Throwing Away 50 Things

Ever since 2017 hit, I have been in a super purging mood. It started with a huge clean-out of Jack’s playroom and then suddenly I was dismantling my office. For the past couple weeks, when I would see a pile of stuff I’d immediately attack it instead of ignoring it like I usually do. So, when Karen over at The Art of Doing Stuff suggested throwing away 50 items, I was ALL IN.

I knew exactly where to start…

Yup, that’s my junk drawer. It was overflowing with stuff, so I just dumped it out on my bed and HOLY HELL where did all this crap come from?! This pile contains everything from old paper receipts, a few watches that I forgot I had, junk I stole from Jack that he shouldn’t of had, empty jewelry boxes, about 389 pens, and buttons. So. Many. Buttons.

By time I was done with this drawer I had thrown away way more than 50 items. I didn’t bother counting, but once all the crap was gone the drawer was less than half full.

I wasn’t done there though. It ignited some sort of cleaning frenzy, so I started ripping through more of my dresser drawers. I grabbed those uncomfortable bras that live at the bottom of my bra drawer and never get worn (4 of them); I found a lone sock with no mate (1 item); and I purged a couple old t-shirts that I don’t even really wear to bed any more (2 more items).

Here’s everything I purged from my dresser:

Oooh it feels so good! Now it’s your turn… go and get rid of 50 things in your house. You can do it like Karen and throw out medicine that expired in 2007 or get crazy like me and finally get rid of those single socks and bras that poke you every time you wear them. Just DO it and come back and tell me the most random thing you found while you were in a purging frenzy!

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2 thoughts on “Throwing Away 50 Things”

  1. I’m always sad when people throw away buttons! But I totally get the urged to purge and have tossed or donated eight bags in about three months!

    1. All the buttons are safe… I’m afraid to throw any out in case I suddenly need one. However, within about 20 minutes of that sock going out to the trash… I found the other one.

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