A Little Clothing Reminder

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I feel like now is a perfect time for this reminder. A reminder for me. A reminder for my husband. And a reminder for you.

As you are starting to pull out the cooler weather clothes for the first time this year… think about what you are putting on. Or more specifically, think about what you put on, feel yucky wearing, and then take off and throw into a ball in the corner. Or in my husband’s case, straight into the laundry basket… only to be re-washed and put BACK in his drawer for him to have another hissy fit about when he puts it on again.

Here is your important reminder:

If something doesn’t fit. If it makes you feel uncomfortable or messy or disheveled, or frankly it just insults you by putting too much of a focus on your muffin-top. GET RID OF IT.


You DESERVE to have a closet that only contains clothes that makes you feel good about yourself.

Instead of putting that insulting item back into your closet, instead gift it to a friend, list it in your Poshmark closet, or add it to your donation pile.

That’s it.

It’s easy, right?

Oh and here is your bonus tip for the day. Buy THIS. Right now. I have had mine for over 8 years and it has saved the life of SO MANY of my sweaters, including thrifted ones that I shaved and they now look brand new. You can read a blog post I wrote about it from 2015 here.

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