March Stitch Fix: Spring Fever

Maryland is such a tease. We had a couple 60 degree days last week and then over the weekend there was more snow. MORE SNOW. I am SO sick of snow! I’m so sick of my winter clothes and I want the world to bust out in warm weather and springy prints, which I prance around singing Disney songs.

I mean, is that too much for a girl to ask for?!

With spring weather on my brain and songs in my head, I was hoping this month’s Stitch Fix would be a breath of warm air. Here’s the note I left for my stylist:

Sara J again! Let’s try some skirts and dresses again — I’m feeling the whole Jess from New Girl vibe right now with fitted tops and swing skirts. I pinned a bunch of dresses and skirts to my board for you to check out. If you need to go up in price a little for better quality, that’s okay. I’m also interested in trying a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans (pinned a pair).

So, did she deliver? Let’s check it out!

Item #1: Donna Morgan Dorie Floral Print Dress – $138
Oh my gosh, so exciting! I actually JUST pinned this dress on my pinterest page because I saw it on the Stitch Fix blog in a post about spring trends. I wasn’t sure if it was a top and skirt or a dress, but I knew I liked it!

Donna Morgan Dorie Floral Print Dress 1 - Joules

For the first look I styled the dress for a spring/summer wedding or fancy get together. With the high neckline, I skipped the necklace and just added on a gold leather wrap bracelet and gold heels. The dress is super comfortable and the skirt is great for hiding tummy pooch.

Donna Morgan Dorie Floral Print Dress 2 - Joules

For the second look, I made the springy dress more work appropriate by adding a bright sweater, skinny belt and gladiator wedges. I like that the dress is so versatile depending on the accessories you decide to add!

Keep or Return? I’m totally leaning towards keeping the dress. I love the colors and the fit is really great on my body shape! Oh and if you like it too, I totally found it on the Nordstrom website in sizes 8 – 16 (same price, $138) and on the Anthropologie website in sizes 0 – 14 (it’s $198 there though).

Item #2: Renee C Ari Skirt – $58
Let’s start with the positive – I really like the tribal/ikat pattern on this skirt. In fact, when I pulled it out of the box, I was already whispering sweet nothings to it in my head. Or out loud. However, when I put it on my bubble was burst. The elastic on the back of the waistband is really weird – it’s kind of skinny and twisted. I am considering buying the skirt and fixing it myself, but does that seem kind of silly for a $58 skirt?

Renee C Ari Skirt 1 - Joules

For my first look, I tried to fix the wonky waistband by adding a thick woven belt… which did help. Just pretend the belt is black instead of brown! To finish the look, I threw on a black t-shirt, black gladiator wedges and a fun statement necklace.

Renee C Ari Skirt 2 - Joules

For the second try, I kept the same shoes and t-shirt… but I untucked it. I also added on a long necklace and green cardigan for a more casual work look.

Keep or Return? I’m leaning towards returning this one. I really like the fabric and even the length of this skirt, but the twisting waistband makes it difficult to wear. Do you think I should return it or try to fix the waistband on my own?

Item #3: Pixley Hansen Scoop Neck Blouse – $48
YAY, another item that I recently pinned to my pinterest board! I loved this when I saw it on someone else because of the bright blue and the fun pattern. When I received it in this Fix, I realized that it is actually reversible with a v-neck on one side and a scoop neck on the other. I like both, but went with the v-neck for both of today’s looks.

Pixley Hansen Scoop Neck Blouse 1 - Joules

Here’s my work look – I paired the blouse with a long necklace, bright sweater and a pair of work trousers. I love the way the blue pops against the red/orange of the sweater!

Pixley Hansen Scoop Neck Blouse 2 - Joules

For my weekend look, I paired the blouse with the Henry & Belle Ria Distressed Skinny Jeans (below), a statement necklace and a pair of sandals. I’m totally loving this blouse!

Keep or Return? Keep, keep, keep!

Item #4: Henry & Belle Ria Distressed Skinny Jeans – $184
Okay, let’s ignore the price for a moment. Can we pretend to do that for a minute? Or at least pretend that I live in a world where I would spend $185 on a pair of jeans…? Anywho, they are soft as butter to put on and I thought they looked really cute in person, but when you look at the pictures it is clear that light colored jeans are not the best look on me. I have a very similar pair in a darker wash that look a billion times better!

Henry and Belle Ria Distressed Skinny Jean - Joules

I paired the jeans with the Pixley Hansen Blouse above, so I decided to style them as if I were running out with my kid on the weekend. I threw on a pair of my favorite chucks and my funnel neck top from a previous Fix. They are super comfy, but the lighter wash is just not doing it for me.

Keep or Return? Return. I already own a few pairs of skinny jeans that look good on me, so I don’t need a pair that just looks okay. I’d still like to try a pair of boyfriend jeans though!

Item #5: Renee C Addae Fit & Flare Dress – $68
First off, I love the bright cobalt blue of this dress… so pretty! The fabric also has a really subtle texture, which makes it look more expensive.

Renee C Addae Fit and Flare Dress 1 - Joules

Here is the dress styled for a warmer day – all I added on was a statement necklace and a pair of cute ikat wedges. Full disclosure: I am wearing a shaper under this dress. The dress clings to my tummy and sides in a very unflattering way, so in order for it to look it’s best I had to smush everything down a little.

Renee C Addae Fit and Flare Dress 2 - Joules

For the second look, I added on a floral sweater, statement necklace and a lower pair of patterned wedges.

Keep or Return? Return. I really like the color of the dress, but the fit is not the best on my body type. Also, the length is a little too short on me and I’d walk around in fear of a swift breeze.

Help Me!
When I opened this month’s Fix I was in LOVE. I feel like Sara really understands what I’m looking for and provided me with some really great options.I’m leaning towards buying both the floral dress and the blue patterned blouse. I’m a maybe on the patterned skirt (if I can figure out how to replace the waistband) and a definite no on the jeans and blue dress.

What do you think I should buy? I always love to hear your feedback, so leave me some comments below and tell me what you think! Do you agree with my choices or am I overlooking another winner?

Decision Update: Thank you all for your feedback! I ended up purchasing the floral dress and the Pixley blouse. My next Fix will be delivered at the end of April and I can’t wait to share it with you!


Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by Stitch Fix, I pay for the $20 styling fee and any clothing I purchase with my own hard-earned money. If you enjoyed my review and decide to try Stitch Fix for yourself, the biggest compliment you can give me is by using my referral link. Thank you to anyone who chooses to click through and support my shopping addiction!

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15 thoughts on “March Stitch Fix: Spring Fever”

  1. The floral dress and the blue patterned top are BRILLIANT!!! They are seriously gorgeous on you, and the styling is fabulous. As for the other items, I know I’m REALLY trying to get better about following my gut on issues like twisty waists and clingy dresses. Let’s face it…I’m just never going to want to wear the shaper. Never ever. Good decisions, methinks!

    1. Thanks Andi! I totally agree with you on the shaper — I feel like the item has to look good WITHOUT a shaper, then if I feel like bumping it up a notch I’ll add it on. haha

  2. I like both dresses! The sleeveless blouse is cute too. Love the bright blue pattern.
    My March fix comes this week, I can’t wait!
    If you love the skirt but there’s some kind of defect you can email them about it. Happened once to me and even though they didn’t have another to replace it with they gave me a discounted price on the item because of the defect.

  3. Love the first dress and put it in my Nordstrom bag to purchase. I am in the process of losing 10-20 lbs., but can’t wait to return to having Stitch Fix deliveries again. I was just sent too many pieces that I had to return because they were too small/tight on the boobies, etc. Do you ever have size issues or are you pretty consistent with what you receive?

    1. I have size issues in general with clothing… in one brand I might be a medium but in another I’m an extra large! For Stitch Fix I told them that I usually wear a size large in tops and most times that works out fine. I also feel that the types of tops I like (more flowy) lends itself to fitting boobs easier. I also feel that keeping with one stylist really helps to make sure she picks pieces that will fit you.

      I hope you love the dress as much as I do! =)

  4. love, love, love the dress! in fact, i may have to order it for myself! do you find it true to size? i’m usually between sizes, so any advice as to whether to size up or down would be appreciated! I love the blue top, too. 🙂 love your stitch fix posts.

    1. Thanks so much Ali! I would consider the floral dress true to size. I usually wear a size 12 in dresses and that is the size that they sent me, which fits great.

  5. Hi Joules! I came across your page right when I joined Stitch Fix and was searching for other reviews and have been a loyal reader ever since. Thanks for your great and honest reviews, I enjoy reading them! I have to tell you – I love the gladiator wedges you used in styling your latest fix – both the brown pair and the black pair – do you mind sharing the brand info? 🙂 Thank you!

    1. Hi Annmarie – I’m so glad you like my blog and decided to stay! =)

      The black gladiator wedges are ‘Franco Sparto’ and I got them from Marshalls last year. The brown wedges are ‘Kate & Kelly’ and I got them from DSW a few years ago. I did a search and it doesn’t look like either of them are still around. However, I searched for “gladiator sandal” on DSW and came up with a few similar styles. You might like these: and these: Both are just $40!

  6. Love these looks! The dresses and wedges are perfect for summer and exactly the kind of things I would live in this season. I have considered trying Stitch Fix and now I’m going to. I think dresses are so versatile, comfortable and feminine. I wear them with cardigans a lot and also with a little black blazer from H&M. I like girly things, but I find that if I add the blazer and some black ankle boots it adds a little edginess to the outfit. 🙂

    1. Thank you Nada! If you do decide to try Stitch Fix make sure to tell them that you want lots of sweet feminine dresses that can be styled towards the edgy side. I’ve found that it’s helpful to pin a bunch of stuff you like on a pinterest board. Also, I told my stylist that I”m currently obsessed with a “Jess from New Girl” style. =)

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