My First Stitch Fix Delivery: Help Me Decide!

A few weeks ago I kept seeing advertisements for something called Stitch Fix. I swear, the ads were stalking me… every page I clicked on: Stitch Fix. Stitch Fix. Stitch Fix.


So fine, I finally gave up and clicked through.
And BOOM, they got me.

Stitch Fix is a personal stylist in a box. A PERSONAL STYLIST in a BOX!

You fill out a fancy schmancy style profile with all your stylish likes and dislikes (and your sizes). You answer lots of questions about your style, as well as preferences on what you’d like them to send – for example, I chose not to receive any accessories because I’m already drowning in statement necklaces. I also did a little extra work and built a board on pinterest so that my stylist would have a better idea of what I might like (click here to check it out).

After reviewing all your info, someone WAY more fashionable than me handpicks 5 items to send you. You try it all on in the comfort of your own home with clothes you already own to decide if you like anything. They even include a card that has styling tips for each item on how you can mix it up with other stuff.

You keep what you like and send the rest back in their supplied prepaid envelope. It’s that easy.

As for cost, there is a $20 styling fee for them to put the box together and send it to you. However, if you purchase anything from your order you use that money towards your bill. Also, if they hit it out of the park and you LOVE everything they sent, you get a 25% discount if you buy everything. So that you’re not totally out of your spending comfort zone, you set your pricing threshold when you fill out your profile.

So, now I need your help… I just got my box last night and I have three days to decide what I’m sending back. Oh and please forgive the crappy pictures — I got home from work at 9:00pm (I left the house for work at 6:30am, so it was a looooong day) and my husband was SO not in the mood to play photographer.

Here’s what I got:

black and white dress
Tart Holden Printed Swing Dress – $128.00

I was actually kind of excited when I unpacked this dress because I liked the feel of the fabric (it is heavy-ish but silky) and the print. However, when I put it on the fabric stretched in a really terrible way across the boobies area and the print just stretched out to WHITE/see-through. It was awful and there is no way I’m posting a picture of it on the internet!

green sweater
RD Style Frances Cowl Neck Chunky Knit Sweater – $58.00

I’m pretty sure I owned a very similar version of this sweater (down to the exact color of green) about 10 years ago from Banana Republic. I think the chunkyness of the sweater makes me look…well, chunky too. Thoughts?

Burgandy dress
Sanctuary Lanni A-Line Ponte Dress – $128.00

I kind of like this dress — it’s a dark burgundy color and would look nice with a grey suit jacket or black cardigan. I think I need to add some shapewear under it though because my tummy is not looking awesome right now. What do you think, is it salvageable or should I just send it back?

black shirt and purple pants
Mia Melon Paloma Striped Short Sleeve Cut-Out Top – $58.00 and Just Black Dark Purple Adora Ankle Length Jeans – $68.00

Here is a more casual look — the top is a nice weight black top with a little extra something fun going on in the back (check out the next picture). When I saw the pants (they’re a dark purple in person) I originally thought that there was no way in hell they were getting over my butt. But after some pulling, tugging and all-around cursing. They fit. Well, there’s a little bit of muffin top… but frankly everything seems to be a little muffin toppy lately. Here’s where I really need you to weigh in — is this too “young” for me? Should I give up on the skinny pants look? Here, check out another view:

black shirt and purple pants - back view
The back view of the black top.

Oh and this view is a little embarrassing, but is my butt just totally out of control? Like in a you-need-to-never-wear-them-again kind of way? And this picture totally wasn’t taken on purpose, I was in the middle of trying to show off the back of the shirt so I have lots of awkward turning-around shots. Nice, right. It’s almost like I’m a professional. Not.


Help me. Help me!! PLEASE help me! I’m thinking of getting the black shirt. Possibly the purple pants and a slight maybe on the burgundy dress… But, I also might just give up the $20 styling fee and buy nothing from this box. I still want to try another box though, so that I can give my feedback and see how the box choices change.

Feel free to use this snazzy voting tool or just leave your comments below. Thank you in advance for rocking my socks off.

By the way, this was NOT a sponsored post. I went looking for Stitch Fix, they didn’t come after me and buy my love with free clothes. My love actually can’t be bought with free clothes… well… maybe. Nobody has ever actually tried to buy my love with clothes before. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t work though, unless you were Tim Gunn and you wanted to replace my entire wardrobe with your perfectly chosen items instead. *

Anyways, if you decide to click through on my special link and try them out yourself, I will receive referral rewards. Here’s my link. So thank you for anyone who chooses to click through and support my shopping addiction.

*Do any of you remember the TV show from a few years ago called “Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style”? I LOVED it and wanted him to come to my house SO FREAKING BAD to fix my entire closet/life/style. Tim… call me!

Psssst…Do you love checking out what other people received in their Fixes? I added quick links to every single one of my reviews on my Stitch Fix Reviews page!

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24 thoughts on “My First Stitch Fix Delivery: Help Me Decide!”

  1. The only reason I didn’t vote to keep the purple jeans is because you mentioned having to pull, push, etc. to get them on. I’d rather have jeans that go on easily and are comfortable. Also? your butt is not out of control. (I hope that didn’t sound creepy)

    1. Thanks! I don’t know but I kind of feel like one of these rappers girlfriends… {and yes, now I’m singing the I Like Big Butts song…}

  2. The black top is cool! And I bet it would look awesome with some statement jewelry.

    I think the sweater is too heavy looking (but I live in Florida, so I may have skewed perceptions)

    My costume designer note: if you think you might need shapewear decide that first and then try on the garments. I had an unfortunate incident with an actress who kept telling me she was going to get shapewear, but she never brought it to the fitting. When she finally had it during rehearsal, you could see the line of the shapewear on the skirt. It was awful, but it was too late for me to order a larger size of the garment. So every night I stared at the line of shapewear.

    I think the burgandy dress looks great on top, but I’m not sure about the fit on the lower half. You have “pull” lines through that part of the skirt and if the skirt is A-Line, it’s not actually making an A…it’s more like a sheath dress because it’s getting narrower through the thighs. If possible I would try one size up to see how the fit works on the bottom half. That style of dress looks great on you though! It’s very flattering.

    I think higher end department stores offer stylists, you might want to try that out too. (if you have time, which you probably don’t). I wish I could hook you up with my friend, she’s an amazing stylist! But she lives in Mississippi.

    1. Thank you so much for your feedback! I’m going to retry the favorites tonight with the proper underclothes and accessories to see how they look. 🙂

  3. Face it….the internet just totally looked at your butt. And it looks fine.

    I like the burgundy dress but it’s not cheap if you don’t LOVE it. I also like the black top but I’d think that cutout would get caught on things and long term drive me bonkers.

    It would be interesting to see how improve with your feedback.

  4. I received the maroon a-line dress in my first fix as well and I love it! I wear a denim jacket over it to give it a more casual look though. And yes to the shapewear! If I don’t wear it you can see my bellybutton indent. Not cute! 🙂

  5. I voted a HUGE YES on the chunky sweater. I love me some good sweaters, and it’s a rainy gray day here and would love to be wearing it right now. And I think the neckline suits you. I liked the cut out shirt, but voted no as I didn’t like it $58 worth. From the front it’s just too ‘plain old t-shirt’ to me. And I voted no on the jeans. I think they’re cute, but if your first thought when putting them on was “my butt is out of control”, you won’t wear them (if you’re anything like me). And I voted yes on the dress, ’cause I think you rocked it.

  6. I voted yes on the black shirt because I love the detail on the back but think someone else made a great point about it being “plain old t-shirt in the back” and I didn’t read the comments until after voting. I also voted yes on the jeans but not necessarily that particular pair. If you think they are hard to get on, take a pass, but you definitely don’t have to give up on the skinny jeans thing. I wear them and I am older than you. I do tend to pair them with tunics, long sweaters, etc. and high boots, which I think looks great.

    1. Thanks so much for your feedback! I’m going to try the jeans on with a longer shirt and see if that helps me feel more comfortable and less bootyriffic!

  7. LOVE the burgundy dress and I know you think your butt was out of control in the purple pants but I actually think your butt looked awesome in them so I voted for those too. I mean, since you decided to share the pic of it 🙂 I love the detail on the black shirt even though it was a little plain in front. But that shirt might work well with a long funky necklace. I voted for that too but the price may be a bit high so I would only get that one if you love it! Think I might be trying a box for myself here soon 🙂

    1. Thanks LeeAnne! I was thinking a statement necklace with the black top too. Then it’s classy in the front and PARTY in the back. Like a mullet, but better.

  8. Your butt looks amazing in those jeans! And you’re never too old for that look! But if they’re not comfortable and you don’t think they’ll stretch to be more comfortable, then no. I still voted yes on them, though.
    On a differet topic: Thank you so much for the candle! My friend loved it and says thanks as well. I got her the cupcake one, because we would always have drunken baking nights together in college instead of going out. (Also, don’t give me too much credit for gifting my gift (which, when I think about it is kind of rude), but I don’t live in the states anymore, so I had no choice)

    1. Thank you for your thoughts — I think I’m going to try the pants on again and see if they feel like they stretched any. And I’m so glad your friend liked the Diamond Candle! Did she dig her ring out yet?

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