4 Recent Poshmark Scores

For the last 6 months to a year, I haven’t been purchasing much in the way of clothing. However, with my final vaccine shot and planning to return to the office a couple times a week… I’m back onto stalking Poshmark for deals. Do I need new (to me) clothes? Nope. Does it make me feel like I have a little bit of control with my reentry into society? Yup.

Score #1: Marrakech Grey Rachel Moto Jacket

Source: Poshmark.com

I recently wore my black Marrakech moto jacket to dinner and it reminded me how much I love the jacket. It’s super stretchy, and the moto style adds a bit of ‘cool’ to an outfit. I love my black version, but it seemed a little heavy for spring… so I searched for a lighter option. I was thinking maybe a medium/light blue denim or grey would be perfect.

I found this grey version which is almost identical to the one I own. It was brand new with tags on it for $158 and the seller marked it at $129. More on the final price in a moment… It’s super comfortable and stretchy and perfect to throw on when it’s a little cool outside. LOVE this purchase!

Score #2: Leota Maxi Dress

Source: Poshmark.com

When I found the moto jacket, I clicked through the seller’s closet to see if there was anything else I liked. I found this Leota faux wrap maxi dress, once again brand new with tags for $158. I love Leota dresses and my initial thought was that I could hem this to knee-length. The seller had it marked at $30.

When I received it, I tried it on and now I’m thinking I may wear it as the intended maxi length a couple times before I make a final decision on whether to cut it shorter. It is perfect for work — on it’s own, with a blazer, or even with the cute moto jacket. It is a little heavier/warmer than I anticipated though, so I’ve packed it away to find next fall when the weather starts cooling down again.

As for price, I bundled both the moto jacket and the dress together and the seller sent me a special offer to buy them both for a total of $110!

Score #3: Lucky Brand Dress

Source: Poshmark.com

I have a couple Lucky Brand casual dresses that I typically wear all summer long. They are the perfect blend of comfortable and cute, so I tend to throw them on for any non-work activity. This one popped up for just $25, so I figured I’d put in an offer for $20. The seller counter-offered with $22 and this one will be added in to my summer dress rotation!

Score #4: A Familiar Lucky Brand Dress

Source: Poshmark.com

Does this dress look familiar to anyone? I actually have owned this dress for years and have worn it time and time and time again. In fact, you can see it in this post from 2017 when we went to Universal Studios. I LOOOOOVE this dress and it is starting to look a little worn after all my love. When I saw this identical dress on Poshmark for $10 and a note saying it was only worn once, I added it to my likes. Within a few minutes, the seller sent me an offer for $9 and I figured I couldn’t pass up that deal to extend the life of one of my favorites!

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