Packing for Disney: A Mix of Stylish + Comfortable

I’m kind of a packing genius.

I’ve actually bragged about this before back when I went to Vancouver for a business trip. Oh and if you click through that link, be warned…those are easily the dorkiest pictures I’ve EVER taken of myself.

Anyways, packing is my superpower.

Which, yes, I realize is a super lame superhero name. And honestly, I’d rather be able to fly and shoot lasers out of my eyes at bad drivers. But until my laser vision comes in, I’ll have to be okay with my packing skillz.

With our Disney World trip coming up quickly, I am obviously fixated on what I’m going to wear. I don’t really like to just throw a bunch of clothes in a suitcase and sort it all out at my destination; I actually plan out my outfits and take only what I need. Because I’m totally type-A like that.

I feel like Disney is going to be pretty easy to pack for, keeping in mind that LAYERS are the most important thing. In Orlando the weather could be a cool and comfortable high of 70 degrees… or it might suddenly shoot up to 85 degrees or down to 43 degrees at night. So, I need to be prepared… yet still “win” at packing by not including too many things I don’t end up wearing.

I put together a fancy little style board to show you my plan:

Disney clothes collage

That’s right — 6 tops, 1 sweater, 1 hoodie, a swimsuit, 2 pairs of jeans (one gray, one blue), 1 pair of shorts, a scarf, a cross-body bag, my Ergo carrier and just 2 pairs of shoes. Every single item can be mixed, matched and stacked up on top of each other. The only other things I’ll be adding in are socks, unders, pajamas and a pair of lounge pants for hanging out in the room for nap time.

What do you think, am I missing anything? Do you think I should add a third Mickey shirt to the mix?

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11 thoughts on “Packing for Disney: A Mix of Stylish + Comfortable”

  1. I always do skirts and dresses and yoga pants, but I’m not a huge fan of jeans because they stretch and then fall down…(and I always end up unbuttoning the button after lunch).

    Also, I’d recommend bringing a pair of walking sandals as well.

    Other than that, I’m a ridiculous over-packer because I never know what I want to wear, and I end up changing my outfit mid-day half the time or wearing something nicer to dinner or whatnot.

    Have fun!

    1. Thanks Chrissy! I usually like to wear skirts and dresses too, but with the Ergo and Jack on my back I don’t want to chance a wardrobe malfunction with the back of my skirt coming up and all of Disney seeing my booty. 😉

  2. My vote is don’t add another Mickey shirt – chances are, you’ll find a really cute shirt AT Disney World that you’ll want to buy.

    Heck, you may even find a cute set of shirts for you, Travis, and Jack that go together.

    1. Great idea Diana, it’s like shopping with a purpose! And I totally bought Travis and me matching Mickey shirts to wear… and Jack will be fully attired in Mickey, Jake and the Pirates, and Lightning McQueen/Mater shirts.

  3. I would maybe pack a couple of extra t-shirts, just because you might get sweaty and need to change for the evening?? At least, that tends to be my experience in Florida! 🙂

  4. When it comes to traveling it’s all about mixing and matching, and materials that won’t wrinkle. I mastered the art of packing after my first trip to Europe. NO matter how many shoes you WANT to bring, you just can’t bring them all.

  5. I like the style board, that’s really neat! Perhaps you can help me pack the next time I go on vacation. I always over-pack and end up with way more laundry when I come home because I wash anything that I brought whether I wore it or not. Have a blast! I hope you post pictures of you and Travis in matching Mickey shirts 🙂

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