My October Stitch Fix: Help Me Decide!

You know when the weather is changing from summer to winter (because in Maryland, we basically get 9 days of fall) and suddenly nothing in your closet looks good on you?

Well, I was totally having one of those days last week where more clothes ended up on the floor of my room than on the hangers in my closet. This in-between weather is always a little perplexing until I can figure out how to start dressing in pants again…

Which means it was the perfect time for my October Stitch Fix!

Here was my stylist note for this month’s Fix:

I’m good on dresses for now. So, let’s do more fall blouses, sweaters, skirts, etc. I pinned some new stuff. I am forever searching for a belted peacoat in an interesting color (not black, brown or camel) — it MUST have a belt to cinch it in. Now that boots are back, I could use a pair of jeans/colored jeans with more fitted ankles (no zippers) to go with booties.

As always, I had my note in the system and kept it updated up until my Fix was in progress, but it seems like my stylist didn’t see it. She said in her note “I didn’t have any requests from you this time so I just went for it!” but um… I HAD requests.

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Let’s see what she sent:

Item #1: Le Lis Cady Textured Swing Skirt – $58
I basically wear skirts and dresses from May to September, but switch to pants as soon as the weather gets cold. I can always use a professional skirt that looks good with tights and knee-boots though, so I was excited to pull this one out of the box.

I like that it’s a heavier version of the swing skirt I wore all summer, but in a pretty navy fabric with a subtle pattern. The pattern was throwing me off though when I went to style it with something already in my closet. Anything printed seemed like it was competing with the skirt and the navy skirt looked terrible with any all black tops. I do have this one jewel-toned top that looked nice.

Le Lis Cady Textured Swing Skirt - Pocketful of Joules

I then tried the same blouse with a jean jacket for a more casual look and a blazer for something more formal.

Le Lis Cady Textured Swing Skirt 2 - Pocketful of Joules

Keep or Return? I don’t know and could really use your help. In theory, this skirt could be a great transition piece… I’m just not really sure what else to wear with it. Also, I’m thinking it might look bad with black knee-boots, but maybe if I did grey or berry-colored tights it would work? Or maybe I just need a pair of brown knee-boots.

Item #2: 41Hawthorn Woodling Faux Leather Detail Blouse – $58
When I first saw this blouse, I was kind of disappointed because I have a similar blouse already – same color, dressy material and tab sleeves. This top has some fun details though with the faux leather around the neckline and also on the sleeve tabs.

41Hawthorn Woodling Faux Leather Detail Blouse - Pocketful of Joules

I paired it with a pair of black skinny pants and bright yellow patterned flats for an outfit that I could totally wear to work. Here’s a close up of the faux leather accents:

Woodling blouse details - Pocketful of Joules

Keep or Return? As much as I like this blouse, I feel like it would be a little redundant in my closet. I mean, why would I grab this top when I have one the same color that can do the same job? I love the faux leather detailing and if this were in another color like burgundy or black, I’d snatch it up. I emailed customer service to see if any other colors were available and I’ll keep you posted!

DL1961 Cherise Skinny Jean – $178
When Stitch Fix sent me the email saying that my box was shipped, I totally peeked (as usual) to see what I would be getting. Well, when I saw that they were sending me a $178 pair of jeans I snort-laughed, because WHAT THE HECK?! I posted my feelings on Facebook and then did some Google stalking to see whether these jeans were made of gold and diamonds. After clicking around a bit, I found that most ladies who received the DL1961 jeans LOVED them… so I got scared.

When my Fix arrived and I slowly pulled them out of the box (while angels sung, of course) I almost didn’t want to try them on… because THEY COST $178. But for you guys, I did. I mean, I tried to… but couldn’t even get them on because they are too small.

DL1961 Cherise Skinny Jean - Pocketful of Joules

Keep or Return? I’ve been searching for a pair of burgundy skinny jeans and the color of these are exactly what I’m looking for. Have you seen anything similar anywhere else that I should check out? If I can’t find them, I’ll definitely be asking for a similar pair at a lower price-point in my next Fix.

Alice Blue Boulder Button Down Blouse – $58
This blouse confuses me – it’s a plaid shirt, but is made out of silky material. It’s like when a lumberjack has to get dressed up.

Alice Blue Boulder Button Down Blouse - Pocketful of Joules

Keep or Return? If this were a cotton or flannel shirt, I would have loved it. But as it is, I don’t.

Laila Jayde Banna Hooded Open Cardigan – $58
I love the cranberry color of this cardigan and it is super soft too. I’m typically not a huge fan of open cardigans, but this one has a nice comfy vibe going on.

Laila Jayde Banna Hooded Open Cardigan - Pocketful of Joules

I paired it with one of my favorite t-shirts, skinny jeans and slip-ons for a comfortable weekend look.

Keep or Return? I like this cardigan, but once again I already have similar items in my closet that meet the same need (the navy Market & Spruce cardigan from my December 2014 Fix). Part of me wants this anyways so that I can have some variety on weekends. I DO wear that navy version a lot! What do you think, is it too similar to what I already have or different enough that it makes sense to buy it?

Help Me!
UGH, I’m feeling so indecisive on this Fix. Part of the issue could be that I measured myself for my upcoming Beachbody challenge and took pictures RIGHT before I tried on everything in my Stitch Fix box. So, I wasn’t really feeling great about myself. I do like the skirt, leather detail blouse and open cardigan though. So I’m leaving myself in your hands to decide which one I should buy!

{the survey is now closed}

10/20/15 Update: Thank you so much to everyone who voted in the survey and also those of you who left a comment below. Based on your recommendations, I decided to keep the hooded sweater and send everything else back!

SF chart


Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by Stitch Fix, I pay for the $20 styling fee and any clothing I purchase with my own hard-earned money. If you enjoyed my review and decide to try Stitch Fix for yourself, the biggest compliment you can give me is by using my referral link. Thank you to anyone who chooses to click through and support my shopping addiction!

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11 thoughts on “My October Stitch Fix: Help Me Decide!”

  1. I received that same pair of skinny jeans in my October box a few weeks ago. I was too nervous to even try them on. I love the cardigan on you. I think you would wear it more than the other options and you could wear it several ways.

    1. Thanks Jenny for the link, but I’m really looking for a peacoat with a belt. I had one ages ago that I wore until the lining fell apart and I’ve been wanting a new one ever since!

  2. I like the navy skirt on you. I probably would go with brown knee boots, a plain white or cream blouse and a fun solid color cardigan or blazer to contrast the blue, like a red or coral, etc. Could be super cute. I also liked the hooded cardigan. Looks super comfy and is great with the jeans. I’m pretty sure I need one too.

  3. Did you try to Hawthorn blouse with the navy skirt? I think it would be cute! Plus with the black leather details, you could totally pull of black leather boots and BAM – cute outfit! I love the skirt on you but I don’t really love the jewel top with it, I feel like burgundy would be a better choice or a nice off white. If it’s too hard to style, it’s not worth keeping because you won’t wear it.

  4. I love that cardigan!!! I love all things red and it has pockets!! I was only recently introduced to to the cardigan world and am now in search of multiple styles and colors.
    I don’t think that is similar enough to the cardigan from December and the color would give you a different option too.
    P.S. I have a fix coming on the 26th and I just pinned it for my stylist to see. Hopefully she will get the hint.

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