Trunk Club Review: The Comfy Stuff is on Sale Trunk

Source: Trunk Club promotional email

A couple weeks ago I got a one-two punch of emails from Trunk Club. The first was talking about an athleisure Trunk, which I’m totally feeling right now (the image above). The second, was that if you ordered a Trunk by a particular date they had some awesome 40% off sale items to include. Well, okay than!

Here’s the message I sent my stylist:

“Let’s do a casual athleisure Trunk! Some comfy work-from-home clothes (leggings, joggers, graphic t-shirts, toppers) and throw in some fun spring/summer pieces for when the world returns to normal!”

Well my Trunk just arrived, so let’s take a look at what she sent over!

Outfit #1: Alo pullover and Good American Leggings:

The tops:


Out of the tops sent over, my favorite is the crewneck pullover (I’m wearing it in the photo above). It is super lightweight and really, really soft. It’s oversized and cozy and did I mention, super soft? My only issue with it is that the tag says that it has been prewashed for comfort and will get softer and pill as it continues to be washed. Yeah, no thanks. I don’t need a $78 sweatshirt that is going to immediately pill and look super worn! The reviews on the website confirm that it doesn’t hold up well, which is such a shame because it was soooo soft…

The Zella top is way too fitted for my liking, but the rest of the t-shirts are perfectly nice. Nothing special though, so I don’t feel like I need to add any of them to my closet.

The bottoms:


I tried on both pairs of leggings and holy moly they are both delightfully soft. The Good American leggings are super comfortable with really soft fabric and a nice, high waist. The only thing I don’t like about them is how shiny they are. You can see in my photo, they are a little Tin Man-ish. I actually went online to see if there was a black version, but all of the Good American leggings seem to be super shiny. Bummer!

As for the Girlfriend Collective leggings, they are also super buttery soft but these are actually made from recycled water bottles! How cool is that?! They also have a high waist and hit at the ankle. Unfortunately, the brownish color is not very flattering on me and doesn’t do me any favors in hiding any imperfections. I’m thinking about ordering them in black though, because they are way nicer than any other pair of leggings I own, including the ones I have from Athleta. If you are in the market for some nice leggings, I would recommend giving this pair a try. Or maybe hold out for a sale!

As for the thermal jogger pants, they look exactly like pajama pants. Sure, they’re soft and cottony, but the point of joggers to me is that they are a step up from my pj’s, but I can still wear them comfortably around the house. So, these are a no go for me, even though the price is great.

The dresses:


First up is the Zella dress – it is exactly the casual summer dress I can see as a swimsuit topper at the beach. I like the drawstring accent and the color is pretty too. However, it is very clingy around the belly area, which means it’s not a winner on me. If you are slimmer in the middle, you may like it though.

Outfit #2: Rachel Parcell dress:

The cut of the floral dress gorgeous – flowy sleeves, flowy skirt, v-neckline. My issue with it, it that it is sooooo light and flowery. It would be perfect for a tea party or a summer wedding. To be honest, I was thinking about buying it just for how wonderful it is to twirl around. However, it’s a little too froufrou to add to my work wardrobe and I don’t have any upcoming celebration events on my calendar either. One of the comments on the dress is that “it looks like a grown flower girl” and that is a pretty perfect way to describe it!

So while my last Trunk Club Trunk was a total miss because my stylist and I didn’t see eye-to-eye (you can see it here), this Trunk was actually exactly what I was looking for… kind of. I mean, I asked for a casual athleisure Trunk of leggings, graphic t-shirts, toppers with a spring/summer piece or two and that is what I got. However, nothing really knocked my socks off.

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One thought on “Trunk Club Review: The Comfy Stuff is on Sale Trunk”

  1. I had that same pilling problem with a few items in a Stitch Fix box. I fell in love with a long hoodie, it was soooo soft! But a brushed fabric, which brings the top of the fabric up into a soft fluffy feel and look. Trouble is, that fluff pills very easily. I have 3-4 cute pieces that are now really pilled. Also, received really shiny leggings about a year ago, so they had them then, too.
    Oh well, what can you do? Return, I guess. But by then, I love them, because they are so soft. I have good luck with denim jackets and purses.
    Thanks for sharing!

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