Warby Parker: Deciding on New Glasses

My vision has been getting blurry again, so I know it’s time to visit my eye doctor to get my prescription updated for both my contact lenses and glasses. I have an appointment later this month, so I thought it would be fun to order a Warby Parker Home Try-On Box so I can start deciding on new glasses.

It’s super easy to do, you just check out their website and pick 5 pairs of glasses that you’d like to try. They send them to you with clear lenses, you have 5 days to try them, then you send them back and order your favorites. Unfortunately not every pair of glasses is available for the Try-On Box, but I narrowed it down to: Daisy, Shea, Donovan, Corretta and Madeleine.

I happened to be stopping by to see one of my sisters and my mom the day the glasses arrived, so I did a little try-on to get their feedback.

Both my mom and Katie liked the Daisy:

And Katie also liked the pink Madeleine glasses:

My favorite at the time was the Daisy, but I really liked the green color of the Donovan (but not the shape of them on me), so I decided to go an extra step and stop by a nearby Warby Parker store to try on even more options.

I probably tried on 25+ glasses in about 8 minutes, so if you need to try a bunch of options, I do recommend visiting a Warby Parker store if that is an option for you. However, the Home Try-On Box absolutely helped me narrow down what I was looking for.

In the store, I had these green favorites: Lawrence, Beale, Weathers and Winston.

The Beale were set up for sunglasses in the store, so they popped out the lenses so I could try them as glasses. I had a favorite, but I still wasn’t 100% sure… so I took photos of each and posted them on my socials for feedback.

And we have a winner… I decided to go with Lawrence!

I chose the Lawrence because it had that two-tone look I liked from the Daisy pair, I loved the green and tortoiseshell accents, and the shape worked on my face. This one also got the most votes on my socials. The Lawrence costs $95 for the frames (and non-prescription lenses), but I will most likely have to pay more due to my prescription being so high (per the saleslady in the store). Once I finalize my order, I’ll update this post with my final cost.

Ordering Update (4/1/22):

I had my eye doctor appointment on Tuesday this week, so I left the appointment with an updated prescription for glasses, one new gas permeable contact lens on order, and a potential new readers prescription. Once I receive my new contact lens (3ish weeks), I will know if my previous pair of readers will work or if I need to go up a little to the next strength.

So that night, at 9:00 pm I placed my order though the Warby Parker app. I chose my glasses (Lawrence, wide), uploaded a photo of my printed prescription and checked out. As expected, the base price is $99, but it cost an extra $45 because my prescription is so high. My total came in at $145 with free shipping. They do accept insurance, but I decided to use my insurance allotment for my contact lens rather than the glasses (I have to choose one or the other).

I received an order update on Wednesday and my new glasses were delivered to my house on Thursday at 1:00 pm. It was supersonic fast — less than 48 hours after I placed my order. And the glasses are perfect!

I will absolutely order from Warby Parker again and have been singing their praises to all my glasses-wearing friends. In fact, if I need to buy an updated pair of readers, I’m going to buy the pink Madeline glasses I liked and put reader lenses in them. They will cost $99 since it is a standard low prescription.

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  1. That’s the one I’d pick if I were you. They fit your face well, and the colors work for you. They go with your hair well, too.

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