Trunk Club Reviews

Hey, you totally found my super awesome Trunk Club Reviews page!

I thought it might be helpful for those people who LOVE to see what other people received by putting them all in one spot. Enjoy!

Reviewing Trunk Club: Part One
This post has a full review of how Trunk Club works, as well as a breakdown of everything I received in my very first Trunk. This Trunk is the one where I found my favorite floral skirt that I’m wearing in most of my blog headshot pictures!

Outfit 2 - Trunk Club - Pocketful of Joules
Reviewing Trunk Club: Part Two
Directly after returning your first Trunk, your stylist takes all your comments into consideration and sends you out a follow-up Trunk. Mine was such a great fit that I ended up buying four items!

Trunk Club - Outfit 4 - Pocketful of Joules
Reviewing Trunk Club: Trunk #3
I asked my stylist to put together a fun summer themed Trunk and she did a really great job on this one! This Trunk is the one where I fell in love with the UGG sandals that I wore all summer long.

Trunk Club 3 - Outfit 4 - Pocketful of Joules
My Visit to a Trunk Club Clubhouse
When I was in DC for a conference, I found out that I was just a short walk from a Trunk Club Clubhouse. So, obviously, I felt like it was a sign for me to make an appointment to meet my stylist in person. This is a review of what it is like to visit a Trunk Club Clubhouse.

Trunk Club Clubhouse 4 - Pocketful of Joules

Reviewing Trunk Club: #4
I asked for a quickie Trunk with some options for me to wear to this year’s BlogHer conference. I was going to be receiving an award and decided that I hated everything in my closet…

Trunk Club 4 - outfit 3a - Pocketful of Joules

Reviewing Trunk Club: My Birthday Trunk
I asked my stylist for some super soft casual wear for lazy fall weekends and my work-from-home days. I also told her that I recently got a great pair of black work trousers and I could use some work blouses and super comfortable work pumps. She certainly delivered!


Reviewing Trunk Club: Cozy Holiday Fun
With the holiday season upon us, I was feeling the urge to give myself a little treat. So, I asked my stylist to send me over a holiday Trunk full of cozy sweaters and other goodies. She did a great job and filled a Trunk with sweaters with prices ranging from $59 – 69, including this fabulous LOVE sweater!

Reviewing Trunk Club: Quickfire Reviews
I didn’t really had any specific needs, but asked for a ‘cheer me up’ Trunk…

Reviewing Trunk Club: Working with a New Stylist
I had been thinking about trying a new stylist for a while and decided to go for it. For her first crack at styling me, I think that Dana did a really great job! She really listened to me and it was clear that she has an understanding of what I am looking for in a Trunk.

Reviewing Trunk Club: Theme Park Style
We are gearing up for a super awesome family trip to Universal Studios Orlando, so I asked my stylist for a “theme park style” Trunk. She sent over a Trunk with athleisure items, casual dresses, comfy but cute tops, and some flat sandals.

Reviewing Trunk Club: My September Birthday Trunk
I asked for some fall transition pieces that my stylist could see me wearing over and over again, as well as a mix of statement pieces, outfit makers and some elevated basics.

My November Trunk of Holiday Goodness
My stylist sent me over a fantastic Trunk of beautiful items that will be perfect for the upcoming holidays!

Trunk Club: A Fitness & Athleisure Trunk for those New Year’s Resolutions!
Did you make a New Year’s resolution to exercise more in 2018? Yeah, me too. You know what makes it easier for me to exercise more often? Cute clothes! With that in mind, I decided to order a special fitness and athleisure Trunk from my Trunk Club Stylist and she really delivered!

Trunk Club Review: My “Bring on Spring” Trunk
After a never-ending Winter, I was ready for some Spring fun… so I asked my stylist to send me over a “Bring on Spring” Trunk of goodies. She did a great job of sending me over a mix of basics, interesting pieces and accessories.

Trunk Club Review: My ‘Tricky Pieces’ Birthday Trunk
For this Trunk, I pulled three hard-to-style items out of my closet, uploaded photos to the Trunk Club app and asked my stylist to build me some outfits!

Trunk Club Review: Hit Me Baby One More Time
My stylist asked for another try and WOW did she knock this Trunk out of the park! She somehow picked out not one, but TWO perfectly fitting pairs of pants for me!

Trunk Club Review: Office Style

My previous stylist left Trunk Club, so I tried a trunk with a new stylist. I was hoping for a Mary Poppins inspired Office Style Trunk, did she deliver?

More to come…