My 4th Blog Anniversary

Where on earth has the time gone? It seems like just yesterday I was writing the very first version of my “About Me” section and trying to decide on a name for my blog that included my nickname…

Now, I’m celebrating FOUR YEARS of Pocketful of Joules!

The last four years of blogging have been full of ups and downs… posts that were hardly seen by anyone, and posts that were shared and pinned and shared some more. So THANK YOU my amazing readers from the bottom of my heart. Your likes, shares and comments make my bloggy world go around. It is so freaking cool to get immediate feedback when I throw my words out into the world. I love it so much and here’s to 4 more years!

{Imagine me chanting FOUR MORE YEARS while sloshing around an overfull glass of champagne}

Oh, a party needs a party hat… which is obviously a good time to re-post my birthday picture:

happy birthday to me

I also wanted to let you all know that I am absolutely thrilled to have been nominated for the 2015 Bloggie Awards. Pocketful of Joules made it through to be a finalist in the Best Kept Secret category and it’s up to you all to vote me through to be a winner. If this sounds familiar to you, I’ve been a finalist in the past but have never actually WON my category, so start your clicking now!

If you’d like to vote, click through here: 2015 Bloggie Finalists. Voting is open until March 22nd and then the winners will be announced on Sunday, March 29, 2015.

I also want to give a shout-out to some of my blog friends who were also nominated: Words for Worms (Best Book Blog), It’s a Dome Life (Best Art Blog), Quirky Chrissy (Best Designed Blog) and That Ash Girl (Best Canadian Blog). Congrats everyone!

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4 thoughts on “My 4th Blog Anniversary”

  1. Hope you win! I voted for you. Enjoy your blog very much and share lots of the clothing tips and stylings with my daughter. You are in the middle of our ages so it’s nice to be able
    to share!

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