A Shopping Story

Once upon a time, I saw a dress on a fellow blogger and I fell in love.

I immediately tracked down the dress at Anthropologie, saw that the price was $158 and added it to my wish list for when the next sale hit.

A few weeks later, Anthropologie launched their ‘sale on sale’ and I clicked over again to see that the dress was marked down to $90.

I hesitated. I mean, did I really NEED another dress? I closed the window and decided to think about it overnight. The next morning, I decided that I did need the dress and since I could pay the bill with my paypal account it was technically like it was free. Because that’s how shopping logic works in my head.

I clicked over to Anthropologie, pulled up the dress… and every size was sold out besides an extra small.

I cursed. A lot.

Then, I called the three closest stores to me to see if they had the dress in stock. The dress was gone and I was very, very sad. I tried to forget about it, but not having it made me want it even more.

I kept checking back to see if maybe I’d get lucky and a return would come back up on the website. Instead, now every single size was sold out.

Maxi dress screenshot

So, of course, now I started torturing myself because this is obviously the best dress in the entire world and I missed out on it. I mean, there are 47 five star reviews! WHY HAS THIS DRESS FORSAKEN ME?! Seeing that the dress was a “Plenty by Tracey Reese” design, I tried searching for it at different stores. I thought maybe I would get lucky and find it at Nordstrom under a different name.

I did not get lucky.

A week or so later, I saw the dress on another blogger friend’s Instagram picture. I complimented her and told her how the dress was my unicorn and that it had gotten away. She suggested I try checking some stores to see if they had it in.

I decided to give it one last shot. I checked the website again… still sold out. I did a quick search on eBay and found that they were selling a medium for a total of $142 after shipping. My finger hovered over the mouse as I thought about it. I decided to do one last call and I dialed my local Anthropologie to see if one had been returned.

While I was on the phone with the nice saleslady, she mentioned that a medium had just popped up online. Before she even got the sentence out, I had it in my shopping cart and checked out as soon as possible so that nobody could yoink it away from me.

I waited.

Three days later, while feverishly napping in my sickbed (literally)… I heard the doorbell ring. I stumbled downstairs after the delivery driver left because I didn’t want to scare him and saw the Anthropologie package waiting for me.

I almost didn’t want to try it on because I felt so bad and had used up all my energy walking down the stairs, but I couldn’t resist. It was My Precious. And it was perfect.

And Joules and the dress lived happily ever after.

The end.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who lost my damn mind about something as stupid as a sold out dress! Share your stories below!

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11 thoughts on “A Shopping Story”

  1. You aren’t alone. In college I lost my %$#* over a fairaisle scarf at the GAP that sold out like hotcakes! My outcome was not as favorable as yours and I never did have that scarf in my hot little hands.

  2. I’m so glad you got it! And yes I have gone crazy over a shopping thing – here’s my story. Disney makes these collectible figurines called vinylmation, and they come out in sets of 8 or 12. Each set has a different theme. I was obsessed with collecting them. They released a series called “Furry Friends” which was a bunch of adorable cats, dogs, and other Disney animals and I really wanted them. I went to my Disney Store on release day about, half an hour after they had opened… and they were sold out already. I actually went into the bathroom at the mall and cried, lol. I told myself I was being so dumb because I could just get them next week when they re-stocked. I thought about ordering online but didn’t want to pay shipping. Well, the next day Disney recalled them because the artwork on some of them were messy. They were never re-released and the prices soared on eBay. I couldn’t bring myself to pay that much for them. A couple of years later I told this story to a friend and for my birthday he bought me the one I had wanted the most off of eBay (Oliver from Oliver and Company). So yes, I’m just as crazy (probably moreso!) as you!

  3. I know what you mean, Joules! My story is also from Anthropologie, a whale bowl, http://www.anthropologie.com/anthro/product/home-bath/34960120.jsp#/, and it was offered as a pre-sale item. I even marked my calendar to go into the store as soon as it was for sale, and no longer pre-sale. It never came to the store, and was immediately removed from the site. I was so crushed! About a year later, I was searching through the site again, just hoping, and there it was! I bought it instantly, no coupon or anything. It’s a bowl! What is wrong with me? But I love my whale bowl. He holds my glasses and random collection of bobby pins for me every night while I sleep.

  4. I’m glad you eventually found the dress! This has happened to me before… it always sucks when you’ve been thinking about something and when you finally decide to buy it (and get really excited for it) it’s unavailable!

  5. You know what I love about this story? That I’m blogger #2!! hahaha

    I’m SO GLAD WE’RE DRESS TWINS! Way to snag that gorgeous maxi, which is so comfortable and looks great on you 🙂


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