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If last week was an unintentional crafty/DIY week, this week’s theme is accidentally all about fashion. I just got in an awesome order from Twice that I just HAVE to share and I’m expecting this month’s Stitch Fix to come later this week!

I’ve talked about the consignment website Twice on my blog before when I decided to try selling some of my clothes and then purchase a couple new pieces with my found money. I thought the service was pretty darn awesome with their quick AND free shipping and easy way of earning extra money to spend.

Since it’s been a few months and I decided to buy a few more things, I wanted to share my experience with you.

When you sign up for Twice, you get on their email list for new arrivals. Typically I find an influx of store emails kind of annoying and I tend to opt out of most of them to keep away from shopping temptation. However, Twice sends you an email specific to the sizes and brands that you like to buy. As an added bonus, there is a special promo code in the email that you can use if you purchase anything off their suggested items list. It’s easy to overlook this special deal, but 10% off is a nice little extra treat!

Typically when I get their emails, I click through on my phone to see if anything is interesting. Well, last week I saw a BRAND NEW Banana Republic dress that still had its tags. The dress was originally $128 and marked down to $31.95. I also saw a gorgeous Ann Taylor Loft mustard colored top for just $17.95. I had a $10 referral credit in my account, used my 10% off code (which saved me $4.99) and got free shipping. So I spent a total of $34.91 for the two pieces. Less than $35 for a well-made dress and top? HECK YEAH!

When my order arrived, I was super excited to unpack it and even threw a picture up on instagram showing off my awesome scores.

I couldn’t wait to have a little fashion show, so here you go:

Twice - loft yellow top - style 1 Here is the mustard Ann Taylor Loft top. I styled it with a plain black pencil skirt (similar to how I styled the top from my last Stitch Fix order that I sent back). I would wear this outfit to work on a warm-ish day (obviously not today…), but would need to get a Joules-colored bra or cami to wear underneath because you can totally see my dark-colored bra in person. Not classy at all. Love the top though!

Twice - loft yellow top - style 2 Here is the top styled for cooler weather — I untucked the blouse and added a grey suit jacket (from H&M) and pretty jade beaded necklace (from Lucky, a Christmas gift from my husband). I’m wearing the black skirt in the picture and would throw on fleece-lined tights and boots. Or just put on a pair of black trousers to keep warm. The jacket totally solves the visible bra issue, so that’s a bonus!

Twice - Banana dress - style 1Here is the brand new (still with tags!?) Banana Republic dress… and look, there are POCKETS! Every girl loves a dress with pockets, right?! The dress fit perfectly and I can totally wear it year-round with just a few changes. Here is my warm weather look, just the dress and I could add a cute pair of pumps or sandals, depending on the occasion.

Twice - Banana dress - close upHere is a close-up on the waist detailing. Isn’t is gorgeous? What a steal!

Twice - Banana dress - style 2Here is my winterized version of the dress — I added a lightweight wool sweater with beaded detailing (from Marshalls) and would also throw on my trusty fleece-lined tights. Since the dress is so floaty, I’d probably add a slip to keep from that static-crawling-up-your-crotch look that tends to happen in drier weather.

Have you found any super amazing shopping deals lately? Feel free to brag away in the comments!

If you are interested in trying out Twice to sell OR buy clothes, they are currently running a referral bonus where you can get $10 off your first purchase (for new sign ups that use my special link) AND if you decide to sell your clothes you can get an additional bonus payout of $10 in store credit. Here is my special code: Have fun shopping!

Disclosure: I was not rewarded by Twice for reviewing them on my blog. I was just incredibly impressed with their company and wanted to share it with you all! If you decided that you want to click through on my special link, I will receive credits on my account (click here to access my special link) and you will receive money off of your order!

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  1. Love this post and love a bargain.

    Just don’t tell my wife! J/K, I will tell her, I promise.

    I’m gonna click your special link, because the only thing better than a bargain is sharing a bargain with a friend!

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