Stitch Fix Reviews

Hey, you totally found my super awesome Stitch Fix Reviews page!

I thought it might be helpful for those people who LOVE to see what other people received by putting them all in one spot. Enjoy!

Stitch Fix Reviews - Pocketful of Joules

My 2017 Fixes:
January 2017: My January 2017 Stitch Fix: A lot of Weird
March 2017: My March 2017 Stitch Fix: Prints for Spring
September 2017: My September 2017 Stitch Fix: A Fall Transition Fix
November 2017: My November 2017 Stitch Fix Review: Almost a Buy-It-All Box!

My 2016 Fixes:
January 2016: My January Fix: Back to Work
February 2016: My February Fix: Was “Surprise Me” the Best Choice?
March 2016: My March Fix: Vacation Style
May 2016: My May Fix: Once More, With Feeling
July 2016: My July Fix: A Red, White and Blue Fix
August 2016: My August Fix: A Boho Summer Fix
September 2016: My September Fix: Birthday + Fall Fun

My 2015 Fixes:
January 2015: My January Fix: Sweet 16
Bonus Post: 6 Tips for Getting Your Best Fix
Another Bonus Post: Stitch Fix Breakdown: What I Love & What I Regret, Take 2
February 2015: My February Fix: Is it Love?
Bonus Post: What Should you Do When You Open Your Stitch Fix Box?
March 2015: My March Fix: A Spring Fever Fix
April 2015: My April Fix & Giveaway
May 2015: My May Fix: Summertime Summertime Sum-Sum-Summertime
June 2015: My June Fix: A Buy-it-All Fix?
July 2015: My July Fix: Lucky Number 22?
August 2015: My August Fix: Transitioning to Cooler Weather
September 2015: My September Fix: A Sassy Birthday Fix
October 2015: My October Fix: Help Me Decide
November 2015: My November Fix: Comfy + Casual
December 2015: My December Fix: A Grinchy Fix with a Gem

My 2014 Fixes:
January 2014: My January Fix: Stitch Fix-ing in the New Year
February 2014: My February Stitch Fix of LOVE
March 2014: My March Fix: Fixin’ for Spring
April 2013: What I Love & What I Regret
May 2014: My May Fix: Fix #8
June 2014: My June Fix & the REAL Nitty Gritty
July 2014: My July Fix: Summertime and the Livin’ is Easy
August 2014: My July 2.0 Stitch Fix and a Lesson in Customer Service
September 2014: My September Fix: Happy Birthday to Me!
October 2014: My October Fix: Falling in Love Again
November 2014: My November Fix: A Total Turkey?
December 2014: My December Fix: A Buy-it-All Box?

My 2013 Fixes:
September 2013: My First Stitch Fix Delivery. Help Me Decide!
October 2013: My October Fix: Getting Warmer
November 2013: My November Fix: Help me Decide
December 2013: My December Fix: It’s a Holly Jolly Stitch Fix