Trunk Club Review: My ‘tricky pieces’ Birthday Trunk

I always like to set myself up a Trunk Club delivery just in time for my birthday each year. It’s a nice way to usher in fall and also treat myself a little. For this year’s birthday Trunk, I decided to try something a little different. Instead of asking my stylist to send me a Trunk for an event or a season, I thought I’d give her a little challenge and also help get more wear out of clothing I already own.

I pulled three hard-to-style items out of my closet, uploaded photos to the Trunk Club app and asked her to build me some outfits. Let’s see what my stylist suggested!

Item #1: Camo skinny pants
I bought camo skinny pants in March 2017 and I think I’ve only worn them once. Which is such a shame because they are so cute! I don’t know why I find them so hard to style – for some reason when I stick a black t-shirt on with them it just looks awfully boring.

Here are Dana’s suggestions

(1) All in Favor Button Back Top, (2) All in Favor Patterned Drape Front Blouse (no link found), (3) n:PHILANTHROPY Zander Shoulder Cutout Tee.

I tried both the spotted blouse and the cutout tee, but this combo was my favorite:

I like the way the darker green goes with the more faded camo green and my old yellow sandals add a cute pop of color. While I do like the color combo, I’m not sold on this particular shirt though. It does have a cute button detail on the back, but it’s not really wowing me at all.

Item #2: Floral skirt with striped waistband
I bought a pretty pleated floral skirt about a year ago and have worn it only once, last November (see it here). I told my stylist that I’d love to wear this to work, which means I need a top that is at least elbow-length to cover my tattoos.  Here are her ideas:

(1) All in Favor Button Back Top, (2) Gibson Surplice Drape Front Blouse

Out of the two options, only the brighter green blouse had longer sleeves as requested.

I really love the way this blouse pairs with the skirt and the bright green color is fantastic! The neckline folding is really pretty too and drapes nicely. While the photos look great, in person the blouse pulls a bit in the shoulder area. It is almost pretty enough to make it worth buying, but I know that if something is even a bit uncomfortable I will never reach for it.

Item #3: Patterned blazer
When I was in Boston, I found an amazingly beautiful Didier Parakian blazer at a consignment shop. I’d like to wear it to work, but my only instinct is to stick it over a black blouse and black trousers. Here’s what Dana suggested:

(1) Felicty & Coco Rita Wrap Dress, (2) Kut from the Kloth Catherine Boyfriend Ripped Jeans.

I already have a couple black dresses in my wardrobe and this one was just kind of ‘meh’ on fit. Obviously, I’ll be pairing this blazer at some point with a black dress (and probably bright shoes), but I found the jeans option a little more out-of-the-box.

I totally didn’t realize this shirt was yanked all crooked until after I had changed out of the outfit, but just squint your eyes and imagine it straight. I really like the look of the blazer paired with the slightly-distressed jeans and my braided leather sneakers (thrifted, of course!). Typically, I love the fit of Kut from the Kloth jeans, but this pair had almost NO stretch to them, so they were very stiff and not comfortable. My workplace is a bit more formal, so jeans won’t fly there. It’s a pretty cute look though, so I may recreate it at some point for a dinner out in the fall/winter.

Bonus Ask: Booties
My last request for my Trunk Club stylist was for something I didn’t really NEED, but really WANTED. It’s my birthday Trunk… so I might as well spoil myself a little! Here was my exact request, “I’d like a pair of kick-ass boots/booties that I can wear with skinny jeans. Something really cool looking, possibly rugged or punk looking to kind of grunge up a boring outfit. Maybe something like a Veronica bootie from Frye (would love at a lower price point)? I’m open to ideas.”

Here’s what she sent:

(1) BC Footwear Acre Bootie, (2) UGG Simmens Waterproof Leather Bootie, (3) UGG Aureo Bootie.

Out of the three pairs of booties, my favorites style-wise were the BC booties with the cool buckles and side openings. Unfortunately they were some sort of ‘faux’ leather with a plastic heel and they just felt really cheap. I liked the UGG Simmens booties, but would have preferred them in black. The brown/dark green combo was a little odd. The other UGG booties were too slick for what I was hoping for — they were more ‘fancy’ and not enough kick-butt.

As it is, I actually found a super cute pair of leather and metal studded booties on Poshmark while waiting for my Trunk to arrive… for only $35 (this pair). They met my needs of something a little badass, so I’m excited to start wearing them.

As much as I was hoping to treat myself a little for my birthday with this Trunk, nothing really screamed winner to me. Even though I didn’t love anything enough to buy it, I did really enjoy the new ideas on how to pair some of my older items. I will definitely be on the lookout for a couple green blouses – one dark and one bright – like the ones that Dana sent over. I’ll also try pairing my blazer with some distressed jeans for a dinner out!

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