Sale Alert: Upgrading my Jammies with Soma Intimates

For years, Travis has complained about my pajama situation. I mean, my jammies aren’t terrible… just nothing much to be excited about it. Typically I’m all about the comfy Old Navy pajama pants in some sort of crazy print and a random old t-shirt.

Over the summer my sister told me about her love for Soma Intimates and said that the shorts and top she bought were so comfortable that she wears them to bed almost every night. So, for Christmas I told Travis to go to Soma and buy me some pajamas that he didn’t hate.

He didn’t.

He actually forgot and instead went to Victoria Secret and spent $60 on a pajama set that I know for a fact would be too short on me. I’m not super tall, but at 5’ 7” I have an issue with most pajama pants. So, I took them back and made my own trip to check out the local Soma store.

As it happens, a ton of stuff is currently on sale and everything was an extra 30% off of that price. So, I went a little crazy and restocked my entire pajama drawer. After spending the entire three-day weekend in a few of my purchases I can say that they truly are some of the softest and most comfortable pajamas I’ve ever owned. And, as a super bonus, Travis LOVES them and kept telling me how pretty I looked. So, I’ll call that a total win-win!

This isn’t everything I purchased, but here are some of my absolute favorites:

Favorite Tops:

1. Limited Edition Majesty Lace Pajama Tank
Original price: $52.00
I paid: $22.67

2. Regal Lace Short Sleeve Pajama Top in Majesty Blue
Original price: $52.00
I paid: $18.89

Favorite Bottoms:

3. Embraceable Pajama Shorts Mystical Sky Navy
Original price: $39.00
I paid: $17.00

4. Limited Edition Majesty Lace Pajama Pants
Original price: $55.00
I paid: $23.93

5. Limited Edition Enchanting Lace Pajama Pants
Original price: $55.00
I paid: $20.78

When I was throwing this post together, I saw that they have some additional sales online right now, so if you are also in need of restocking your pajama drawer you might want to check them out! If it will be your first purchase, shoot me a message at with your email address and I can use my new account to send you a special $15.00 off referral code!

I also saw that they are currently running a special in January where you can donate a gently worn bra to support women at local shelters (affiliated with the National Network to End Domestic Violence) and receive $20 off two full priced bras as a thank you. A couple friends commented on my Instagram post about how great their bras are, so I might have to make a return visit sooner rather than later!

What is your typical pajama game? Do you wear the crazy patterned pants and old t-shirts like I did or something a little more sassy?


Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by Soma, I just happened to love the items I purchased so much that I wanted to share them with you while they are still having some awesome sales. This post contains ShopStyle affiliate links. This means that clicking on a link may help me earn a small commission at no cost to you. If you do decide have me send you a referral code for $15 off, I will also get a very small referral award for any friend who ends up making a purchase.


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4 thoughts on “Sale Alert: Upgrading my Jammies with Soma Intimates”

  1. How is the sizing? I find pjs hit or miss….
    And I actually love Soma undies! LOVE LOVE. I slowly switched out undies until Somas were the only ones in there 🙂

    1. I find the sizing pretty normal. I’m a size large/12 and their larges for well. I actually got a couple pairs of panties to try out, so I hope I love them too!

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