4 Ways to Style Berry-Colored Pants

After years and years of being a black pants or jeans kinda girl, I’ve finally started to be a little more comfortable wearing colored pants. While I still need to work myself up to wear some of the brighter colors, I’ve really gotten some use out of my olive green pants. In fact, I recently published 4 Ways to Wear Olive Colored Pants over on BlogHer.

After seeing a few ladies rocking their burgundy/berry colored pants, I started hunting for a pair to add to my closet. When I was putting together the My Style: October Favorites post a couple weeks ago I found these Democracy colored jeans and crossed my fingers that they’d fit well when they arrived.

Well, they’ve arrived and I’M IN LOVE!

I wore them to work the very next morning:

They were comfortable, held their shape all day and were super flattering… which means I need to figure out a bunch of outfits so I can wear them ALL the time! So, I dug into my closet and put together the first four outfits I saw. Sometimes colored jeans can be a bit intimidating to style, so I figured I’d share them with you so that you could copy them if you’d like!

4 ways to style berry colored pants

Look #1: A Printed Top & Lots of Black

Berry Pants - look 1

Here is the first outfit I put together when my jeans first arrived at my house. I played up the berry color with a printed top that has a brighter pink in the background and then grounded it all with black flats and a black cardigan. The flowy cut of the blouse also lets you have a big lunch without showing off a food baby. Just saying.

Look #2: Black Lace & Leopard Heels

Berry Pants - look 2

For this sassy look, I topped the pants with a lacy peekaboo top and a sexy pair of leopard printed pumps. My husband would love it if I wore this on a date night and it’s actually relatively comfortable as long as we don’t walk too far!

Look #3: Stripes & Boots

Berry Pants - look 3

This is a great everyday look that I would wear for a casual day at work, shopping on the weekend or for a Thanksgiving get together. While black boots would also look totally fine, I decided to mix it up a little with this brown pair. I feel like this outfit would also look really cute if you added on a jean jacket and colorful scarf.

Look #4: A Comfy Sweater & Booties

Berry Pants - look 4

I have the hardest time wearing booties with pants because the cuffs are always too loose to get a good tight cuff going on. These pants are pretty great, however I should have thrown on a pair of socks so you didn’t get a flash of pale ankle in there. By pairing the pants with an over-sized comfy sweater – but giving it shape by tucking in the front – this outfit pretty much feels like I’m wearing pajamas but much, much cuter.

Do you have a favorite look? Are you a little intimidated when trying to style colored pants?


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