My September Stitch Fix: Birthday + Fall Fun

Oh Fall. The smells of our weekend backyard bonfires and the cooling air is enough to make me love the season, even without adding in my birthday and our wedding anniversary to the fun. So obviously, I couldn’t resist ordering myself a September Stitch Fix box to celebrate!

This month I asked my stylist for a fun birthday fix with some fall transition pieces. I also requested a wrap dress I saw on another Fixer and a jacket that I had pinned to my pinterest board (you can see my board here).

Want to see what I got?


Item #1: 41Hawthorn Jule Knit Faux Wrap Dress, $78


The wrap dress I requested wasn’t available, so my stylist sent me this one. It’s called the “Jule” dress, so it’s got that going for it. But that’s about it. I love a great wrap dress because jersey fabric is super comfortable, the cinched in waist is flattering for hourglass shaped ladies and it just looks all-around classy for work. Not this one, though. The fabric is scratchy, the fake wrap tie isn’t made to even go around your body, and the skirt is way too clingy and short. I hated this dress so much that I didn’t even really want to take a picture of it on me, but I threw on some spanx, sucked it in and did it for you guys. The second I took it off, the dress went back in the Stitch Fix box to be returned. NO THANK YOU!

Item #2: Collective Concepts Boldizar Lace Inset Detail Blouse, $64
Item #3: Le Lis Serena Belted Flare Skirt, $58


My stylist referenced a top I received from Trunk Club that I felt was too expensive (you can see it here: Reviewing Trunk Club #4) and said that this top was similar. That is partially true – it has a similar fabric, similar ‘feel’ to the design and the billowy sleeves. However, those are the things that I DIDN’T like about the expensive version. What I loved was the amazing crochet lace on the top… which is nowhere to be found on this one.

As for the skirt, its colors and pattern certainly feel like fall to me. However, I’m not really loving the large flowers and especially dislike the droopy attached belt. I mean, the fit is good and I like the length, but I just don’t love it. It’s okay.

Item #4: Market & Spruce Benni Crossfront Knit Top, $48
Item #3: Le Lis Serena Belted Flare Skirt, $58


I actually thought this top was black until I looked back on these photos and realized it is actually navy blue. The fabric is very thin – but not see-through – and the criss-cross in the front does its job without showing off my bra. If I were in a store, I probably wouldn’t pick this one up because I don’t waste money on a ‘fancy’ tank top that I can’t wear to work (I keep my tattoo covered in professional settings).  It does look nice with the skirt though and could be a good layering piece with cardigans and blazers. I actually like the skirt a lot more when styled with this top, but I don’t know if that is a good enough reason to buy it.

Item #5: Andrew Marc Ourenia Cargo Rain Jacket, $138
Please take a second and click on this link to see the gorgeous military-style berry colored jacket I pinned. Now, look at the jacket they sent me.


Not. The. Same. The jacket they sent me is a bright red rain jacket that makes me look like I’m about to try out for the American Ski Team. If I wanted a heavy rain jacket it would be great, but I don’t.

Remix from my Closet
Out of this month’s Fix, the two items I liked the most are the navy criss-cross top and the fall-colored skirt. As I did last month, I decided to try them with some items from my closet to see if they would get enough wear to justify purchasing them.

stitch-fix-remix-with-my-wardrobe-pocketful-of-joulesShopping Links: Amanda & Chelsea blazer, similar Kut from the Kloth boyfriend jeans

In order to make the skirt and top more office-appropriate, I added on a solid black blazer. I actually really like this outfit and can see myself wearing this to work on a typical workday. For the middle outfit, I paired the criss-cross top with a skirt I have from Boden. I like the way it looks tucked in… but don’t like the way it looks untucked in the third photo with my distressed boyfriend jeans.

Help me Decide!
After trying on the top and skirt with other items of my wardrobe, I’m still totally undecided. Neither of the items are stand-out ‘Oh-My-Gawd-I-Love-It’ pieces. So, maybe I should just pick one or even return the whole box. What do you think I should do?

9/22/16 Update: I was leaning towards just buying the tank top, even though I didn’t love it. But then, before I could checkout… I was sent a preview of my “birthday” trunk from Trunk Club. I liked pretty much everything on the preview better than anything in my Stitch Fix box, so I decided to cut my losses and send the whole thing back! You can see my Trunk here.

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Disclosure: This post is not sponsored by Stitch Fix, I pay for the $20 styling fee and any clothing I purchase with my own hard-earned money. If you choose to use my referral link when signing up for Stitch Fix, I will receive a small referral reward. This post contains ShopStyle affiliate links. This means that clicking on a link may help me earn a small commission at no cost to you.

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12 thoughts on “My September Stitch Fix: Birthday + Fall Fun”

  1. I agree with Michele. I like the blue blouse and I think it looks great untucked. Maybe not with distressed jeans, but how about olive or burgundy pants?

  2. I like the top. I think it’s cute and flattering. And I actually think it looks better untucked than tucked. I think you could get a lot of wear from it with cardigans/jackets for work. I like the skirt too but I think the top is more versatile.

  3. This is a hard choice. I do love the floral skirt outfit but I feel that you might get tired of a floral skirt fast or can’t wear it in your rotation that often. However I see you’re wearing a floral skirt in your profile pic so maybe that’s your thing? I’d keep the black shirt for sure. I would return the wrap dress and Market & Spruce Benni Crossfront Knit top and the red jacket.

  4. You were kind of cracking me up with your comments about the clothes! Love your writing voice! Anyway, I think this is why I’m most nervous to try out these types of services. You might get a killer box one month and then the next be struggling to find anything you like to make the money worth it!

  5. Keep the tank top, it looks great. I would agree that I like it untucked. Maybe with a pair of nice jeans and heeled sandals. The skirt is cute but I’m not a fan of the black blazer with it.

  6. I agree with the other posts about the top looking great untucked with the boyfriend jeans. Also looks great with the other looks. I think you will get more wear than you think. Looks like it would be great for travel! Thanks for being brave showing off the wrap dress.

  7. I love your blog! I just recently discovered you while obsessively searching for Stitch Fix reviews. You’re one of my favorites! Everything looks so cute on you!

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