6 Things Stories: Our Kitchen

I thought it would be fun to revisit my 6 Things series, having previously written about Our Den and My Office. The thought is that everything in a house has a story behind it and it’s fun to take a closer look and share a little.

So, lets take a closer look at our Kitchen.

Thing 1: Jack’s Creative Corner

This corner at times has been Jack’s art table, Jack’s Lego table and Jack’s messy table… but the one thing that hasn’t changed is that it is Jack’s space in the kitchen/eating area. It’s a place surrounded by his art, full of his art supplies and notebooks and Legos and snap circuits and random little toys and it’s ALL HIS.

It’s usually pretty messy, but it’s also where I get to watch the mad scientist at work while I’m going about making dinner or enjoying my coffee at the kitchen table.

Thing 2: Antique Butcher Block Table

Growing up, this antique chopping block lived in my paternal grandparent’s kitchen. According to my dad, my grandmother who went by the nickname “Net” enjoyed antiquing on the Eastern Shore and this was one of her finds. I did some internet research a few years ago and my best guess is that it’s from the early 1900’s.

I’ve always loved it and have many memories in my head of Net leaning on it while we were chatting. When we were cleaning out my grandparent’s house after my grandfather passed away, this was one thing that I absolutely wanted to have. My husband and his generous friend were much less enthused though since they had to get it from my grandparent’s house to our house and apparently it weighs 300+ pounds. I love it so much though!

Oh, and the mess on top belongs to Travis. All of it. Except for like a pen and a measuring tape.

Thing 3: Let’s Talk Avocados

Everyone complains that avocados take forever to get ripe and then BOOM they’re rotten in a moment. Right?! Well, let me tell you my trick. I actually didn’t realize that this wasn’t widely known until my aunt told me how many avocados I’d saved at their house…

Leave your unripe avocados on your countertop in a cute basket. Fondle them each day to figure out when they get ripe. They should have some mush to them but not be completely smooshable. They’re ready. Now, put the basket in the refrigerator. Your avocados will stay that level of ripeness for days and days until you have a chance to use them all. MAGIC! Also, I got this cute wire and wood basket at TJMaxx a while ago and it is my avocado basket.

Let’s take a closer look at the fun little collection next to my stove….

Thing 4: Pig Wooden Cutting Board

I mean, how cute is this?! This wooden cutting board was one of those random things that turned up at my grandparent’s house when we cleaned it out. I liked it. I took it home. Then, a year or so later my dad commented on it when he was at my house… he made it. That’s right, this adorable wooden cutting board was a shop project that my dad made when he was in high school. So, I love it even more and it keeps my oils and salts corralled.

Thing 5: Marble Salt Box

I recently got it in my head that I really wanted to be able to PINCH salt when I’m cooking rather than always SHAKE salt out of a shaker. I don’t know why, it just became very important to me. I did a ton of clicking around for just the right salt jar… I looked all over the internets and etsy and almost ended up with a gorgeous hand thrown pottery version from an etsy artist for $40. Which now that I’m out of my MUST-FIND-A-SALT-BOX zombie-like state, I do realize that is pricy for a box you keep your salt in. So, I found this marble version off Amazon for something like $13. And I love it. I have smoked salt in there right now and often grab a pinch to add when I’m cooking. And I feel damn fancy doing it.

Thing 6: Bread Basket

Remember how I said every thing we accumulate has its own story? Yeah, buckle up. Way back 15 years ago or so, Travis and I were friends with another couple. She was a consultant for a MLM (don’t @ me… because it was totally a MLM) called Home Interiors. And I let myself get influenced into becoming a consultant. But I didn’t actually care about consulting or having ‘home parties’ at people’s houses to make money. Or building a team. Ew. What I cared about was the discount on home décor items and the ‘introductory consultant package’ to become a consultant which had a bunch of stuff I wanted for my house. At some point I bought this basket and it’s been helpfully holding bread and bagels ever since.

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2 thoughts on “6 Things Stories: Our Kitchen”

  1. Oh, that was a wonderful trip down nostalgia lane! I, too, have a story for everything in my house. Life is more fun that way. I will try that avocado thing. I know what you mean about getting into that zombie stage when looking for some crazy thing. one night it was a metal bread box, another night, a set of dishes in a specific style and color.

    The salt is much more fun when sprinkled from way above the food. Supposedly, it covers the food better. I love that little salt holder! And your pig! I have a cow, and might use it as a way to corral the oils, etc. Thanks, for the tip.

    You should write a book of all of these interesting things, and what you use them for. I would read it!

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