Trunk Club Review: My November Trunk of Holiday Goodness

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…. No, not Christmas (yet), but my Trunk Club box!

One of the things that I love about Trunk Club is that I actually have the opportunity to preview the Trunk before my stylist sends it to me. So, if there are any items I absolutely don’t want to try, I can remove them and she can fill it with other items that I might love. When Dana sent over my preview, I knew I was in for a really good Trunk! Then, I kept spying on the app as she was finishing my order… and I was basically shouting “YES GIRL!” at my phone.

Also, I’ve been wanting to do another Trunk Club post in general, because I recently received an email from them that they’ve expanded their sizes!

Not only does Trunk Club now carry more sizes, but ALL of their stylists have completed three months of specialized training on fit for different brands and body types! So if you have been waiting to treat yourself, NOW is the time to order a Trunk so you look extra fabulous for the holidays (here’s my referral code, if you’d like to use it)!

Okay, so lets talk about my November Trunk. Here’s what I asked for in my stylist note:

I’m looking forward to holiday fun with Thanksgiving and Christmas and I’d like some casual but fun and festive pieces! Right now on weekends, I’m living in the jeans from my last Trunk, cozy lightweight (oversized) sweaters and booties. I’m more of a layers person then anything too warm (I tend to overheat in heavy sweaters). Also, I love the Eileen Fisher pants I purchased previously and would be interesting in trying some similar options.

Then, I was walking through Nordstrom and saw a totally adorable Topshop moto jacket, but they didn’t have it in my size. So, I used the Trunk Club app to send a photo and ask Dana to send me it or something similar to try.

Here’s what she sent:

(1) Leather Moto Jacket by Caslon, $299 (similar, but not exact), (2) Stretch Crepe Slim Ankle Pants by Eileen Fisher, $168, (3) Collared Wrap Midi Dress by Halogen, $79, (4) NIC ZOE Beaming Skirt, $148, (5) J.Crew New Easy Matte Crepe Pants, $80.50, (6) Boyfriend Jeans in Mirage by Caslon, $79, (7) ‘Marilyn’ Sweater by Hinge, $69, (8) Relaxed Ankle Pants by Halogen, $79,  (9) Grommet Tie-Waist Top by Halogen, $49, (10) Faux Wrap Velvet Top by Halogen, $59.

If you’re new to my Trunk Club reveals (you can find them all here), I don’t typically photograph every single one of the items. When the Trunk first arrives, I usually go through it and narrow down my choices to a pile of my favorites. Let’s check them out!

Outfit #1: 10 + 2

This outfit is such a ‘so close but no cigar’ outfit for me. The velvet top is fantastic with the cinched in waist and flowy sleeves, but it’s just okay on me. These are the pants that I totally own and love (in navy) and the fit is perfect and so comfortable, but the gray isn’t the most flattering color on any lumps/bumps action. I think on the right person, this combo could be a fantastic holiday-but-still-work-appropriate look.

Outfit #2: 9 + 4

Let me start by saying that this skirt is SO incredibly stretchy and comfortable. You can’t see it because I have the top over it, but it is a high-waisted skirt with no button or zipper… just lots of stretch in a super cute and forgiving fabric. If this were knee-length, I would have snapped it up in a heartbeat. However, this length is super hard to wear and I don’t think I’m pulling it off at all. The shirt has these cool grommets on it with a wraparound tie, which is also really cool. It’s pulling a bit at the chest though, so I’d need to size up… which would the make the rest of the fit too baggy. I could totally see someone wearing this top with trousers or a skirt to work and then changing out to a pair of distressed jeans and booties for drinks afterwards.

Outfit #3: just 3

Well, my stylist certainly hit the nail on the head with this dress. The fabric feels expensive and I love the pinstriped pattern. I’m also a huge fan of wrap dresses… so two thumbs up for that. My only complaint is that the little button inside the dress that is supposed to hold the inside wrap in place is totally worthless and the button keeps slipping out of the buttonhole. However, I basically have to tailor every wrap dress I own by adding a snap so I don’t show off all my goodies every time I bend over, so it’s really not a big deal.

I did have some concern that this looks a bit too fancy to be work appropriate, so I tried it with a cardigan:

What do you think… work by day and fancy pink drinks with friends after?

Outfit #4: 7 + 6

This sweater is one of the fluffiest and softest sweaters I’ve ever tried on. Like I just kept running my hands over it and asking my husband to hug me so he could also enjoy the fluffy goodness. It’s not too thick and hot and there isn’t even a hint of itchiness. I didn’t love the neckline though – it can be an off-the-shoulder look or styled like I have it as more of a funnel, but I’m just not digging it. The softness though… soooooo good!

These jeans are supposed to be a boyfriend jeans cut, but my stylist went down a size so they’re not giving me the look that I was hoping for. I like the wash and minimal distressing a lot though. If I didn’t have a similar pair that looks better on me, I may have been tempted by this pair.

Outfit #5: 1 + 9 + 4

Last, but not least is this fantastic leather moto jacket. This one is WAY better than the Topshop version I saw at Nordstrom. I couldn’t find the exact same moto jacket by Caslon to link, so this must be brand-spanking new. The leather is super thin and soft and it has a heavy ribbed fabric on the underside of the arms and in the inner seams as well. This addition makes it way more comfortable than any leather jacket I’ve tried in the past. I talked myself into and out of this jacket so many times over the weekend. I LOVE it, I really do and I don’t own any leather jackets… so this would be a great addition to my wardrobe. BUT. I have a similar moto-type jacket (this one) which serves the same ‘lightweight but badass jacket’ need in my closet. I finally decided to let this one go, even though it is sooooo soft that I wanted to curl up with it and snuggle it all night long.

Final Thoughts:
I LOVED this Trunk and I think my stylist did a great job sending over items that are totally me, but just a little sassier than I would have picked had I been browsing through a store on my own. I’m totally going to keep my eyes open for a similar NIC ZOE skirt and also make sure to check out dresses by Caslon more often! The only absolute standout item from this Trunk for me is the Caslon wrap dress. I think with the cardigan it can be work appropriate and I’ll just have to sew in a snap or two for modesty.

What do you think, did I make the right choice?

 If you want to have Dana style a Trunk for you — and you totally should because she’s awesome —  I have her linked to my referral code here: (Please note: if you use my referral link it will cost you nothing extra and it earns me a small amount to go towards items in my next Trunk).


Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by Trunk Club, I pay for any clothing I purchase with my own hard-earned money. If you enjoyed my review and decide to try Trunk Club for yourself, the biggest compliment you can give me is by using my referral link. Thank you to anyone who chooses to click through and support my shopping addiction! This post contains ShopStyle affiliate links. This means that clicking on a link may help me earn a small commission at no cost to you.

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  1. That skirt looks fabulous on you. I love the length. Did you try it with the sweater or Velvet top? Did you try it with a different top? I would like it more with a dressier lightweight black sweater with the same length but perhaps a boat neck and no cinched in waist. I like the Velvet top just not with those pants, did you try it with jeans? I also really think you should keep the jacket and sell the other one on Poshmark or something. It looks incredible with the skirt. I also do really love the dress.

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