My November Stitch Fix Review

My current rule about Stitch Fix is that if someone uses my code and I earn a referral credit, then I’ll go ahead and order a Fix. I figure, even if I don’t keep anything from the Fix it’s still fun… so that $20 is basically payment for a silly blog post of me trying on clothes. Someone clickity-clicked in October, so here I am with a November Fix!

As a little reminder, I’ve gotten 4 Fixes in 2017 and have kept 1 item.
{If you want to see ALL my Fixes, you can find them here}

I had $30 of credit in my account, so $20 went towards this Fix and I have $10 left to spend now (or later).

I was randomly assigned a stylist and her stylist note was super sweet. She REALLY did her homework on what I like to wear:

Want to see what I got?

Let’s check out each piece on an actual human body….

Item #1: Kut from the Kloth Benter Mixed Material Top, $58
Item #2: Edyson Hampton Skinny Corduroy, $68

When I saw this top on the preview, I was pretty convinced that I’d hate it. I’m usually not a fan of when they try to mix materials in the same piece of clothing. However, my opinion totally changed when I tried it on. The middle floral section is a super soft, silky fabric and the sleeves are more of a lightweight sweater knit. It is very comfortable and even has a little extra room for a Thanksgiving food baby.

As for the skinny corduroy pants, I’m always a little confused on whether corduroy’s would be acceptable for business casual, or if they are to be just for weekends? I have to say though, I LOVE these pants.They fit really great and the color is so pretty!

I can totally see wearing this exact outfit for Thanksgiving and Christmas get togethers, as well as a more casual work day. I can wear the pants with a lot of other items in my closet and the top will also look great with some distressed boyfriend jeans, or even a pair of trousers and a blazer for work. Both of these pieces are totally winners to me, what do you think?

Item #3: Retrod Moana Elbow Patch Pullover, $64
Item #2: Edyson Hampton Skinny Corduroy, $68

I’m not really sure what this sweater has to do with Moana, but I like the elbow patches on it. The oatmeal color is really pretty and it has a cool twisted-seam thing going on as well. Those pants though… bring on all the heart eyes!

Item #4: 41Hawthorn Cristen Shirt Dress, $78

Do I look like I’m freezing in this picture? Because I totally am freezing in this picture. It was 34* and breezy on my front porch… brrr! I actually pinned this exact dress on my pinterest page. I liked the print of the fabric, as well as the sleeve length. I felt like it would look good with bare legs and sandals, as well as paired with some fleece-lined tights and booties for when it is colder. Shirt dresses don’t always work on me though, because I need a little extra tummy and booty room… I was cautiously optimistic when I went to try this one on. And just cautious, because it kind of sucks to get stuck inside a piece of clothing.

This one buttons all the way up the front though, and was surprisingly roomy in the bust. I’m 5’7” and I do feel like this is a little short on me. The last button is not at the very bottom of the hem… so when you walk or sit you can certainly see some leg. It might be okay with tights underneath though, or maybe a slip.

Item #1: Kut from the Kloth Benter Mixed Material Top, $58
Item #2: Edyson Hampton Skinny Corduroy, $68

Item #5: Liverpool Bradford Moto Denim Jacket, $98

Darn you Stich Fix and your adorable jackets! I kept repeating to myself that I don’t need another lightweight jacket, but this is probably my most favorite moto jacket I’ve ever tried on. The black denim is super stretchy and when zipped up it doesn’t straight-jacket my boobs. I’m actually kind of obsessed with this whole outfit together.

Here’s the jacket zipped closed:

My Final Thoughts
When I first tried everything from this Fix on, I got that shopping adrenaline flowing through me and thought that this might be one of those elusive buy-it-all Fixes. The stylist did a fantastic job of choosing pieces for me that not only are my style, but will mix in with other things that I already own. When I went back and tried everything on again, I got super nit-picky about it all and narrowed it down to three favorites: The Edyson skinny corduroys, the Kut From the Kloth Benter top and the Liverpool Moto Denim Jacket.

As much as I LOVE the moto jacket, I do have this one that kind of serves the same ‘lightweight but badass jacket’ need in my closet… so should I let it go?

Help me decide!

Should I get:
a. All three: The skinny corduroys, floral top and moto jacket.
b. Just the skinny corduroys and the floral top.
c. Just the corduroys.
d. Some other mix.

11/16/17 Update: Thank you all for your feedback! It was a difficult choice, but I decided to go with ‘B’ and just purchase the skinny corduroys and the floral top. I even wore them to work yesterday!

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Disclosure: This post is not sponsored by Stitch Fix, I pay for the $20 styling fee and any clothing I purchase with my own hard-earned money. If you choose to use my referral link when signing up for Stitch Fix, I will receive a small referral reward. And then I’ll probably do another Stitch Fix post…because that’s how it works.


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18 thoughts on “My November Stitch Fix Review”

  1. Get all three! They look so cute together and if they can be mixed and matched with several other pieces in your closet, that is a WIN WIN!

  2. You have to get the corduroys. The floral top would be my next add.

    I think you can skip the moto jacket. It’s already too cold outside, and the jacket looks a little short.

  3. You need the floral top. At first I was like HOW CAN YOU NOT GET THAT JACKET, but the one you already have does sort of do the same thing. But I REALLY like the one from this box. So, send it back if you want to save money. But if you want to treat yo’self, get it!

  4. A – but only if you don’t wear the other moto jacket you have that often (maybe that gets donated?) otherwise B 🙂 I kinda want to try those pants myself!

  5. I think you should get all three. The pants and sweater are divine. I love it! I think it’s totslly appropriate for a casual work day, too. That jacket fits you perfectly and just completes the look. Consider it an early holiday gift to yourself!

  6. I am all about B, but only because I’m also all about not buying duplicates of things I already have. The pants and shirt look amazing on you. The jacket does as well, but if you already have such a similar one… I think you’d regret sending back the shirt down the road.

  7. You have to go for the Jacket and the Corduroys for sure – the jacket is awesome and looks amazing on you – a totally different look than the other jacket you have that is just as awesome – you have to have both! Thanks for the goodie box by the way – I loved it! Have a great day! Wendy

  8. I’m wavering between a & b. I think the jacket is great…worth buying. However, it *is* similar to your other. But the shirt and pants are both KEEPERS!!

  9. The corduroys are gorgeous and the top goes great with them — the stylist did a great job with this box. It’s always nice to have a fun comfortable new outfit at the holidays. If you really love the jacket, keep it — you don’t see that style in denim all that often. But if you think you wouldn’t wear it all that often, send it back.

  10. I hope you chose option a! All three pieces are divine on you!!!

    Just curious… do the cords stretch? How is the fit?
    I just got the same pair (in a different color) in my fix yesterday but they are a tad big and I’m afraid if they stretch they’ll be huge.
    And for the record, I LOVE your stitch fix reviews 🙂

  11. What color tights and shoes would you pair with this for winter? I just received this in today’s Fix, and while I love it, I don’t know how to style it for cold temps.

      1. See, I would have figured that I couldn’t do black and blue together! I thought I’d have to do a shade of grey, and then I was racking my brain to determine what color shoes would go with that…good to know that I was overthinking it 🙂

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