6 Tips for Getting Your BEST Fix from Stitch Fix

I’ve been talking about Stitch Fix, the personal stylist subscription service, for some time and I am often asked how I end up getting such great pieces sent to me each month.

How to get the most out of Stitch Fix

Well, it was quite a work in progress for a while, and it’s still not without some flubs from time to time. But I think I have figured out a process to make sure I absolutely LOVE most of the clothes Stitch Fix sends me. Here are my tips!

Tip #1: Thoughtfully Fill Out Your Stitch Fix Profile

When you first sign up for Stitch Fix, you get to complete a Style Profile. You’ll input all your sizes, list your preferences for which items you’d like to receive (dresses, tops, rings, etc.) and fits you generally like (fitted, flowy). You’ll also note how much you usually like to spend on each item.

In your profile, Stitch Fix shows you some collages with pieces that reflect different style “personalities” and asks you some thorough questions about your lifestyle and risk tolerance. Take your time and really think about what you want from Stitch Fix, so that you’re totally clear when completing the profile.

And if you’re already using the service, make sure to go in and update your Style Profile. For example, if your weight changes, let them know so that they send you the correct sizes.

Stitch Fix helps you explore new things, which can help change your taste, too. Maybe you started out being very risk-averse, and now you’ve stocked up on staples, had a few fun surprises, and you’re ready to explore a little more. Or maybe you started out loving animal print, and now you can’t stand it … be sure to check that box to avoid animal prints in future Fixes!

Tip #2: Make a Stitch Fix Board on Pinterest … and Keep It Updated

When you fill out your Style Profile, you can add a link to a board on Pinterest. It’s a really good idea to do this! By pinning looks you love, you can give your stylist a better sense of who you are when they are styling for you.

I’ve found that I get the best results if I pin actual Stitch Fix pieces on my board, along with a few sentences about WHY I like the item. For example, I recently pinned the Pixley Elissa Striped French Terry Moto jacket on my Fix Inspiration board with this note:

I have no interest in getting ANY other moto jackets… but would ONLY make an exception for this one. I love the stripes, the fact that the “moto” look is subtle and the cute pockets and collar. YES please!

Lo and behold, it arrived in a Fix for me to try.

moto jacket

Once I receive an item I had on my board (or get something similar to what I pinned), I usually delete the piece from Pinterest. I also make sure to pin a few new items each month, to go with my current mood, and what I’m looking for to add to my closet.

In the winter, I tend to pin a lot of plaid, layers, and comfy sweaters. As soon as it starts getting warmer, I pin lots of dresses, skirts, and printed tops. Right now, I’m crushing on emerald, so I pinned a gorgeous blouse and a pair of fun green skinny jeans!

You can check out my Fix Inspiration Pinterest board. Feel free follow it in case you see something you want to pin for yourself. I found lots of Stitch Fix items I liked by searching on Pinterest and following boards.

Tip #3: Follow Bloggers Who Write About Their Fixes

Who doesn’t love checking out what other people get in their Fixes? I follow a few bloggers on Pinterest and Instagram, so that I’m inspired by the things they get. If I see something I love, I go to their blogs and add those pieces to my Pinterest board.

If I’m feeling exceptionally stalkery, I’ll Google “Stitch Fix Reviews” and sort by “in the past month” to see the most recent items the stylists are sending out. You can also search the #stitchfix and #stitchfixfriday hashtags on Instagram to see more pictures. You might also fall in love with some new bloggers to add to your circle!

Tip #4: Be Very Clear About What You Hate

Everyone has style deal breakers they just cannot stand. For me, it’s cowl necks, dolman sleeves, and hi-lo hemlines. Other people may love them, but I’m just not a fan.

The stylists are pretty darn good, but they aren’t mind readers. Tell them what you dislike. There’s a section on the Style Profile that asks, “Anything else we should know before we style for you?” Tell them what just won’t work for you.

If they send you something you despise, be super clear why you hate it. They will review your feedback before sending your next box, so if you hate chevron with a blazing fire of fury, let them know, so that they don’t send you more!

Tip #5: Ask for What You Want

If you want something in particular, ASK for it! Each month when you schedule your Fix, you’ll see a box where you can fill in what you want your stylist to know. Use it!

If you want to try some colorful skinny jeans, or really need a dress for an upcoming destination wedding, tell your stylist so she can add a couple of options to your Fix.

You can even ask for a specific item you saw someone else receive. Unfortunately, they don’t always have the exact piece you are looking for available, but many times they can find you something similar.

A while ago, I saw that a couple other bloggers had received the Loveappella Evie Draw String Funnel Neck Sweater and wanted to try it SO BAD! So I asked for it. It wasn’t in stock in December, so my stylist sent me a similar sweater.

I didn’t love that one, though, so I asked for the funnel-neck sweater again—and received it in my January Fix. It was everything I imagined it would be, and I snapped it up in a heartbeat!

cowl neck

Tip #6: Open Your Mind

Keeping the other tips in mind, remember that part of the reason to use a service like Stitch Fix is to bust you out of your style rut. It’s a great idea to just let go a little, and approach each Fix with an open mind.

I can’t tell you how many times I opened a Fix and thought an item was horrible, only to have my mind totally changed when I tried it on. And getting people’s opinions on social media helps the decision-making, too.

I was unsure about the leather jacket below, but tried it on, liked it, and got good feedback. Embrace the fun of having a stylist, and release a little bit of that control!

Disclaimer: This post appeared on BlogHer.com. This post is not sponsored by Stitch Fix, I pay for the $20 styling fee and any clothing I purchase with my own hard-earned money. If you enjoyed my review and decide to try Stitch Fix for yourself, the biggest compliment you can give me is by using my referral link. Thank you to anyone who chooses to click through and support my shopping addiction!

Psssst…Do you love checking out what other people received in their Fixes? I added quick links to every single one of my reviews on my Stitch Fix Reviews page!

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  1. Hey Joules. I always check to see what you get in your Stitch Fix box and like a lot of what you receive. Do you mind telling me how tall you are? I’m pretty short, and I don’t always know if your styles will work on my 5’2″ frame.

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