My August Stitch Fix: A Boho Summer Fix

After taking quite a while to warm up, this summer has certainly become a hot one! Last week it got to over 100 degrees with a million percent humidity. So yeah, normal Maryland summer weather.

I’ve been living in a mix of gym clothes (around the house) and super lightweight skirts (at work). My typical shorts choice of jean shorts is just feeling WAY too heavy and hot right now, so I was thrilled to receive my August Stitch Fix box a little earlier than anticipated.

If you remember last month’s Fix (you can find it here), I received a super cute pair of shorts that were a bit too snug. When I requested my August Fix, I asked my stylist to send me the same brand/style shorts in the next size up. Honestly, I don’t really care about what the size inside says — although I heard that it is typical to go up a size for a better fit in shorts – I just really wanted some shorts to wear on weekends!

Want to see what I got?

August Casual Boho Stitch Fix - Pocketful of Joules

Item #1: Skies are Blue Kaia Crochet Trim Top, $54
Item#2: Le Lis Tiggy Embroidered Knit Tank, $44
Item #3: Dear John Finnegan Printed Cuffed Shorts, $58

August Stitch Fix - Dear John floral shorts - Pocketful of Joules

How ADORABLE are these floral shorts?! I actually had this exact print pinned on my pinterest page, so I was thrilled to open my Fix and see them there. As requested, they sent me one size up from what I typically wear and the fit is perfect. My stylist recommended pairing them with the navy Skies are Blue tank top and I really like the way they look together. I also tried them with the embroidered top and I like the mix!

Item #1: Skies are Blue Kaia Crochet Trim Top, $54
Item#2: Le Lis Tiggy Embroidered Knit Tank, $44
Item #4: Dear John Finnegan Cuffed Shorts, $58

August Stitch Fix - Dear John pink shorts - Pocketful of Joules

Look, my stylist sent me TWO different pairs of the shorts to try! Pink would not have been my first choice had I been shopping in the store, but they look great paired with both of the tops. I love the embroidered tank top and can see wearing it year round with skinny jeans and a cardigan. The pink shorts are more versatile than I originally thought and actually go with a ton of stuff already in my closet. The fit on them is a little more relaxed than the floral pair, but I’m okay with having some extra room. I keep calling them pink, but according to the style sheet they are red. If you look closely, they also have a herringbone pattern in them:

August Stitch Fix - close up of Dear John shorts

I did a search online to see if I could find the Dear John shorts in any other colors, and came across a very similar style on Amazon if you’ve been wanting to try a pair. Here they are in salmon and also in marigold.

Item #5: Toms Classic Crochet Slip-on Flats, $48
I wore the Toms with each of the outfits from this post and they are pretty fabulous. I own probably a half dozen pairs of Toms and I’m never disappointed with how comfortable they are to wear all day long. I don’t currently own a pair of crochet Toms, although I have seen similar styles at Nordstrom Rack plenty of times. The $48 price isn’t bad at all considering the Rack prices typically range from $35 – 40. I found this exact pair of Crochet slip-on’s on Amazon too (price varies by size).

Remix from my Closet
In order to make sure that my two favorite items would actually get enough wear to justify buying them, I decided to mix them with some items already in my closet. Here are the Dear John shorts mixed with two of my favorite summer tops:

Dear John shorts - Pocketful of Joules{Shopping links: striped top, gray top, black lace up sandals}

And here is the Le Lis tank top paired with my skinny jeans and a cardigan:

Le Lis top - Pocketful of Joules{Shopping links: cardigan, black lace up sandals, Paige Denim jeans were a Nordstrom Rack find}

My Thoughts
I absolutely loved this month’s Fix. Every single item had that casual, boho vibe that I wanted and my stylist did a really fantastic job. I love how each of the tops go with each of the bottoms and the shoes go with everything. My initial thought was to buy the entire Fix, but I don’t actually need everything (even though that 25% buy it all discount is very tempting). Instead I decided to buy the pink shorts and the embroidered top. They look great together and also mix really well into my wardrobe!

What was your favorite item from my August Boho Fix? Do you think I made the right choices on what to buy?

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18 thoughts on “My August Stitch Fix: A Boho Summer Fix”

  1. I love everything in this fix! I ordered a fix last month Ann’s really really wanted to keep the Dear John shorts that I received, but they were the only thing in the box that I liked. Plus they dress pants gray,” a dressy short which isn’t exactly my style when I wear shorts. So happy you lived them!

  2. Such great outfits. I actually love both of the shirts and shorts. I probably would have kept everything because it’s so hard for me to find shorts I like, and I can’t pass up a discount!

  3. I love the tank you got and loved the way you paired it with the cardigan! It definitely is a very versatile piece that you can get a lot of wear out through the seasons!

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