Reviewing Trunk Club: My Birthday Trunk

Remember a last week when I shared my ‘birthday Fix’ with you? Long story short, I had hoped for a really fun Stitch Fix box so that I could spoil myself a little for my birthday. Instead, it was just okay and I was trying to decide what (if anything) to buy. Well, the day before I was supposed to make my decision, Alicia from Trunk Club sent me a Trunk to preview…. and it looked so good I sent the entire Fix back without buying anything!

Want to see what she sent?


Sources: Nike Gym Vintage Front Zip Hoodie in blue (1) and black (2), Zella Live In Optic Long Crop Leggings in black (3) and gray (4), (5) Paige Lynnea Stripe Linen Tee in Black, (6) Vince Camuto Shirred Mock Neck Blouse, (7) Kate Spade New York Embroidered Trim Silk Swing Top, Joie Marlo Silk Blouse in marine (8) and raisin (9). (10) UGG Tomi Water Resistant Suede Sneaker, (11) Tory Burch Jolie Wedge Pump, (12) Steve Madden Wails Ankle Strap Pump.

Before she prepared my Trunk, I told Alicia that I could use some super soft casual wear for lazy fall weekends and my work-from-home days. I also said that I recently got a great pair of black work trousers and I could use some work blouses and super comfortable work pumps. She certainly delivered!

Here are some outfits based on her suggestions:

Outfit #1: 5 + 10 + jeans


Alicia had sent me a similar top in a previous Trunk that I’ve worn to death. I accidentally threw it in the dryer (a no-no with linen) and had asked her to keep her eye out for a replacement. This one  is great and I like the subtle stripes. I paired it with my boyfriend jeans and the UGG suede shoes. I love UGG and wore their sandals all summer long. These sneakers are like a dressier version of running shoes, but a bit more sturdy and warm than the Toms I usually wear. Oh and that super weird pose is my ‘hey, look at the cool shoes’ pose that all the cool kids are doing.

Here’s a closer look of the shirt pattern:


Outfit #2: 1 + 3 + 10 + a t-shirt


I really needed a new lightweight hoodie and my stylist sent this one over in two different colors to try. I love this blue and it even has a bit of a heathered look in person. The leggings have some sassy cutouts with netting, which makes them a little fancier. I really like the netting on the sides, but there is some on the back of the knee that looks a bit odd. Once again Alicia sent me over two colors to try and I liked the black the best. The UGG suede sneakers look really cute with this casual look and I could totally see me wearing this to run weekend errands, laze around the house, or even pick Jack up from school on a work-from-home day.

Outfit #3: 6 + 11 + black pants
Outfit #4: 7 + 11 + black pants


I liked the navy blue Eileen Fisher pants I purchased when I visited the Trunk Clubhouse, so I stalked a pair of black ones on eBay to add to my collection. I’m going to get a lot of wear out of these once the weather cools a bit, so I asked my stylist to send over some work-appropriate blouses to go with them. I love the pattern of the first blouse, but I’m not really a fan of the cowl neck. As for the Kate Spade swing blouse, the lace embroidery along the bottom is totally gorgeous, but the shape doesn’t really work for my figure. The Tory Burch wedges are amazing though and really very comfortable. If they were in my budget, I’d snap them up in a heartbeat… but at almost $300 they are out of my comfort zone. Even for my birthday!

Outfit #5: 13 + 12 + black pants


I just realized I forgot to add this top to my breakdown of items. It is the Halogen Tie Neck Sleeveless Blouse in Blue. My stylist suggested I pair it with my black pants and the suede pumps that she included in the Trunk. I tried the outfit as she styled it and also added a black blazer for a look I can wear directly to work. I really like the way that the blouse and shoes go together and like them with the blazer too. My only concern with the suede pumps is would I would totally ruin the suede on the back of the heel when I drive?

What Should I Buy?
My Trunk was just delivered yesterday – truly making it a Birthday Trunk – so I have a few days to make up my mind on what to buy. Here are the finalists:


I keep changing my mind on what to buy. Yesterday I was leaning towards the hoodie, linen t-shirt and UGG sneakers. This morning, I’m favoring the hoodie, suede pumps and gray floral blouse. And maybe the UGG sneakers…. What do you think I should buy?

Are you going to try Trunk Club?
If you’ve been thinking about refreshing your wardrobe, this can be a great way to try some new looks out.  You can see all my Trunk Club reveals here and I’m totally a fan! If you do decide to try them out, I’d really appreciate it if you use my special referral link it will cost you nothing and earns me a small amount to go towards items in my next Trunk. Also, if you decide to have a Trunk sent to you, please shoot me an email and tell me about your experience. I may use your thoughts (good and bad) in a future post.

If you have questions about Trunk Club, please leave me a comment and I’ll try to answer them for you! What do you think I should buy from my Birthday Trunk?

 9/22/16 Update: Thank you all for your comments and recommendations! I decided to buy the hoodie (1), linen t-shirt (5), ankle strap pump (12) and gray floral blouse (13). Happy Birthday to me!

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by Trunk Club, I pay for any clothing I purchase with my own hard-earned money. If you enjoyed my review and decide to try Trunk Club for yourself, the biggest compliment you can give me is by using my referral link. Thank you to anyone who chooses to click through and support my shopping addiction! This post contains ShopStyle affiliate links. This means that clicking on a link may help me earn a small commission at no cost to you.

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14 thoughts on “Reviewing Trunk Club: My Birthday Trunk”

  1. Oh, the shoes definitely. Both of them! Im going to look up those suede pumps myself as I love them! Just throw a pair if slip ons or flip flops in your car and wear those to drive, and then put the pumps on once you arrive!

  2. I think outfits 2&5 are my fave!

    2 is total fitness inspiration, you look stylish and ready to power walk or just get your sweat on.

    5 is the perfect mix between professional, pretty and casual. You mean business but not in an uptight 3 piece suit kinda way, and you could roll it into drinks and dinner no problem

    in short, I think your 6 picks are PERFECT

    1. Love all of the items you are choosing from…keep them all? If you are worried about the heel being suede, Sole Society has some cute suede options (at Nordstrom) that have a block heel instead of a suede heel… Thanks for all the honest reviews of clothing, shoes, etc!

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