My Favorite Insoles for Warm & Toasty Feet

I hate cold feet. And we are right now in that crappy part of winter where basically ALL of me is cold, including my little toes. When I’m working from home, I can bundle up in blankets and slippers… but when I work at an office I need to be a *little* more presentable.

Note to self: see if I can sneak a blanket into the office for lunchtime cocooning…

When it’s SUPER cold outside, I just wear warm socks and boots. But on dressier days, that isn’t an option even though the office seems just as cold and breezy as the walk to the building. So, here are my favorite two insole options for keeping your toes toasty.

For Boots: ABUSA sheepskin insoles for $12.99

Find them here on Amazon:

I also have UGG insoles, but I like these even better. However, keep in mind… they are SUPER fluffy. So if you have a pair of boots that fit just right, these will probably make them too tight. However, if you are like me and buy boots with a little extra room (to fit fluffy socks!), then these might be perfect. They are fluffy and warm and only $12.99! I recommend ordering your normal shoe size – so for my size 9 boots, a size 9 insole works perfectly.

For Flats and Loafers: Shoeslulu lambswool shearling insoles for $10.00

Find them here on Amazon:

I love my Rothy’s but on chilly days it’s like my feet are little blocks of ice. For extra winter warmth, I take out the existing insoles and replace them with these. These insoles are pretty thin and take up almost the same amount of space as the Rothy’s insole, so it doesn’t change the fit. They add a nice thin layer of fluff and softness… and most importantly, WARMTH. I have a couple pairs of these that I switch in and out of my shoes and they have been holding up quite well. For my size 9 Rothy’s, I ordered a size EU 30/Women 8 – 8.5 insole and it fits perfectly. For non-Rothy shoes, you can probably stick with your regular shoe size.

How do you keep your feet warm during the winter?

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