Too Early for Christmas?

Over the weekend I stopped in TJ Maxx for a new pan and about a quarter of the store had been taken over by Christmas. Of course, this is nothing new… Target put their Christmas stuff up as soon as they cleared out the Halloween costumes. Also, I noticed yesterday that one of the local radio stations has also already started playing Christmas music around the clock.

For me, I basically don’t even think about Christmas – which includes no decorating, no shopping and no Christmas music – until Thanksgiving has passed. This year, my family is coming over for Thanksgiving dinner a few days AFTER the holiday, so I decided to put our tree up early so everyone can enjoy it.

Which brings me to thinking…. for you, when does it feel *right* to start decorating for the holidays?

Are you like my friend Lindsey who already has everything up (complete with watching holiday movies on the Hallmark channel) because it makes her happy? Do you just bring out all the décor when you have free time? Or, is there a certain day that you do your annual unpacking and decorating?

I’m super curious… so share in the comments and let me know when unbox your holiday spirit!

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7 thoughts on “Too Early for Christmas?”

  1. My husband despises all holidays. We compromise on Christmas and I start decorating 12/1 but it all comes down around 12/26!

  2. Growing up, my mom held off on doing ANYTHING Christmas-related until after my birthday. This meant going to the tree farm and decorating just 6 days before Christmas. Looking back, I appreciate her wanting to make my birthday so special because the thought of doing all the Christmas decorating in 6 days to only have it up for about 2 weeks, seems crazy and stressful.

    In my house, we put the tree up and decorate anytime after Thanksgiving. I shop whenever I see something I’d like to give someone, be it before or after Thanksgiving (or even over the summer). I do NOT shop in person or online on Thanksgiving. I don’t even get gas for my car on Thanksgiving. Just on principle. I have watched a holiday movie (on accident). I typically wait for that and Christmas music until after Thanksgiving.

    I think stores want money, but I also think Christmas puts people in higher spirits and I like that part.

  3. I don’t do any Christmas decorating until the day after Thanksgiving, with the exception of outside lights, which I try to encourage the husband to do when the weather is still fairly nice in late October/early November since we live in the midwest. Of course, we don’t turn them on until after Thanksgiving. But, the whole house will be completely decorated by the end of the weekend.

    As for shopping, if I see something that I think someone will like, I will buy it, even if it’s January. I’m pretty organized and keep lists of stuff that I’ve bought for whom, so I’ve never ‘forgotten’ that I already bought something for someone.

  4. Christmas makes me so happy. I just love love love all the twinkle lights, warm cozy fires, and smiles everywhere. Its definitely my favorite time of year. I look forward to baking with my mom every year. Usually Wine + Baking = Interesting cookies. Last year we forgot to put butter in the dough and the year before that we forgot sugar. But we still eat them… YUMMMMM. We wear silly hats and listen to the Rat Pack Christmas CD and dance around!

  5. I don’t always decorate for Christmas and when I do it’s often just a few days before. If I had kids, it would be every year and always after Thanksgiving. I am already watching Christmas movies, though. Gremlins counts, right?

  6. My daughter was due Thanksgiving weekend, but cooled her heels till 12/5. I don’t decorate now until after bc it feels a little disrespectful to her.

  7. Since we put up a real tree, it would crazier to put it up any earlier than we do — usually right around December 1st. A month is plenty of time to enjoy the holiday season.

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