Goodbye Summer

We were pretty spoiled this year with going to the beach. I don’t know if I mentioned it before, but my family shares a house between paternal siblings… so we usually end up with one week per month to enjoy in Ocean City. Since my side of the family consists of my parents,three siblings and assorted significant others, it’s usually a mess of loudness, sand and ice cream.

Last week was our very last week at the beach for the year and I couldn’t have requested more perfect weather. Throughout the week the house was full with Travis for the weekend, my parents, my brother and his girlfriend and one of my sisters. Jack LOVED all the attention and it was nice for me to take a little mini-break of running out to Starbucks all by myself to grab a coffee in the morning. I even went to the boardwalk bright and early while Travis was with us and ran (proof)!

We’ve never really been co-sleepers, but when Jack and I are alone in Ocean City he loves to cuddle up with me at bedtime. I can’t resist his snuggles when he kisses me and wants to hold my hand while he sleeps. WHO CAN RESIST THAT?! We throw our schedule out the window, eat when we want, play all day long and practically drown in hugs and kisses. It’s pretty amazing. And I feel like once we are away from ‘real life’ our bond grows even stronger.

I don’t have a ton of pictures (you can read why here), but here are a few I took with my phone.

OC August 4

OC August 3

OC August 2

OC August 1

It was a really good summer.

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