Are you Obsessed with Tidying Up with Marie Kondo?

Netflix is brilliant. I mean, think of how many people have New Year’s resolutions to purge stuff out of their house and then BOOM Tidying Up with Marie Kondo shows up on their Netflix account. Brilliant!

In case you are in the dark, here is the trailer:

Isn’t she adorable?!

This little sprite of a lady comes into your house and helps you tidy up your life. It’s basically like Hoarders, but less hoarder-ish. And yes, it is the biggest first world problem to have too much stuff…

I LOVE purging, so this show totally sucked me in. I’ve only watched three episodes so far (and wanted to throw things at my television during the first one), but every time I start watching I find myself making notes in my phone like “purge DVDs” and “go through unused Christmas décor items”.

I’m not going to go full Kondo and start rolling my clothing, but I am certainly taking away some of the lessons from the show. Already I have attacked my pantry, my storage container cupboard and the great abyss of random kitchen crap that lives in my kitchen island. Oh, and I went through my underroos drawer and threw out anything that gives me a wedgie!

Next up on my list is:

  • The playroom (again). As Jack grows out of toys, I’m really good at donating them or giving them to friends. It’s TIME again.
  • The Christmas decorations in the basement. I still haven’t taken down our Christmas décor this year (it makes me happy and I need all the happy I can get this month), but we have some stuff that I haven’t put out for the last few years. I think it is time to go through the unused stuff for a purge while I’m packing things away.
  • Our DVDs. We basically never watch our old DVDs, so I think it’s a good time to go through and get rid of 90% of them. I’ll probably check eBay to make sure we don’t have anything that we could resell, but I anticipate I’ll just drop them all off at the thrift store.

How about you? Have you been watching Tidying up with Marie Kondo? Are you currently ripping apart your house in a purging frenzy?

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5 thoughts on “Are you Obsessed with Tidying Up with Marie Kondo?”

  1. We still have our Christmas tree (artificial) up! It is slated to hit the basement, this week. Like you said, I just needed the happy.
    My sister is really good at purging, and can get me excited and purging. My last area, was the kitchen cabinet that I keep pans, and baking items in. It went well. Maybe I will keep going. Probably wait till spring…

  2. I’m tempted to watch this now that I have Netflix, never read the book but I’ve heard about sparking joy so am a little intrigued after having a purge when we moved.

    At the moment we’re making our way through Sex Education on NF as my friend Alix consulted on the script 🙂

  3. Do you have Half Price Books or something equivalent close to you? They will give you money for dvd’s. Not much, but some.

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