A Quick Mayari Birkenstock Update

Last summer, I got back into Birkenstocks and wore the heck out of my Gizeh sandals. I ended up buying a pair of Mayari sandals mid-Summer (you can read the full post here: Birkenstock Review: Mayari Birko Flor Sandals) and love them too.

A month or so ago I started being stalked by Birkenstock advertisements on Facebook and Instagram and one particular style kept catching my eye. They came out with a Mayari sandal with a patterned footbed!

Source: Birkenstock.com

I ordered the Ochre color because I like how it looks kind of tan in some lights, but more goldenrod yellow in others. As for sizing, I typically wear an 8.5 – 9 in shoes and a EU39 in Birkenstocks fits me perfectly.

If possible, this pair somehow fits even more comfortably than my other pair of Mayari sandals. The leather straps are super soft and the cork bottom hugs my foot. I love the little peek of pattern that you can see on the footbed! I anticipate wearing these all summer long with all my summer outfits.

I’ve already started wearing them around the house every day since it’s getting too warm for slippers, but my feet don’t appreciate going barefoot for too many days in a row.

They are selling out of sizes, so I did some searching and found them at a few retailers:

They are not cheap at $135, however this truly is one of those ‘get what you pay for’ items. I now have three pairs of Birkenstocks that I regularly wear (one secondhand) and they all look and feel as good as new!

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One thought on “A Quick Mayari Birkenstock Update”

  1. Thank you for sharing about these shoes, and adding links, too. They are really pretty! I love how that pattern peeks through, as you say. I would have to get a pedi, but it is about time, anyway.d

    It is very cold here, today, so I am merely dreaming about sandals at this point.

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