Opinions Needed: Should I take my summer clothes off Poshmark?

We’ve talked about the different ways I sell my clothes a few times previously (here and here). I started my Poshmark account in January and have been selling a a few items each month. I’m a little conflicted on how to move forward though, so I’d love your thoughts!

Right now, I have a bunch of summer items for sale in my Poshmark closet. I marked them all down in price and added “Last chance sale” to the listings to encourage buyers to make a purchase.

The question is, should I leave them in there or should I remove them and repost them at the end of next spring?

Here are my conflicting thoughts:

Leave them in there
The argument: It’s no harm to just leave the summery items in my Poshmark closet. It doesn’t cost me any money and a few of the items have ‘likes’ on them, so people may be thinking about purchasing them at some point.

Remove them and repost in the spring
The argument: By removing them, my Poshmark closet will only have seasonally-appropriate clothing, making it more attractive for browsers. Also, if I remove and repost when the weather starts to warm up again, I may catch more buyer’s attention since the listings won’t be stale.

What do you think I should do?

9/10/18 Update: Based on feedback on my Pocketful of Joules facebook page, I went ahead and removed my summer items from my Poshmark closet. I will be adding fall/winter soon!

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2 thoughts on “Opinions Needed: Should I take my summer clothes off Poshmark?”

  1. There are many areas where these clothes can be worn most of the time. I would leave them on. My sister, in Myrtle Beach, wears summer clothes most of the year. She adds a sweater if cold, but it is pretty mild there.

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