Let’s Talk About Underpants

Back in May, I pleaded with my Facebook friends to help me find underpants that won’t immediately be eaten by my butt crack.

In a moment of NO MORE WEDGIES I went through my underroos drawer and threw every single pair that scrunched itself up into my heinie right into the trash. Which left me with a really sad and empty stash of discontinued panties from True & Co. It was only a matter of time before each pair got holey, so I started a quest.

A panties quest.

All I wanted was a pair of hip hugger panties that fit well without riding up, and made my butt look cute. They couldn’t be too low, or too high, I wanted the Goldilocks of panties… I wanted them to be JUST RIGHT. And then, when I washed them I wanted them to STILL BE just right and not immediately shrink to fit Ollie.

I tried a buttload of different panties (see what I did there…) and I have finally found TWO winners.

Winner #1: Everyday Wear
Carole Hochman Cotton Hipster Panties
Price: $12 – $15 for a 5 pack
Find them here on Amazon

Source: Amazon.com


I wanted to link you to the exact pack I got at Costco, but for some reason Costco doesn’t have them on their online site. They DO have them in the stores though, so next time you are there try a pack and your butt will totally thank me. I also found them on Amazon, for those of you who do not have a Costco membership or a Costco nearby.

So yeah, my favorite ‘everyday’ panties are from Costco. Because my butt is fancy. The Costco panties were suggested to me by one of my readers, so I went out and bought myself two 6-packs of them to try out. They are cotton and each pack came with some solids and some patterns (like polka dots and animal print). I got a large and they have worked out perfectly. No wedgies, minimal panty lines, and after being washed and dried for months they still keep their shape.

Winner #2: Fancy Wear
Soma Vanishing Edge Microfiber Hipster
Price: $16 each or 5 for $39
Find them here at Soma

Source: Soma.com


Can we just take a second and admire that incredibly smooth butt and thighs? I mean, I hope they pay this butt model a bazillion dollars because her lack of cellulite is totally amazing (even with the use of photoshop)…

I had tried Soma panties before (this pair), but they always did that thing where the lace top would kind of roll under my belly in an unattractive and uncomfortable way. However, I picked up a pair of these microfiber hipsters in the store when I had a $10 off promo card to try them out and they are AWESOME. They are just high and low enough that they fit well under any tummy pouch that may be going on. They are super thin and have a silicone edge inside the cheeks… so they sit tight and don’t ride up even a millimeter throughout the day. I wash them with the rest of my laundry and then let them lay flat to dry, because they are freaking expensive… but they are still in perfect condition. I wear these when I have more fitted pants or skirts that would show panty lines and they are basically invisible.

It is SO NICE to be able to go in my underroos drawer and grab out a pair – any pair – without worry about them riding up throughout the day!

Have you tried the Costco hipsters or Soma vanishing edge panties before? Where do you find your magical panties that don’t ride up?

Oh and speaking of panties, I did a survey a while back with you guys and it still makes me giggle to read the results: Random Survey Fun about Holey Underwear. You’re welcome.


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6 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Underpants”

  1. Love Soma’s vanishing edge. 90% of my personal collection are vanishing edge. Just a little tip for you, the outlets in Hagerstown have a Soma outlet.

  2. My drawer is 100% Soma vanishing edge and I LOVE it. It took about a year and a half to slowly throw out the old and replace with Soma as I was getting coupon codes and discounts.
    GREAT choice 🙂

  3. I bought the vanishing edge panties by accident (online thought I was buying a different style) and they are now the only ones I want to wear. They stay in place so well. All my other pairs are just not as comfortable!

  4. I hope those Costco ones hold up! I loved them when I first got them and now they feel a little loose. It doesn’t help that all my weight is apple shaped, with absolutely no junk in the trunk. So my pants slip down and my undies go too 🙁 I’m still on the lookout for my favorite. I want solid colors, full coverage.
    I used to wear Mervyn’s brand and they were PERFECT. And then the darn place went out of business!!!

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