January Thrift Haul

I had a hair appointment this month, so I decided to take the whole day off as a mental health day. Which, to me, means THRIFTING! I had a bunch of other errands to run too, so I was only able to stop at one thrift store and found three great items to bring home with me.

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Since this month’s ‘haul’ is so small, I decided to do a quick little styling photo for each item. Let me know if you like this in addition to the hanger pics and maybe I’ll start regularly including them in my monthly round-up post.

Charles Gray London swing coat, $14.99

The best I can determine; Charles Gray London is a brand that was sold at Nordstrom and now appears to be rebranded as Helene Berman London. I did find a few Charles Gray London coats on Poshmark and such. But when I searched Helene Berman London, a couple options came up at Anthropologie for $240ish. Of course. Because I am the girl who can spot an Anthro brand from a mile away at the thrift store!

Anywhoo… does it really matter? I mean LOOK at the cute pattern on this coat! I checked the inside seams and it seems brand new. There isn’t a spot on it and the front pockets were actually still sewed shut.

How I plan to wear it:

I’ll probably just throw this on as a topper in the spring when it gets a little too warm for my current coat. For my styling photo, I just stuck on a black t-shirt, dark jeans and red flats. This fun coat makes even a simple look like this one look awfully stylish!

Kirna Zabete for Target dress, $17.99

To be quite honest, I don’t normally go for those designer compilations with Target. I wanted to love the Toms x Target line and the Lily Pulitzer x Target lines, but the quality was pretty disappointing. I’m not familiar with Kirna Zabete at all, but apparently their collaboration hit Target’s shelves in 2012. I decided to try this on because I really like the pattern and thought the shirtdress design with a cinched waist could be flattering.

How I plan to wear it:

You can see the interesting sleeves in the first photo, but they can certainly be toned down a bit by adding a blazer to the look. I actually wore this outfit (with the blazer) to a work event last week and thought it was comfortable, yet professional looking. I don’t love the dress with bare legs, but think it looks cute with the black tights and booties… so this one is a winter winner for me.

Talbots sleeveless vest, $9.99

This one is totally outside my comfort zone. I don’t own any sleeveless sweaters, but I have admired them on other people. This pretty gray knit sweater has a flowy front and some handy pockets. For $10 it’s not an expensive way to decide if I like the trend.

How I plan to wear it:

I love this graphic t-shirt, but it is awfully thin so I usually get kind of chilly. I thought adding the sleeveless vest would be a nice way to keep a little warmer and also add some interest to the outfit. What do you think, is it working for me?

Did you have any luck thrifting this month? Share your scores!

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2 thoughts on “January Thrift Haul”

  1. Oh my goodness! I wish I could find items of this caliber! They are all adorable, especially the coat. So cute on you. The dress is perfect for so many things. The jacket really adds something, as well. I love tights, I think they really add a professional look. Plus, they just make you feel better. Would that vest look good with the dress? I bet there are a million ways to wear that. Good haul!

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