My November Stitch Fix: Comfy + Casual

The weather outside isn’t frightful yet, but I’m already feeling the urge to snuggle up under a fuzzy blanket, drink some hot cocoa and nibble on some snickerdoodles.

After over two dozen Stitch Fix boxes, I’m doing quite well on work-appropriate clothes. However, I’ve recently realized that my weekend casual wear could really use some upgrading.

With that in mind, here’s what I told my Stylist:

I really need help with casual clothes that I can wear comfortably on the weekends (soft fabrics, easy to wash). I’d love a whole Fix of casual tops and sweaters (v necks are best). I’d also love to try a super soft blanket scarf (less than $50).

Here is my “typical” weekend look and I pretty much throw on some variation of this outfit any day that I’m not working in an office. It’s comfy and casual, but I’d really like to step it up like one notch above my typical t-shirt and jeans.

Pocketful of Joules - typical casual look

T-shirt (Thug Life Shirts), comfy open cardigan (Stitch Fix), stretchy skinny jeans (Democracy), a scarf and boots (Clarks). On Friday I grabbed these jeans out of my donation pile and decided to try my hand at making them into skinny jeans by narrowing the ankles so that they work with my favorite boots… and I’ve worn them every day since. {Let me know if you are interested in a quick tutorial.} Also, if you are looking for the PERFECT pair of casual boots, these are pretty fantastic.

Pocketful of Joules - boots

I recently became a Clarks Trendsetter and they sent me their Valora Sky boots which are like a cross between sexy motorcycle boots and the most comfortable boots ever. They are also currently on sale!

Okay, back to the Stitch Fix reveal! Let’s see what my stylist sent for me to try:

Stitch Fix Review - November 2015 - Pocketful of Joules

{If you are interested in checking out all of my Fix reviews, you can click here. This Fix is #26… so I’m kind of a fan!}

Item #1: Loveappella Tiffina Knit Top – $54
My first thought when I pulled this top out of the box is that it was exactly what I was hoping for. It is so soft that it’s like they weaved it from puppy fur. Um… but not in a creepy Cruella De Vil kind of way. The open neck and fun cuff detail is right up my alley too. The ONLY thing I wish were a little different is the color, as I don’t know if light grey is the most flattering color on me.

Stitch Fix Review - Loveappella Tiffina Knit Top - Pocketful of Joules

The rest of the outfit: exact pants and exact boots.

Keep or Return? I can see myself wearing this shirt with a pair of comfy jeans, layered under an open cardigan with a scarf, or even just thrown on with yoga pants, so it will definitely get worn. I emailed Customer Service to see if any other colors are available before I check out.

Item #2: Market & Spruce Jamie Button Down Cotton Shirt – $54
I was a little confused when I saw this shirt because when I think “comfy weekend style” my mind doesn’t go to a button down top. Even though this top is a softer, less structured style, it’s still not really what I’d go for when grabbing clothes on a lazy Saturday. Actually, it’s not really what I’d go for on a workday either. It is a nice basic though, so I styled it with my berry colored pants and knee-boots. {If you’d like to see a bunch more ways to style these pants, check this post out}

Stitch Fix Review - Market Spruce Jaime Button Down Cotton Shirt - Pocketful of Joules

The rest of the outfit: exact pants and similar boots.

Keep or Return? If you are just building your wardrobe, this top might be a great match for you. However, I don’t love it and the bust is pulling on me so back it goes!

Item #3: Colorblock Verbena Sequin Detail Blouse – $68
In the note my stylist sent with this month’s Fix, she mentioned that this top on my Pinterest page is a style that Stitch Fix carried last year and that I might like the version she sent over as a dressier replacement. The top is pretty much the perfect holiday top. However, unlike the style I pinned it shouts MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

I paired it with a skirt I just got from Modcloth (it is the Essential Elegance skirt) and some heels. {Speaking of, do you think this skirt is a keeper?}

Stitch Fix Review - Colorblock Berbena Sequin Detail Blouse - Pocketful of Joules

The rest of the outfit: exact skirt and similar shoes.

Keep or Return? The blouse is awfully festive! However, as pretty as it is I can’t really see myself wearing it any other time besides December.

Item #4: RD Style Gilianna V-Neck Zipper Detail Sweater – $68
What is it with the grey tops this month? I mean, I like grey… but it seems like my stylist is ALL about the grey. This is a great basic sweater with a v-neck style and a fun zipper detail. It is kind of what I’m looking for, but really similar to the sweater she sent me last month that I kept.

Stitch Fix Review - RD Style Gilianna V-neck Zipper Detail Sweater - Pocketful of Joules

The rest of the outfit: exact pants and exact boots.

Keep or Return? Honestly, I don’t love the zipper detail. It’s just kind of random and the metal of the zipper is really coarse and scratchy. I can imagine Jack going in for a tackle-hug and hurting himself on it, so it’s a no-go.

Item #5: Echo Adalia Striped Blanket Scarf – $38
I like big scarves and I cannot lie. I mean, what is the use of a wispy little scarf that hardly keeps your neck warm? I have a couple scarves that I’ve been wearing for the past couple years and was thinking I should switch it up a little. So I asked my stylist to send me something soft and this is what I received.

Stitch Fix Review - Echo Adalia Striped Blanket Scarf - Pocketful of Joules

The rest of the outfit: exact jacket, exact t-shirt, exact pants and exact boots.

This scarf is pretty much EXACTLY what I imagined in my head. Its super soft, has a cool pattern and is a great size that actually keeps you nice and toasty. I did have some trouble tying it in a way that didn’t look super weird, but finally ended up with this way of wearing it that I really like.

Stitch Fix Review - Echo Adalia Striped Blanket Scarf 2 - Pocketful of Joules

Keep or Return? I love this scarf and will definitely be wearing it all winter long!

Help Me Decide!
This month’s Fix was really hit and miss. I love the Loveappella top and the blanket scarf, so I’m leaning towards keeping both of them. The black button up shirt is just not really my style, much less my weekend style. As for the red sequin blouse and grey zipper sweater, I think I’ll pass.

So now it’s time for you to weigh in! What should I buy?

{the survey is now closed}

11/18/15 Update: Thank you so much to everyone who voted in the survey and also those of you who left a comment below. I decided to go ahead and get both the blanket scarf and the Loveappella top because OHMYGOSH it is so fuzzy! I emailed Stitch Fix about switching out the color and/or sizing up for a little more of a comfy fit and they are sending me the next size (but won’t do a color exchange). Thanks for your help in deciding and be sure to stop by next month for my December Fix review!

November Fix survey

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8 thoughts on “My November Stitch Fix: Comfy + Casual”

  1. I like the blanket scarf, and I like the red top but I agree that it screams MERRY CHRISTMAS and not happy winter or cozy Saturday. I like the ModCloth skirt, by the way. You are so good at styling yourself.

  2. I love the scarf and the Loveapella top! Do you have the funnel neck Loveapella sweatshirt? Do you think the fit is the same? I’d like to pin the one you received if fit is similar!

    1. Thanks! The fit is pretty similar to the funnel neck top (I have that one too) but a little longer in length and maybe a little slimmer throughout the body.

  3. I like the top with the zippers. It looks comfy and also very chic. I like the Lovapella top, but a brighter color might be better on you (I am loving burgundy right now). The light grey is, meh. Not a fan of the skirt and “Christmas top”. Love your Stitch fix posts! I want to sign up, but my husband might disown me!

  4. Love the blanket scarf and Guilanna zipper top. Both flattering.
    Not a fan of the skirt on you. You look great as usual. Thanks for modelling!

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