My August Stitch Fix: Transitioning to Cooler Weather

After last month’s shopping bonanza, I went cold turkey for the month of August. I gave myself a little ‘no shopping for 30 days challenge’ and only broke it with a couple pairs of running capris I scored at the Under Armour outlet for a steal. My 30 day drought is over now, which coincides perfectly with my August Stitch Fix delivery!

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We just returned from our last week at the beach, schools will be in session any day now and I’m kind of ready for fall. I know, I should enjoy the last dregs of summer because I’ll be complaining about cold weather soon enough, but I’d be totally happy if it just gets a teensy-tiny bit cooler so I can start wearing my jeans again.

I had the cooler weather in mind when I wrote my August note for my Stitch Fix stylist:

Let’s try another pair of jeans like the pair I pinned. Also, let’s start doing some transition pieces that can take me into fall — blouses, lightweight sweaters, etc.

Let’s see what she sent!

Item #1: RD STYLE Maureen Twisted Seam Elbow Patch Sweater – $64
For my first item, my stylist sent me this super cute sweater with elbow patches. It’s a great lightweight piece for fall and can totally be layered for winter too.

Stitch Fix Review - RD Style Maureen Twisted Seam Elbow Patch Sweater - Pocketful of Joules

My only issue is that I’m not really much of a crewneck sweater girl. When I do wear sweaters, I tend to go for oversized v-necks or the ever-present cardigan. It’s pretty darn cute though… just not me.

Keep or Return? I’m thinking I’ll let this one go back into the world for someone else to enjoy!

Item #2: Kut from the Kloth Kate Distressed Boyfriend Jean – $78
Last month I asked for a pair of jeans similar to this pair that I pinned. I love the look of them, but not the $265 price tag. My stylist sent me a pair of jeans that were pretty good… but not exactly what I was looking for. So, I crossed my fingers for this month’s Fix to pan out. I styled these jeans two different ways – a summer look that I can wear now and also one for the fall.

Stitch Fix Review - Kut from the Kloth Kate Distressed Boyfriend Jeans - Pocketful of Joules

I’m in LOVE! I know that Kut from the Kloth usually fits my curves really well and these jeans feel like they were made for me. The distressing is just enough and the rolled part at the bottom isn’t stitched, so I can adjust it to my liking.

Keep or Return? As you can tell by the fact that I wore these jeans in almost every picture, I’m loving them and will wearing them a ton this fall!

Item #3: Le Lis Merryn Printed Dress – $78
I recently pinned this exact dress to my “Fix Inspiration” board because I liked the shape and felt like the pattern would work well with tights and a cardigan. My only worry was that the fabric might be too light to wear when the weather gets a bit cooler. However, when I received it I found out that the fabric is actually pretty a pretty substantial knit that wears great and won’t wrinkle. For the first look, I just added a pair of sandals for something I can wear now. For the second picture I put on a belt, bright cardigan and some closed-toe booties.

Stitch Fix Review - Le Lis Merryn Printed Dress - Pocketful of Joules

There is something magical about the way this dress fits and flares… because I look way thinner than I normally do. I’m in love with how comfortable this dress feels on and I’m so happy that it has a longer length that comes all the way to my knees. For reference if you decide to request this dress in your Fix, I’m 5’7″.

Keep or Return? KEEP, KEEP, KEEP! As soon as I took it off, I immediately hung it in my closet!

Item #4: RD STYLE Hollen Raglan Knit Top – $54
Here’s another sweater that I really like in theory, just not on me. I like the fit of this sweater with the open knit and interesting back, I just don’t think that the fitted horizontal stripes are doing my chest any favors.

Stitch Fix Review - RD Style Hollen Raglan Knit Top - Pocketful of Joules

And here is a close up of the pretty knit:

RD Style Hollen - Pocketful of Joules

Keep or Return: Honestly, if this were a bit looser and a v-neck I’d snatch it up. But it’s not, so I’m going to pass.

Item #5: Market & Spruce Elissa French Terry Moto Jacket – $74
Well, crap. I totally pinned this moto jacket to my pinterest page and didn’t realize until I saw the name of it that I ALREADY TRIED IT! That’s right, back in January I tried the exact same jacket in a striped fabric and decided not to purchase it.

I really love the look of this version’s fabric though, so I decided to keep an open mind and try it again. While it has the same name as the other jacket, it really does fit a bit differently with more of a cropped length.

Stitch Fix Review - Market and Spruce Elissa French Terry Moto Jacket - Pocketful of Joules

As much as I totally LOVE the look of this jacket when it’s open, I HATE how it looks zipped up. When it’s zipped tight, it is really apparent that the cropped look is not working on me. However, it looks so cute when it’s unzipped… Maybe I can just wear it as a casual cardigan-replacement-style and keep it unzipped forever?

Keep or Return: Okay guys, for this one I REALLY need your help. Should I buy it or should I pass?

Help Me!
Unlike last month when I had to return my Fix before I was able to get your feedback, I still have a couple days to make up my mind on what to buy. My mind is totally made up on the dress and jeans, but I’m torn on whether to buy the moto jacket. Leave me a comment below and tell me what you think!

8/27/15 Update: I decided to keep it all! Kind of. I posted the two sweaters on a Stitch Fix buy/sell Facebook page and sold them within a few hours. So, that gave me the benefit of the 25% off discount and I kept the other three items for myself! In fact, I’ve already worn the jeans twice and the jacket earlier today (you can check my outfit out here). Now I just have to count down the days until I receive my September “birthday” Fix!

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by Stitch Fix, I pay for the $20 styling fee and any clothing I purchase with my own hard-earned money. If you enjoyed my review and decide to try Stitch Fix for yourself, the biggest compliment you can give me is by using my referral link. Thank you to anyone who chooses to click through and support my shopping addiction!

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20 thoughts on “My August Stitch Fix: Transitioning to Cooler Weather”

  1. Love the jeans and the dress!!! I also love the sweater with elbow pads 🙂 I would return the jacket because of the cost. Seems expensive for something that you can only wear one of the intended ways. Love your reviews as always!!!

  2. I have a very similar body shape and I agree with all of the choices you made this month! I have those same jeans from a previous Fix and I just requested another pair–love them and worth every penny! I think you should keep the elbow patch sweater–it looks good on you, but that cropped one…..return for the reasons you worried about. My belly roll would be a problem in that jacket.

    1. I swear Stitch Fix is magicians with their jeans, right?! They have introduced me to so many great options that actually fit my body, including Kut from the Kloth… which I’m in LOVE with! Be sure to check Nordstrom Rack (they have an online site too) for Kut from the Kloth… they often have them for $45 and less!

  3. I’d keep the jacket & just wear it open. It has a youthful, fun look, and I think it’s super cute on you!

  4. Love the first three, not in love with the striped sweater or jacket. You totally rock your jeans…I asked for jeans in my upcoming fix…hope I make out as well as you did!

    1. Thanks Cheri! Good luck on your next Fix and I hope they send you awesome jeans. I usually pin a bunch of what I like to my pinterest board in anticipate of a new Fix.

  5. I think the elbow patch sweater looks great on you! And I agree that the jacket looks “too cropped” closed.

  6. Love the jeans and dress so much! I also really like the marled sweater with elbow patches on you, maybe it’s time to give the crew collar a try!!

  7. Long time reader, first time commenting. Love your blog, especially your honest reviews! I would say keep the grey sweater, dress, and jeans, but send back the striped sweater and jacket.

  8. I love the elbow patch sweater. I used to hate crew necks too, but I’ve started styling them with large statement necklaces, and now I’m totally in love. They are the perfect “blank slate” for great jewelry!

    1. I do love a statement necklace, but often I find that they tangle if I wear a loose knit. I’ll keep that in mind though if another crew neck top comes to me to try!

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