Trunk Club Review: Revisiting a Dress

A couple weeks ago, I shared my Trunk Club: Office Style box. I had two finalists – a blouse and a dress – but ultimately decided to pass on both of them. The dress was super cute, but… it was pink.

This is the Girl Meets Glam Edith Midi Dress ($178) and I really liked the weight of the fabric (with a fantastic silky lining), the pockets, the v-neck and the swingy skirt. I didn’t like the color though… so when I saw that it was also available in navy I was intrigued.

I tried a 12 in the initial dress (depending on the brand, I can wear anywhere from a 10, 12,14, medium, large, extra large, etc…). It fit well most places but was a little smushy on the bust. So, when I sent back my Office Style trunk, I asked my stylist to send me out the dress in navy in both a 12 and a 14 for me to try.

The 12 fit constant with the pink version, and still squished my chest down. Here is the 14:

The navy color on me is a great improvement on the pink and I still love the fabric, pockets and swingy skirt. By going up a size, I got a teeny-tiny bit more room in the bust area… but now the shoulders are too big, the waist is a bit too big and the skirt seems to come down just a bit too long in the front.

It’s really not that noticeable in this photo, but if you look close you can see that the shoulder seams are poking out. This type of dress is meant to look beautifully tailored, and unfortunately it just doesn’t fit on my body. If I loved it more, I’d pay to have it tailored… but as Randy Jackson said in 2002, “It’s a no for me, dawg.”

I do feel like the dress is made really well and could be a great work wear piece. it kind of reminds me of the classic pieces that M.M. Lafleur puts out. So if you are a bit less busty than me and looking for a good neutral work dress, you may want to try it. All in all, I decided to send them both back, as I have other dresses that are much more flattering already in my closet. I feel like Marie Kondo would approve.

Do you think I made the right choice?

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One thought on “Trunk Club Review: Revisiting a Dress”

  1. Yes, you did the right thing. It is a little too big in the shoulders, and, you would be pulling on it all day. I have had clothing like that, and you are distracted by them. I have been in meetings, thinking about the ill fit of some piece of clothing! Not worth it. The navy really is pretty on you, though.

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