What to Wear to 5 Types of Weddings

You know how I’m a syndicated Style contributor over at BlogHer? Well, I wrote a post for them not too long ago and totally forgot to share it over here for you all. And I REALLY like that post, so I decided that since I’m running kind of behind this week (being away for 5 days in NYC totally threw me off) I’d share it with you now!

Do you kind of dread wedding season because you can never figure out what to wear when the dress code is something random like “black tie beach chic with sparkles?”

Well, I did a ton of digging on my favorite shopping sites and came up with ideas for you to wear to five different types of weddings. I’d love it if you’d click through to check it out!


Have you ever gotten a ridiculous wedding dress code request? Please share in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “What to Wear to 5 Types of Weddings”

  1. Wedding dress codes drive me batty – so prepare for a semi-rant:

    Per etiquette (which is just the fancy way of saying “don’t be an asshole to your guests), anything other than Black Tie is not a real thing. AND Black Tie has very specific requirements that are supposed to go along with it. Black Tie Optional, not a thing. Dressy Casual, not a thing, etc. etc.

    Other than that, it’s sort of rude to tell adults how to dress. As a host of an event, if people dress inappropriately, that’s on them, not on you. Your invitation(paper, pattern, color, etc.), venue, and event time choices should inform the guests what to wear –

    Wedding on a beach at 11 AM in the summer – don’t wear a long evening gown and high heels.

    Historic Ballroom in the evening – get fancy!

    /end rant

    1. I think that some brides are just being super controlling, but others think that they are being helpful by having a dress code written out. I agree that the “proper” etiquette is to take your guide from the invitation design, etc… but not everyone understands that and would rather drive the bride nuts with lots of questions! =)

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