My May Stitch Fix: Once More, with Feeling

Back in March, I gave Stitch Fix one last chance to knock my socks off… and it didn’t go well. In fact, it may have been one of my worst Fixes ever with a pair of damaged sandals and dress that looked like a Storm Trooper’s face (thank you to the person on Facebook who pointed that out, now I can’t un-see it).

I honestly thought that by giving them an ultimatum that it would most likely be my last Fix, they would be encouraged to step up to the plate. Instead, the opposite was true. After my March Fix, I felt like I must have outgrown the service. Or maybe they outgrew me by taking on too many clients for their stylists to handle.

So, I cancelled.

Apparently after 30 Fixes if you cancel your account it must sound a red alert over at Stitch Fix headquarters, because almost immediately they reached out to see if they could make it right.

I appreciated it. I mean, it’s only good business sense to try and keep your long-term customers. However, this wasn’t a new issue – as my Fixes have been going downhill since September – so I didn’t know if the relationship could be saved.

They gave me a free styling fee though, so I decided to give them ONE LAST TRY to redeem themselves.

Here is what I wrote in the “tell your stylist” section:

Last chance fix. Senior stylist please. Would like to try Emers for a work-appropriate pant (solid color black or a subtle black on black print). Check my pinterest. I dress professionally for work — fit-and-flare dresses in professional-looking prints, knee-length skirts, elbow-length sleeves. Nothing too juvenile or cheaply made.

So, let’s put on our judgy hats and see what they sent me.

Item #1: 41Hawthorn Tameron Button Down Blouse, $58
In my notes, I asked specifically for elbow-length sleeved blouses and this one meets that criteria. I like the button up front, v-neck and tabbed sleeves.

Stitch Fix Review - 41 Hawthorn Tameron Button Down Blouse - Pocketful of Joules

I tried styling this top two ways – tucked into a skirt and untucked with a pair of trousers. Although I like the idea of the blouse – dressy for work and elbow-length sleeves – the polyester fabric is pretty awful. Also, I’m quite busty and the buttons pull across my chest. My closet is lacking solid-colored blouses, but this one didn’t make the cut.

Item #2: 41Hawthorn Kourtney Mixed Material Open Front Cardigan, $58
I have mixed feelings on open cardigans. I feel like they can be super comfortable, but can also look kind of dumpy if you don’t style them right. I have a couple that I wear around the house, but typically don’t really wear them to work.

Stitch Fix Review - 41 Hawthorn Kourtney Mixed Material Open Front Cardigan - Pocketful of Joules

I paired this cardigan with a tank top from a previous Fix and black trousers. As you can see, the back is a pretty chiffon fabric. While I like that it is a mix of a couple fabrics, this cardigan is just kind of basic and boring. I already own a couple black cardigans and this one isn’t bringing anything new to the table.

Item #3: Maggy London Scarlet Scuba Dress, $138
In my note, I asked for fit-and-flare dresses in professional looking prints… so they sent this one over. While I typically like Maggy London dresses, you can easily pick up that brand at Marshall’s, TJ Maxx or Nordstrom Rack for less than $50 (see here) So, paying almost three times that price for this dress seems a bit silly.

Stitch Fix Review - Maggy London Scarlet Scuba Dress - Pocketful of Joules

The silhouette is nice and the dress fits well, however I’m just not a fan of the pattern. It seems a bit too much like a scrubs pattern you night see on a nurse at your lady-bits appointment.

Item #4: Margaret M Emer High Waisted Trouser, $98
Everyone on the Stitch Fix Facebook pages is totally obsessed with the Emers. OBSESSED! In fact, if you sell a pair over there, they are pretty much gone in 5 minutes. So I thought it was really weird that in 30 Fixes I’ve never, ever been sent a pair of the super popular pants.

Stitch Fix Review - Margaret M Emer High Waisted Trouser - Pocketful of Joules

So, do they live up to the hype? I’m not sure what I was expecting, but the pants are basically if leggings and dress pants had a baby. The material is like a super-thin,unlined dress pants fabric. However, instead of a button and zipper closure, they just pull on like leggings and come above your belly button. There are no pockets, either on the butt or at your hips. They were really growing on me as comfortable work trousers, but then I realized that the fabric is so thin that they were already damaged along one of the seams. Guess they are going back too.

Item #5: Diba Adela Laser Cut T-Strap Sandals, $75
I pinned these exact shoes on my pinterest page, so I have to give them credit for sending them over for me to try. However, this is the same brand that they sent me in my last Fix that seemed to be very cheaply made.

Stitch Fix Review - 4Diba Adela Laser Cut T-Strap Sandals - Pocketful of Joules

This pair is almost double the price of the last one’s they sent over, which you can see in the quality with the real leather upper. I love the way that these feel and they are a nice, dressy option to go with work trousers, skirts or dresses. I actually wore them with every outfit from this Fix and love them. Looks like we have a keeper!

My Thoughts on My May Fix
For a ‘last chance Fix’ I really do feel like my stylist did her homework on the types of clothes that I’d like to try. Unfortunately, each item was a little bit off base for me. The blue shirt would have been great if the bust fit and if the fabric weren’t terrible. The pants seemed nice, but the fabric was so thin that they were already damaged. The dress fit well, but I didn’t like the pattern.

And before you say it… YES, I’m super picky. I’ve built up a great closet of clothes for work and home and if I’m going to add something to it, it needs to be pretty fantastic. Out of this Fix, the only things I found fantastic were the shoes. So I will definitely be buying them!

I really appreciate that Stitch Fix wanted to give it one last shot and it is possible that I might do an occasional Fix – maybe on a quarterly basis – for fun. However, it’s pretty clear that it’s no longer the monthly obsession it once was. And to be honest, from what I hear on the Facebook boards a lot of other ladies are feeling the same way.

What do you think… am I being too picky?

{If you want to see the other service that I’m crazy about, check out my thoughts on Trunk Club here. It’s similar to Stitch Fix, except you get to preview and veto items and there is no stylist fee!}

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by Stitch Fix, I typically pay for the $20 styling fee and any clothing I purchase with my own hard-earned money. However, for this do-over Fix they paid my fee.  

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17 thoughts on “My May Stitch Fix: Once More, with Feeling”

  1. I’m in total agreement with you!

    I just got a birthday fix last week (my 20th) after not getting any since fall (2 total fails in a row). I didn’t keep anything. I had a REAL beef with the crappy fabric on two of the tops and then the price they wanted to charge for said crappy fabric seemed like it must be a joke. I used to just love getting fixes and had no problem keeping at least a piece from every fix.

    I should have tried Trendsend, I think.

  2. I’m in a similar place with StitchFix right now too. I’ve been receiving fixes for less than a year, but I’ve decided to atop monthly fixes and just get them occasionally. I actually have one on the way right now after a two month break and I wonder what I’ll get. I’m grateful to StitchFix for opening my eyes to new fashion and getting me thinking about my clothes, but I feel like now I’m in a better place to do it myself and I don’t really need the service any more. I do a better job shopping for myself now, plus I can scope out sales!

  3. This is totally on point. I think that you are picky, but in a good way. I’m also very picky when it comes to clothes. I make a whole lot of fuss about it. But if it’s not it, it’s not it, right? I liked those sandals! 🙂

  4. You’re not too picky. Picky is good, otherwise you end up with a closet of clothes you only kind of like and never want to wear. So I say Picky = Positive 🙂

  5. I don’t think there is such a thing as “too picky”. You like what you like. 🙂 I agree with all your choices. The dress fit well and is a great silhouette for you but wrong print. You should definitely see if it comes in another print because it looks great. 🙂

  6. I agree I’m around 30 fixes and I’m much pickier about what I keep now. The quality of a lot of the clothes is lacking especially for the price point. I have Emers and I hate them! They fall down nonstop and I’m not skinny nor am I the only one to complain about this. I do like the dress on you though! I think stitch fix needs to cut back on the polyester items.

  7. No, I don’t think you’re being too picky. I think you should get exactly what you want at those prices. Although, I’m a bargain shopper, so I could never do Stitch Fix.

  8. Aww bummer that so many of these didn’t work. I think they all look great on you! My mom and I both have the Margaret M pants and they’re both of our favorite things ever.

  9. Picky is fine, you know what you like. I think we all use sf for different reasons. I have been thrilled with all of my Fixes. I have had 5/5 for my last 3. Guess I have a great stylist!

  10. girl. girl YAS! I was at one point SF obsessed like a new fix every 2-3 weeks. My fixes started off bad, then after really spelling out what I wanted in the “not to your stylist” box and demanding the same stylist each time, I got amazing fixes for about 6 months. Then all the sudden, I went back to really awful fixes. My last fix before my planned break continued a ripped at the seams shirt-like someone had tried it on and torn it, stained shorts and very cheap shoes. I emailed them livid. I told them I was seizing all further fixes and was so disappointed in the lack of attention and quality. I was immediately contacted and they are now offering to “make it up” to me by doing a new 3 months trial. I have gotten my first two and the first one was awful, the one I just got however, was great! I totally understand being picky and honestly I think it is totally justified. The items sent aren’t cheaply priced so I am not going to just keep throwing money away when I can get better quality at TJ Maxx!

  11. Definitely not too picky. It’s better to be picky and have a closet full of clothes you’ll wear and love than items that are just “meh.” I felt the same way when I got out of Gwynnie Bee.

  12. You’re not picky, I completely understand where you’re coming from. I just received my 8th stitch fix and am completely done with stitch fix. I had asked for maxi dresses and kimonos and was when a tank, a crochet vest, a pair of shorts, a maxi skirt, a lone maxi dress. Nothing fit right and I received items that I had indicated I didn’t want at all. So Im with you, im gonna be picky because its my money and I only want things in my closet that I love, flatter my figure, and make me want to wear them everyday.

  13. It still amazes me all the types of online companies that are out there right now. I had never heard of this company, pretty nifty idea. I totally understand where you’re coming from as for those prices you should be sent decent quality items. I think knowing what you want and expect out of clothing is a good thing and for things in general. How many people spend money on something just because it was on sale and then never use it. Where as if you love what you buy, you will get your money’s worth out it. 🙂

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