8 Things I Learned from my Girlie Weekend

Dear Wine: I Love YOU!

As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, I was invited to attend a friend’s bachelorette party which occurred this past weekend. I’m pretty sure I drank more wine over 3 days than I have over the last year and I also dusted off my dance moves and partied until 3am.

Here’s what I learned:

1. I can’t twerk. Even if a friend and I watch an actual twerking video in a bar and then attempt to replicate the moves… I can’t twerk.

2. Apparently I’ve become so desensitized by sleeping with a 6’4” husband and a bed-hogging shelter dog that you can totally molest me in my sleep without me noticing. If by “molest” you mean “hold my hand romantically until you realize I’m not your husband.”

3. Even if I pack plenty of clothing options, I will probably end up wearing an outfit twice because it’s comfy, cute and sassy as hell.

4. It is possible to have 12 women together for 3 days with NO drama.

2am at the Parking Garage5. If someone hands me a shot at a bar, I drink it and THEN ask what it was.

6. If your car gets locked up in the parking garage because you were out at the bar past 1am, it’s possible a cop may stop by just long enough to laugh at you and then drive away.

7. Apparently there is a new dance move that I’m going to call the “Skinny Jeans Shuffle” where ALL girls dancing in skinny jeans must grab their pants and wiggle while yanking them back up their butts. I rock at this dance.

8. I’ve still got it. I know this because a guy came up to me at the bar to tell me that his friend thought I was cute. Oh, also I’m apparently still in middle school.

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12 thoughts on “8 Things I Learned from my Girlie Weekend”

  1. Did Travis see #4? 🙂

    Twerking is not super tricky, it just takes some practice. I’m glad you had a good time! And yum, wine.

    1. I’m not sure Travis believes that #4 is possible! lol It’s the whole butt cheeks clapping thing that is totally not working for me. Also, in skinny jeans is it even POSSIBLE for your butt cheeks to move around enough to clap?

  2. I cant believe #4 either but its true and #7 is constant—lovely to meet you and cant wait to do it again!

  3. Had #8 happen to me once upon a time while out. Here I am straining to look and see who this guy is talking about. Did this for a couple minutes, then gave up and admitted I was married so it didn’t really matter who thought I was cute. But I still kinda wanted to know. 😉

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