My July Fix: Lucky Number 22?

It’s Stitch Fix time again and as always, I can’t wait to share what I received in my box. After last month’s fantastic buy-it-all Fix and some Anthropologie tag sale shopping, I’m actually doing kind of okay on clothes for now. However, I LOVE receiving my monthly Fixes so I went ahead and kept my July Fix on the schedule.

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Here was my stylist note for this Fix:

I love the tops you’ve been sending me, but there has been a lot of blue… let’s branch out with some different colors! Keep the fun summer clothes coming and I’d like to try another cardigan since the last one was too tight on my arms.

Instead of being able to get your feedback on what I should purchase, I had to make a decision over the weekend and send the unwanted items back. So, let’s see if you agree what what I kept!

Item #1: Pixley June Polka Dot Skirt – $58
After trying another Pixley polka dotted skirt that I didn’t like, I was a little nervous to try this fitted version. However, I pinned it to my board anyways because I could imagine it being a really good work skirt.

Stitch Fix Pixley June Polka Dot Skirt - Pocketful of Joules

For the first look, I styled the skirt with the 41Hawthorn Colorblock Blouse from last month’s Fix and left it untucked. For the second picture, I’m wearing a blouse by Sweet Rain (item #5 in this Fix) and tucked it in for a high-waisted look. From the front, the skirt looks darn cute and I especially like the second look with the mixed patterns.

Unfortunately, the side view is not so great with the fit drawing extra attention to my butt and belly. This is my “ehhhhh, not so good” face, in case you were wondering. {I can’t believe I’m about to post this picture…}

Pocketful of Joules - nope

Keep or Return? This one definitely went back. I love the idea of the skirt, but on my curvy figure it just made me feel self-conscious. Also, when I took the skirt out of the box I realized the zipper was already broken. If I’d have loved it, I would have emailed customer service to see if they had a new one… but since it went back I just made a note when checking out.

Item #2: Market & Spruce Clove Twist-Back Striped Cardigan – $64
I’m not a huge fan of open cardigans, but the moment I took this out of the box I loved this one. The fabric is super light and incredibly soft. The sleeves are extra long – I only wish there were pockets and thumb-holes!

Stitch Fix Market and Spruce Clove Twist-Back Striped Cardigan - Pocketful of Joules

For the first look, I styled it with a t-shirt and jeans (item #4 from this Fix) for a typical weekend/home outfit. To dress it up, I threw it on top of a simple black dress, layered some necklaces and added my happy yellow sandals.

Ready for the best part? Check out the back:

Pocketful of Joules - back

Keep or Return? This one is a keeper! I can certainly wear it as a layering cardigan for work, but I really see me throwing it over t-shirts on weekends.

Item #3: Collective Concepts Moray Crochet Panel Top – $68
My stylist recommended pairing this super sweet crochet panel top with the pair of distressed jeans she included in the Fix. I love the mix of sweet and ripped up, but this top really isn’t doing it for me at all.

Stitch Fix Collective Concepts Moray Crochet Panel Top - Pocketful of Joules

It looks okay in the picture, but the top is fitting me really oddly – it’s kind of tight on the shoulders and chest, instead of the draped look it seems to be going for.

Keep or Return? I have plenty of similar blouses that fit a lot better, so this one went back.

Item #4: Kut from the Kloth Haiden Distressed Straight Leg Jean – $88
I’ve recently seen a bunch of fashion bloggers wearing a slim fit boyfriend jean from Rag & Bone that costs almost $200 (even with the Nordstrom sale). I LOVE the look of the jeans – they are pretty much perfection – but I just can’t deal with the price. I pinned them on my board and asked for a more reasonable pair, so my stylist sent these over from my favorite jean’s brand, Kut from the Kloth.

Stitch Fix Kut from the Kloth Haiden Distressed Skinny Jean - Pocketful of Joules

Here are a couple repeat looks from above – a typical weekend outfit and something more appropriate for casual Friday. I like the fit of these jeans, but I’m not loving the super-sized cuff. Unfortunately, it’s sewn in… so unless I snip the threads I can’t really play around with it.

Keep or Return? I went back and forth on this one because I think the jeans would look so much better with a smaller cuff… but I decided to go ahead and return them. Similar Kut from the Kloth jeans show up at Nordstrom Rack all the time for around $40 and I’m sure I can pick up a pair in the fall.

Item #5: Sweet Rain Hampton Split Neck Blouse – $44
I love the pretty coral color of this blouse and the fun pattern, which is little triangles. The fabric is lightweight and doesn’t seem like it will wrinkle. The back is also a little longer than the front, which looks really cute when it’s untucked.

Stitch Fix Sweet Rain Hapton Split Neck Blouse - Pocketful of Joules

I paired the blouse with the polka dotted skirt and loved the mix of patterns. I also tried it with the jeans for a more casual look.

Keep or Return? I totally would have kept this top if I had not recently bought two orange/coral tops at the Anthro sale. Since I already own this one and this one, I don’t really need another one with such a similar color scheme.

What did I buy?
My stylist did an excellent job on this month’s Fix, but only one item won my heart… the Market & Spruce cardigan! It’s quite similar in feeling to the asymmetrical zip cardigan I bought in December by the same brand, and I wore that one a ton on my work-from-home days and weekends. I’m sure I will get just as much wear out of this striped version and will definitely be bringing it to our last trip to the beach next month.

What do you think… did I choose wisely? Should I have kept more than just the cardigan?


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  1. I liked the cardigan best, too. The back is unique and I like that it doesn’t look like every other cardigan on the mall shelves.

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