It’s a Holly Jolly Stitch Fix

I guess I’m a Stitch Fix addict at this point, because this is my forth Fix in just as many months. If you’re interested in checking out my other boxes, you can find my first three Stitch Fix boxes here.

This month I tried to mix it up – instead of expecting them to read my mind, I gave them a little more direction in what I wanted. Since Christmas is coming up and my Fix was due to be delivered the week before, I asked for a holiday dress and some ‘fun’ tops.

I also totally cheated this month and checked my Stitch Fix account once the order was sent. Then, I googled each item so that I had a ‘heads up’ on what not to buy when I went shopping the other day. What’s funny is that I made snap judgments on each item and was then shocked when I actually liked them on me in person. Oh and this was the first time I’ve actually had the same stylist – Claire, who styled my Fix last month, did this one too!

As much as I love posting my pictures on here to get your feedback on what I should buy, this month I had to return my package by Monday… and there is no use posting a blog on a Friday because pretty much NOBODY stops by. So I put the pictures up on my Pocketful of Joules Instagram page and emailed a couple friends to get some feedback before making my decisions.

So what did I get?

grey sweater - updatedKensie Benzer Mixed Material Sweater – $78. To say that I hated this shirt would be an understatement…I really HATED this shirt. Do you see the bottom of the sweater? That white part is like an old-school dickie sticking out the bottom. BLEGH! It just looked SO CHEAP, which is ironic because it was almost eighty bucks! Verdict: Hell NO!

maroon top - updatedPapermoon Wynn Ikat Print Front Pocket Blouse – $48. I really liked the color and pattern on this blouse. I even liked the tab sleeves and the peekaboo see-through-ness of the top. What I didn’t like is the fact that it did absolutely nothing for my figure. It was just kind of boxy, but somehow at the same time it was a little tight across the shoulders. Verdict: Nope!

green dress - updated41Hawthorne Freddy Sleeveless Chiffon Dress – $58. So when I first saw this dress, I hated it. I googled around and saw how it fit on other bloggers and was convinced that there was no way I’d like this dress. Even when I pulled the dress out of the box, I was still thinking grinchy thoughts. But then I put it on… and still didn’t like it much. It was only when I took the outfit picture that I was like, hmmmm this is actually kind of cute. Weird, right?! I even got a lot of great feedback on my Instagram page, so right up into the moment where I was packing up my returns I was thinking I might keep it. But, it’s a lightweight chiffon dress. And it’s DECEMBER. The dress is cute, but somehow doesn’t look so hot with a blazer or sweater for work. And really, where else do I really go in life besides work and Target? Verdict: So close, but no cigar.

heart shirt - both views - updatedOxmo Dawson Split Neck Heart Print Blouse – $48. When I first picked up this shirt I thought, “eh” and then I slipped it on and it fit perfectly. It looked okay untucked, but looked super cute in an “I’m a naughty secretary” way when paired with a high-waisted pencil skirt. I came SO CLOSE to buying it… but it’s almost $50 and it’s a sleeveless top in DECEMBER. It looked fine under both a blazer and cardigan, but it also looks like a shirt I can find at ANY store ANYWHERE… and probably for less money. Honestly, it was cute and fit nicely, but there was nothing SPECIAL about it. Verdict: Nope.

stripe sweater - both views - updatedHoneyPunch Payge Striped Cross-Back Sweater – $48. When I saw this sweater online before my package came, I knew that it would be true love. When I tore into the package and felt its silky-smooth fabric… I sighed with the anticipation of putting it on. I slipped it on… and I LOVE IT! This sweater is exactly the reason I use Stitch Fix. I wouldn’t have ever picked it up on my own, but now that I have it, I can already think of a ton of outfit pairings that will work for work, home or a date night. Admittedly, my husband thinks that the back is weird, but I’m blinded by love so I don’t even care. Verdict: LOVE IT and want to make sweater babies with it!

This month was a tough one – I came REALLY REALLY close to buying three items and hope I don’t regret putting the dress and blouse back in the mail. I’m in love with the one sweater I purchased though and I might even wear it for our full-day of Christmas brewhaha!

For my next Fix, which will be coming in mid-January I asked for a particular blouse that I’ve seen other bloggers receive, a work-appropriate dress or outfit, and maybe even a flannel shirt. I can’t wait to see what I get!

What do you think, did I make the right choice? Or should I run after the mailman to get the dress and heart blouse back?

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by Stitch Fix, I pay for the $20 styling fee and any clothing I purchase with my own hard-earned money. I do have a special referral link though and if you decide to click through and sign up I will receive a small referral reward. Here’s my link. So thank you for anyone who chooses to click through and support my shopping addiction.

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5 thoughts on “It’s a Holly Jolly Stitch Fix”

  1. I think all these outfits look great- at least in the pictures! Maybe that’s just cause you’re rocking those model poses- adorable. I definitely think you made good seasonal choices though- do they think you’re in LA with the sleevelessness?? Glad to have stumbled across your blog!

  2. This is fun! It’s like a fashion show with a real person. I am loving these posts. I hope you never stop stitch-fixing because it’s really neat to see you trying all of these (sometimes crazy) clothes on. It seems kind of fun to do even if you don’t buy anything.

    1. Thanks Lily! I feel like a super dork taking the pictures, but I figure if I enjoy looking at other people’s fashion show pics, maybe you guys will like mine! =)

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