I can rock a good pencil skirt, but it has to have some stiffness to the material – a jersey skirt is NOT flattering on me and even though it is a couple layers you can still totally see panty-lines in the back. Also, the front runching isn’t doing it’s job of camouflaging problem areas… it actually makes my stomach and hips look much larger. Not cute.

Keep or Return? Not flattering at all, so it’s going back. It’s not me…it’s you.

Mystree Delanie Mixed Stripe Cotton Sweater- Stitch Fix Review

Item #3: Mystree Delanie Mixed Stripe Cotton Sweater – $28
First off… $28?! I’ve never gotten something in a Fix that was only $28! AWESOME! When I initially saw this sweater I was in LOVE. The mixed stripes were calling my name and whispering sweet nothings into my ears.

Mystree Delanie Mixed Stripe Cotton Sweater - Stitch Fix Review

I tried this one on with my favorite jeans (Stitch Fix) and some adorable gray boots (9 West). Unfortunately, the sweater was cut with a swing-style bottom that just looks terrible and dumpy on me. So sad. If it were hemmed to be fitted (like I’m holding it in the second picture), I’d snap this baby up in a heartbeat.

Keep or Return? Sorry Stripy, we could have made sweet, sweet love together… but you’re going back!

Mavi Gold Nigel Tall Skinny Jeans- Stitch Fix Review

Item #4: Mavi Gold Nigel Tall Length Skinny Jeans – $138
Oh geez, now I see why they threw in something so inexpensive… to even out THESE pants. Well, I asked for it. I really wanted to try a pair of fall-colored jeans and these olive pants are EXACTLY what I wanted. I don’t know if I would actually consider them jeans, they’re made out of a lightweight cotton material. I styled them for a daytime hanging out look with a casual shirt (Lucky Jeans) and a pair of Toms. Then, I did a work-appropriate look with a black top (Stitch Fix), leopard print wedges (DSW) and a snazzy statement necklace (J.Crew).

Mavi Gold Nigel Tall Skinny Jeans - Stitch Fix Review

The pants are SUPER soft, but because the fabric is so thin they show every lump and bump going on. I like them, but when you compare how flattering the gray jeans are in the first picture to these… well, these are just NOT winning that contest. And for $138, they would need to win. And win BIG.

Keep or Return? I love almost everything about these jeans – the color is fantastic, the fit is pretty good, but there is certainly room for improvement. I think they’re going back. What do you think?

Skies are Blue Terese Quilted Faux Leather Jacket- Stitch Fix Review

Item #5: Skies are Blue Terese Quilted Faux Leather Jacket – $88
So, this would be my rockstar moto jacket? Initially I was a bit disappointed when I pulled it out of the box, because it doesn’t look much like the moto jackets I pinned on my Pinterest page. Actually, it’s not a moto jacket at all, it has a straight zipper in the front.

Skies are Blue Terese Quilted Faux Leather Jacket - Stitch Fix Review

It does have some GREAT quilted stitching though and fits really well. There is plenty of room in the arms/chest area to move comfortably and it looks equally nice with a pair of distressed jeans (Stitch Fix) and boots (9 West) as it does with a work dress (Loft) and strappy gold sandals (Loft).

I’m super undecided on the jacket and every time I pass it in my room I throw it on with what I’m wearing. Over a sweatshirt… hmmm. With my pajamas… hmmm. I think what’s throwing me off is that I wanted a jacket to wear with jeans and this one seems a bit dressy. Which makes it good for work, but what about that first picture for a casual look?

Keep or Return? I’m SO undecided on this one, so please help me decide!

Help me!
Now it’s time for you to chime in and tell me what I should buy! I’m leaning towards buying the sleeveless top and maybe the quilted faux leather jacket. I really like the olive-colored jeans, but they don’t seem like they fit as well as I’d like them too. Same goes for the cotton sweater, I WISH it fit better because it is so freaking cute. An absolute NO WAY on the jersey pencil skirt. Blegh.

Please take a minute and help me decide – leave your comments below!

Also, I’d like to give a big THANK YOU to the person who used my referral code a couple days ago. Because you were so nice as to use my code when signing up for your own Stitch Fix, I received $25 in my account. So anything I purchase will be $25 less. Thank you!

 9/16/14 Update: In the comments section, Mary suggested that I try styling the quilted faux leather jacket a different way… so of course I did what she asked x 2. The first new picture  is as close as I can get to an image I pinned AGES ago with a t-shirt (J.Crew) and my snazzy red jeans (Stitch Fix):

Skies are Blue quilted faux leather jacket - Stitch Fix review

The second styling is exactly as Mary requested, jacket open with a colored t-shirt (Loft) and jeans (Gap). Apparently Ollie felt left out, so he jumped in and gave a little pose too:

Skies are Blue quilted faux leather jacket - open - Stitch Fix review

 9/18/14 Update: I ended up buying the sleeveless blouse and already wore it to work once! I also decided to buy the quilted faux leather jacket after doing a quick peruse of Nordstrom Rack to try on the moto jacket style that I THOUGHT I wanted. Well, apparently I don’t want it anymore. While browsing the store I came across this little number that’s almost identical to the one I was sent, so I decided to go for it and just buy the Skies are Blue version. And yes, I’m ALREADY wearing it today as a blazer for a sassy suit look. Thanks everyone for your help!

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by Stitch Fix, I pay for the $20 styling fee and any clothing I purchase with my own hard-earned money. If you enjoyed my review and decide to try Stitch Fix for yourself, the biggest compliment you can give me is by using my referral link. Thank you to anyone who chooses to click through and support my shopping addiction!

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17 thoughts on “My September Stitch Fix Review: Happy Birthday to ME!”

  1. I like the Market & Spruce Colibri Abstract Print Sleeveless Top and the one I’ve named “Not-A-Motorcycle-Jacket.” I think they both look great on you and that top is so versatile! I love your Stitch Fix posts!! 🙂

  2. I think just the jacket. I like the first top, but it just seems like the wrong season for it. I totally wish the sweater was tailored differently – it could be so cute (almost looks maternity the way it is cut)! I could tell you weren’t into the skirt and your right those jeans would have to be absolutely perfect for that price!!

  3. Curses! I would have LOVED that sweater if not for the stupid swing bottom. I like the orangey-red-gray top and the jacket. And since your pencil skirt adventure went wrong, may I suggest a trip to JC Penney? I got a kelly green pencil skirt there for $17!

  4. Yes to the sleeveless top. It’s cute enough to save for spring if it is too light for fall. I like the jacket, but if it’s not what you wanted, don’t spend the mulah. Skirt, no. I knew it was wrong once I read the word ruched. Sweater, nope for the reasons everyone else mentioned. I like the jeans, but I’m cheap. $138?! Don’t get em if they are not perfect. Thank as always for sharing! I love audience participation.

  5. I LOVE your face in the left pic of the striped sweater shot. You crack me up. Don’t like the striped sweater or skirt but all the other items are great!

  6. I love the sleeveless top for sure. The jacket is really cute, though maybe not what expected, could it be more “timeless?”

  7. The first top is great. The sweater is disappointing, as is the skirt. (As a larger person, I eschew knit skirts because they are completely unforgiving.) I wouldn’t pay that much for jeans that I didn’t completely adore. The jacket is cute. I only wish you’d posted a picture of it in jeans with a colored tee (and maybe a scarf?) UNzipped. I bet it’s adorable!

      1. Thanks!

        See, now I LOVE how the jacket looks in those poses for casual! I think zipped for work, open for casual. The really important thing is, how do YOU like the jacket this way?

  8. I think you should definitely get the sleeveless top and the jacket. I especially like the jacket after you styled it two more ways. I think it looks like something you could wear a lot of different ways and isn’t overly trendy so you should be able to wear it for several years.

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