The Magical Dentist

Jack was due for his annual check-up at the dentist, so I figured I’d make him an appointment for when I was home last week on my Spring Break.

Yeah, I obviously know how to party.

He goes to a special pediatric dentist, so of course they are pretty amazing with children. They have a second waiting room just for kids that is filled with toys, television screens on the ceiling where kids can watch their favorite Netflixed cartoons, and super gentle hygienists.

I actually want to go there too, but they don’t take our insurance.

What I want to know though is this: WHY do I have to fight my way into Jack’s month to get him to brush his teeth (or let me brush his teeth for him) when the hygienist can do THIS to him and he’s totally cool with it:


Are you kidding me?! I need to beg and bargain my way to get him to open his mouth a smidge and she can get like 15 pieces of equipment in there without even a whimper?!

Oh yeah, and when we left the appointment the nice (but obviously insane) dental hygienist told me to “keep flossing Jack’s teeth once a day…”

Don’t worry, I just nodded and held my laughter until I was outside.

Does your kid totally show off in front of other grown ups? Do you actually floss a 3 year old’s teeth on the regular? Can someone please explain to me why MY dentist always asks me questions when they have their entire hand inside my mouth?

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