Trunk Club Review: The Comfy Stuff is on Sale Trunk

Source: Trunk Club promotional email

A couple weeks ago I got a one-two punch of emails from Trunk Club. The first was talking about an athleisure Trunk, which I’m totally feeling right now (the image above). The second, was that if you ordered a Trunk by a particular date they had some awesome 40% off sale items to include. Well, okay than!

Here’s the message I sent my stylist:

“Let’s do a casual athleisure Trunk! Some comfy work-from-home clothes (leggings, joggers, graphic t-shirts, toppers) and throw in some fun spring/summer pieces for when the world returns to normal!”

Well my Trunk just arrived, so let’s take a look at what she sent over!

Outfit #1: Alo pullover and Good American Leggings:

The tops:


Out of the tops sent over, my favorite is the crewneck pullover (I’m wearing it in the photo above). It is super lightweight and really, really soft. It’s oversized and cozy and did I mention, super soft? My only issue with it is that the tag says that it has been prewashed for comfort and will get softer and pill as it continues to be washed. Yeah, no thanks. I don’t need a $78 sweatshirt that is going to immediately pill and look super worn! The reviews on the website confirm that it doesn’t hold up well, which is such a shame because it was soooo soft…

The Zella top is way too fitted for my liking, but the rest of the t-shirts are perfectly nice. Nothing special though, so I don’t feel like I need to add any of them to my closet.

The bottoms:


I tried on both pairs of leggings and holy moly they are both delightfully soft. The Good American leggings are super comfortable with really soft fabric and a nice, high waist. The only thing I don’t like about them is how shiny they are. You can see in my photo, they are a little Tin Man-ish. I actually went online to see if there was a black version, but all of the Good American leggings seem to be super shiny. Bummer!

As for the Girlfriend Collective leggings, they are also super buttery soft but these are actually made from recycled water bottles! How cool is that?! They also have a high waist and hit at the ankle. Unfortunately, the brownish color is not very flattering on me and doesn’t do me any favors in hiding any imperfections. I’m thinking about ordering them in black though, because they are way nicer than any other pair of leggings I own, including the ones I have from Athleta. If you are in the market for some nice leggings, I would recommend giving this pair a try. Or maybe hold out for a sale!

As for the thermal jogger pants, they look exactly like pajama pants. Sure, they’re soft and cottony, but the point of joggers to me is that they are a step up from my pj’s, but I can still wear them comfortably around the house. So, these are a no go for me, even though the price is great.

The dresses:


First up is the Zella dress – it is exactly the casual summer dress I can see as a swimsuit topper at the beach. I like the drawstring accent and the color is pretty too. However, it is very clingy around the belly area, which means it’s not a winner on me. If you are slimmer in the middle, you may like it though.

Outfit #2: Rachel Parcell dress:

The cut of the floral dress gorgeous – flowy sleeves, flowy skirt, v-neckline. My issue with it, it that it is sooooo light and flowery. It would be perfect for a tea party or a summer wedding. To be honest, I was thinking about buying it just for how wonderful it is to twirl around. However, it’s a little too froufrou to add to my work wardrobe and I don’t have any upcoming celebration events on my calendar either. One of the comments on the dress is that “it looks like a grown flower girl” and that is a pretty perfect way to describe it!

So while my last Trunk Club Trunk was a total miss because my stylist and I didn’t see eye-to-eye (you can see it here), this Trunk was actually exactly what I was looking for… kind of. I mean, I asked for a casual athleisure Trunk of leggings, graphic t-shirts, toppers with a spring/summer piece or two and that is what I got. However, nothing really knocked my socks off.

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Trunk Club Review: The ‘Off the Mark’ Trunk

I often share my Trunk Club boxes with you and have found some of my favorite clothing items from the service over the years. However, sometimes… well, they suck.

Like this time.

My stylist reached out to see if I had any Spring Break plans. And I DO! We are planning to go to Universal Studios in Florida at the end of April.

She asked me, “What do you typically wear during your vacations?” and “what are you looking to wear at Universal?”

On the right track!

So I sent her 4 photos of my typical summertime outfits:

I said, “Normally I wear shorts and graphic tees, a tee with a knee-length casual skirt and sundresses. Here are my typical looks. Nothing too short! Also, please go up a size in shorts because I like a little thigh room!”

All seems well, right?

I received a preview of my Trunk and there were a couple items that I immediately declined. On one pair of shorts I marked “Too short for me!” and declined them. On a pair of jeans I noted, “I don’t need any more jeans” and declined them.

All still seems well, right?

After I sent back the preview, my stylist added more items to the Trunk and sent it out to me.


First off, she sent jeans. When I specifically said I don’t want any jeans. Sigh. I literally didn’t even take these out of the packaging and threw them back in the Trunk.


THEN, the shorts. Both pairs of shorts were way too short for me, which I had told her. More power to you ladies who like to wear shortie shorts. But I couldn’t even pull them off (or be comfortable in them) 10 years ago! The Madewell version were full-on bootie shorts and the Sanctuary shorts were short AND super tight.


FINALLY, the skirts. A suede mini skirt and a ball gown skirt.

What in the actual flip?! This is the point where I was starting to get a little annoyed. Please correct me in the comments if I’m wrong, but would ANYONE wear a suede mini skirt to a theme park on a family trip??? OR A BALL GOWN SKIRT? A $130 BALL GOWN SKIRT from Boden.

It’s going to be April in Florida, which is typically in the mid-80’s. Also, there are water rides, so a suede skirt and a ball gown skirt are frankly ridiculous to wear.


Lastly, a dress. Dresses are good! I like dresses! When I think theme park, I think an easy sundress that I can throw on with some sandals (and shorts underneath for rides). BUT. This one was a $120 Boden stiff cotton button-up shirtdress. Not appropriate for a theme park vacation at all! I would be wrinkled mess within 1 ride, not to mention it’s white… and there are water rides. SIGH.

The only other items in the box were a hohumm t-shirt, a see-through eyelet blouse, and a white silky tank top.

To say this Trunk missed its mark would be an understatement. I immediately packed everything back up in the box and declined the entire Trunk. At this point, I’m not even sure it’s worth having the stylist send me another one. I mean, it’s pretty clear that her theme park experiences are much more exciting(?) than mine!

So there you go… a sucky Trunk Club box. If I end up getting another one I’ll keep you posted!

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Trunk Club Reviews: Best of Trunk Club (2016 – 2019)

When I was recently going through my closet, I realized that I’ve been using Trunk Club on and off since 2016! When I was looking at items to keep and donate, I thought it would be interesting to look through all my Trunks from the last 4 years to determine what items I’m still loving. I came up with 7 clear and definite winners:

August 2016: Eliza J Metallic Jaquard Midi Skirt

Similar on Amazon:


I had requested this ‘Party Trunk’ when I was planning to attend BlogHer and receive a writing award. This sparkly printed midi skirt was my favorite from the Trunk and I loved how it looked with a simple top. It also has pockets, which are perfect for stashing a cellphone for easy access!


Over the past four years, I’ve pulled this skirt out when I’ve needed a little extra sparkle. The last time it came out of hiding was for a work gala event, where I paired it with an easy wrap top. It still makes me feel super fancy!

December 2016: Lucky Brand booties

Super similar version on Nordstrom website:


At the time, I remember thinking that I didn’t really need a pair of brown booties. However, these from Lucky Brand were super cute and comfortable… so I went ahead and kept them from my Trunk. I’m so glad I did, because it’s been 4 years and they are still in heavy rotation in my wardrobe.


I especially like how the leather is looking a little worn in nowadays, but that they are still super comfortable for a full day on my feet. When I saw a similar Lucky Brand black pair at a consignment shop, I snatched them up knowing that they’d be winners too!

September 2017: STS Blue Boyfriend Jeans

Similar distressing, but more skinny:


I’ve always been super picky about distressed jeans. I mean, I think they look super cool… but it’s only a matter of time before your toe gets stuck in a hole while putting them on and you fall over and rip it beyond repair. Amiright?! I loved the fit of these jeans though, and the price was right, so I decided to take a chance with them.


Sure, the holes have grown a bit but over three years later and they are still going strong! I tend to wear them in the spring and fall since they have built-in air conditioning. But they are still a great way to tough-up a simple t-shirt on the weekend.

January 2018: Barefoot Dreams cardigan

Similar, but on sale:


I had ordered an athleisure trunk from my stylist, and she sent this cardigan over for me to try. I had never tried Barefood Dreams before, but holy guacamole was this cardigan a winner. It’s so soft it’s like it’s made from angel tears!

I’ve been wearing it in the fall and winter almost daily (I throw it on as soon as I walk in the door to my house) and it’s still in perfect condition. I recently found a second one on Poshmark for a steal… so now I have two to alternate between.


May 2018: Prive Revaux Cat Eye Sunglasses

Similar Kate Spade version on sale:


I didn’t really need a new pair of sunglasses, but I loved these (the ones on the right) when I opened my Trunk and they were only $30. They currently live in my car and I’ve been wearing them for almost 2 years, so I consider that $30 well spent!


October 2018: BLANKNYC The Great Jones Skinny Jeans

Button Fly version at Nordstrom Rack:


I was hoping for a good pair of black jeans that I could wear to work for a casual, but business-appropriate look. These jeans checked all my boxes, so I went ahead and bought them for $98. It’s been 15 months and they are still my absolute favorite pair of black jeans/pants. They don’t stretch out when wearing and they launder well too (wash on cold and let hang dry). I love these so much that I’m starting to think I should buy a back-up…


October 2019: Vince Camuto Print V-Neck Blouse

Exact one still available at Nordstrom:


Sure, this was from just 3 months ago… but this tank top is one of my favorites! It looks great with colored corduroys and jeans, and I haven’t even tried it tucked into a skirt yet! Love, love, love the fit and the pattern. Nothing more to say!

Do you like to take an editing eye to your wardrobe every so often so you can decide what should stay or go?

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