My Papa Verde Obsession

Have you ever become obsessed with something from a restaurant? Did you try recreating it at home… or stalk the internet looking for recipe dups? Yeah, that’s me with the Jason’s Deli Papa Verde sweet potato.

I tried it for the first time last year and then went back again and again… until suddenly it was replaced with a different kind of potato. Apparently it is only a seasonal offering and yes, I almost cried.

Not really.

But yes, really.

I realized back in December that the Papa Verde is back and I’ve been lusting after it ever since. This time, I decided to write down the ingredients so that I can recreate it at home.

The magical ingredients: roasted turkey breast, spinach, chopped avocado, butter, jalapeno ranch dressing, and asiago cheese on a baked sweet potato.

SOOOOOooooo good.

And now that I’ve tried making it at home… it’s not the same. I think maybe my potato-to-avocado ratio is off? Or my turkey-to-everything ratio? Or I need a different asiago cheese? Anyway, I’m still working on it because it’s only a matter of time before it goes off the menu again.

So now I’m wondering, do you have a restaurant meal or item that you have successfully duplicated at home?

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post. But if Jason’s Deli wants to send me their exact recipe that would be pretty cool.

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3 thoughts on “My Papa Verde Obsession”

  1. Crab cakes with a buerre blanc sauce. Yum. I couldn’t get the cakes as light as the restaurant did, but I nailed the sauce.

  2. I like the reuben fish tacos in a restaurant in Myrtle Beach. I have tried to duplicate them, but only get close. It is a taco with fish, and reuben ingredients for the toppings.Yum. My hubby’s favorite. I have also tried to make an Uno’s deep dish pizza, not as good. Oh well. Some things are hard to duplicate.

  3. Im on board with the Papa Verde Sweet Potato!!!…Looking for the recipe is how I found this post…Hoping to make the jalapeno ranch dressing…

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