My January 2017 Stitch Fix: A lot of Weird

I had my last Stitch Fix back in September and it was so underwhelming that I figured I’d give my account a nice, long break. Once I fell in love with Trunk Club (you can see my Trunk Reveal’s here) I sort of fell out of love with Stitch Fix, so it seemed like it was a good time to walk away.

Then, around the holidays somebody used my referral code and I received an email that I had $25 in my account. A Fix costs $20, so I figured I’d give them another try since it was free.

I did some quick searching and found a couple items that I was really interested in trying out:

Sources: Stitch Fix Pinterest page


I submitted an order for a Fix and requested both items. I also asked that for the rest of the Fix, I’d like super soft and cozy tops that could work casually on weekends or possibly dressed up for work.

Want to see what I got?

Item #1: Brixon Ivy Fierro Elbow Patch Crew Neck Sweater, $58

My stylist obviously sent this over because both items I requested had elbow patches. However, the elbow patches on this sweater are white lace. It’s like I wore my husband’s sweater and somehow got someone’s wedding veil stuck to my elbows. Perhaps it happened during an extra enthusiastic chicken dance? The sweater itself is really lightweight and fits fine. Unfortunately, I’m just not a fan of the lace elbow patches.

Item #3: Market & Spruce Evella Boatneck Top, $64

What is this? Would it be considered a reverse-dickie? I hate the whole ‘fake shirt’ under a shirt look and this one is just so terrible. It makes no sense that the fake shirt doesn’t have a collar, but it does have sleeves and a tail? Also, anyone who has a larger chest knows that a boat neck + fitted stripes are NOT your friend. I’m going to give this one a big NOPE.

Item #4: Le Lis Subaro Sleeve Detail Knit Top, $48

I like clothing that looks a little different, but this top just seems to be weird for the sake of being wierd. The cranberry color is pretty. The striped sleeve bits are kind of cool. But, then they added on zippers? I don’t understand why a designer would take a super soft and comfy sweater and add on hard and scratchy zippers to each sleeve. Is there some sort of wrist sweating problem that I don’t know about? Frankly, it’s uncomfortable. And it looks kind of stupid too.

Item #4: Liverpool Anita Skinny Pants, $78

Pictured in the outfits for items 1, 2 and 3. I’m not really sure why they sent me a pair of black pants, when I requested all tops in this Fix. These are super stretchy and lean more toward leggings than skinny pants. They have a working zipper and button, but the pockets are fake. They aren’t really dressy enough for me to wear to work and are not my style at all for weekend wear.

Item #5: Teeberry & Weave Burton Striped Open Cardigan, $64

I guess this is the closest my stylist could get to the sweater I really wanted. I really like the color combo going on in this sweater — it’s a pretty grayish blue with lighter blue stripes. Also, it’s a nice, thickly knit cotton… but it doesn’t make me overly warm. The only thing I would change is that it doesn’t have any pockets and I like someplace to store my cellphone. I’ve never heard of this brand and when I googled it only a couple Stitch Fix links come up, so perhaps it’s a Stitch Fix owned brand? Since this is the only item I liked from the Fix, I decided to try it remixed with my wardrobe…

Remix from my Closet

I tried this sweater three ways – first with a graphic tee and booties, second with a plain tee, necklace and knee-high boots, and last with a comfy scarf. I can see me wearing this a lot on the weekends when I leave the house for a casual dinner or shopping trip. I think that I could have certainly found something similar elsewhere for less (this one is $64) but it makes sense to buy it since I already had a $25 credit in my account and I would have lost my styling fee.

My Final Thoughts
I’m very disappointed that neither of the items I requested was included in my Fix. I understand that availability fluctuates, but pretty much the only reason I committed to getting another Fix was because I actually found a couple things I knew I would like. I ended up purchasing the striped sweater, but don’t think I’ll be getting another Fix for quite a while. As for the sweater, I wore it 3 times in the last 4 days… so it looks like that was a good choice for me!

Do you think I made the right choice in buying the striped open cardigan?


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Disclosure: This post is not sponsored by Stitch Fix, I pay for the $20 styling fee and any clothing I purchase with my own hard-earned money. If you choose to use my referral link when signing up for Stitch Fix, I will receive a small referral reward. This post contains ShopStyle affiliate links. This means that clicking on a link may help me earn a small commission at no cost to you.

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12 thoughts on “My January 2017 Stitch Fix: A lot of Weird”

  1. I love the idea os stitch fix but the majority of the items ‘ve been getting are NOT worth what they are charging for them. The only way the pricing makes sense is if you keep all 5 and get the discount. I’m thinking i might have to try out Trunk Club.

  2. Love the sweater that you kept, but I also loved the first top with the elbow patches and the striped shirt with the boatneck. I actually have the boatneck top in a different color, and love wearing it for work and weekend. That’s why the world is an interesting place, because we all have different perspectives and opinions! Thanks for your honest reviews, I always enjoy reading them.

  3. I love your face in the third picture! I really enjoy your commentary and reveals. I think it must come down to stylist because I keep getting great pieces, but then I see other people’s reveals and it’s not at all what I’m getting. I personally love the sweater you picked!

  4. I have the Honey Punch cardio in a large if you’re interested. I wore it once for an hour and just never reach for it. I don’t want anything for it. It’s cute and runs big. Let me know.

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