Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!

I hope that you have a wonderful day and that your family doesn’t drive you TOO crazy.

Now that I’m a grown up, Christmas isn’t as exciting as it was when I was a kid. I remember the anticipation and all-out worry that I wasn’t going to get what I really, really, really, REALLY wanted that year. Now, if I don’t get what I want… I just go and buy it for myself. Which is nice, but does take a bit of the fun out of it!

Everyone has a year or two that sticks in their memory about Christmas gifts gone good or bad. So I invite you to share yours in the comments!

For me, I remember one year when I was in elementary school where I was just dying to get Dallas, the Barbie doll horse. Here it is on ebay for just $8… is it odd that I thought about buying it? Anyways, I wanted Dallas so bad and was ecstatic when I found that Santa had brought it for me!


I was just going to town, prancing that damn horse all over the house while my parents were still asleep (the rule was if Santa brought the gift, it was unwrapped and you could play with it). I made that horse canter over the stair railing, he jumped over couch pillows, and finally he did a little horsey dance on the hearth of the fireplace.

And this was his downfall.

His little foot snapped right off and instead of my parents waking up to a happy little girl playing with her snazzy horse, they woke up to pitiful sobs. My dad glued the foot back on, but it never was the same.

Stupid glued on horse foot.

I mean, I still played with him for years. But STILL, imagine how heart-broken you would have been if you broke your coveted toy the DAY you got it?!

So now it’s your turn, share a Christmas memory in the comments!

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3 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!”

  1. It isn’t my story. But I remember my cousin got a Chatty Cathy doll. Our aunt thought it was so cute, she pulled the string repeatedly, and of course it broke and rewound into Cathy’s neck. On Christmas.

  2. There’s a picture that hangs in our Christmas photo frame (which I almost spelled, “phrame” smh). It’s me in a Bradley hoodie with my bare feet all up in the foreground sitting in a chair beside my grandfather in an identical chair. I had my journal out in front of me (because I journalled a lot in college). My grandfather was teaching me a few choice Polish words, and I was writing them down (phonetically) in my journal.

    That was my last Christmas with him, but I’ll NEVER forget it.

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