November Stitch Fix: Help Me Decide!

I can’t believe my THIRD Stitch Fix is finally here. I feel like I’ve been looking forward to this Fix as soon as I scheduled it. That’s how they suck you in, right?!

If you are interested in checking out my first two Fix’s, you can see my first Stitch Fix box here and my second Getting Warmer Fix here.

Claire styled this month’s fix and I think overall she did a really great job. It’s actually my FAVORITE Fix so far… even better than last months Fix. Which is why I really need your help in deciding what to purchase!

Stitch Fix - November style cardThey updated the styling cards that come with the Fix so that now the outfit suggestions are all on one sheet of paper. I actually really like the new design because you don’t have a big laminated tag poking you while you try on the clothes. I also like that I have all the outfit suggestions in case I want to mimic any from my own clothes.

Stitch Fix silkTop - November FixHere’s my first item, which is the only one that wasn’t a winner AT ALL. I really like the color of the shirt… but there is no way that I’d ever pay $78 for a extremely thin short-sleeved blouse. You can’t see it in this picture, but it’s so thin that you can easily see my bra. As you can tell by my face, Joules no likey and this isn’t even included in the voting.

Stitch Fix Doman Top - November FixSo I need your opinion on this top. It’s a Dolman Sleeve Jersey top, which means that I kinda look like Batgirl when I lift my arms. Is this a good thing? Do I WANT to be Batgirl? I thought it looked cute as a date night top (even though I accidentally cut my head off in the picture…) and maybe for a more casual work outfit. What do you think?

Stitch Fix sweater and jeans - November FixI really like the feel of this sweater, but the color and shape doesn’t really do anything for me. Thoughts? The jeans are also from this Fix (also worn in the last picture) and I love the way they fit…however I JUST bought an identical pair of jeans a month or so ago.

Stitch Fix Jacket - November FixWhen I pulled this jacket out of the box I was like, “UM…didn’t I JUST leave feedback on how awful asymmetric jackets look on busty girls?!” and kind of glared at it for a while. I really didn’t even want to try it on because I was convinced that I’d look like a busty heifer. I was pleasantly surprised though that when I actually tried this top on…it looks kinda cute. Right? Or am I fooling myself? I like that the two zippers on the front are working zippers, so you can wear the jacket zipped asymmetrically or straight up the middle. I think this could be really cute as a more badass version of a work suit jacket. Do you think I should buy this one?

After trying everything on with my clothes, I’m strongly considering purchasing the black and white dolman sleeve top and the asymmetric jacket. I have until Friday to make my final decisions though… which is why I’d love to know what you think. Feel free to use this snazzy voting tool or just leave your comments below.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by Stitch Fix, I pay for the $20 styling fee and any clothing I purchase with my own hard-earned money. I do have a special referral link though and if you decide to click through and sign up I will receive a small referral reward. Here’s my link. So thank you for anyone who chooses to click through and support my shopping addiction.

11/21/13 Update: Thank you so much to everyone who gave feedback! I ended up purchasing the black and white BATGIRL top from this Fix. I was on the fence on the asymmetrical jacket… but after trying it on for the 10,000th time, the zipper stuck and I figured it was a sign that I should pass. I already scheduled my next fix for December and requested a holiday party dress and all fun tops!

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12 thoughts on “November Stitch Fix: Help Me Decide!”

    1. I just checked out your Fix review and I LOVE the quick hem you did on your jeans. Such a good idea and they look great on you! I got the same cardigan in my October Fix and I wear it ALL THE TIME! Thanks for stopping by. =)

  1. Love the stripe top. I have a love/hate relationship with Dolman sleeves in that they’re usually super comfy but I get self conscious about the extra material. I mean does it look silly when i move my arms? Maybe? But it’s cute and the horizontal stripe works because it’s subtle. As a busy girl myself I fear the horizontal stripe!!

    I like the Asymmetrical jacket (love that both zippers work) but like with the other sweater, I don’t think the color is awesome for you. It’s not bad but you’d look better in a Navy or something in a Plum color.

    1. But what if I move my arms purposefully like Batgirl, does that help? 😉

      Hmmm…that is a good point about the jacket color. Anyone else agree?

    1. Every time I wear that shirt I’m going to be tempted to run around the house like Batgirl the flying squirrel…. {who are we kidding, I’m totally going to do that} But I don’t know if that’s one for the ‘pros’ column or the ‘cons’ column!

    1. Thanks Jessy! It’s nice to have clothes sent to my house so that I don’t have to find time to get to the mall and then hate everything I try on. =)

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